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  1. WWE Championship

    John Cena Vs. HHH

    They know HHH will get a face pop and Cena is way better when he's chasing the belt.


    World Heavyweight Championship

    Kurt Angle Vs. Rey Mysterio Vs. Randy Orton

    I read that the WWE assured Mysterio he will be a main eventer for the upcoming years so I don't think he's winning at WM. Angle retains.


    Money In The Bank Match

    Bobby Lashley Vs. Fit Finley Vs. Matt Hardy

    Vs. Shelton Benjamin Vs. RVD Vs. Ric Flair

    I hope I'm wrong but signs are pointing to Flair.


    No Holds Barred

    Shawn Michaels Vs. Vince McMahon



    Hardcore Match

    Mick Foley Vs. Edge

    Edge HAS to win, he's on a roll.


    Casket Match

    Undertaker Vs. Mark Henry


    US Title Match

    Chris Benoit Vs. JBL


    World Tag Team Titles

    Big Show & Kane Vs. Carlito & Masters

    Kane turns Heel maybe.


    Boogeyman Vs. Booker T & Sharmell


    Womans Title Match

    Trish Stratus Vs. Mickie James


    Pillow Fight

    Torie Wilson Vs. Candice Michelle

  2. The Miz presents his Top 10 'Mania Moments

    By Mike "The Miz" Mizanin

    March 30, 2006


    Who else is excited for WrestleMania coming this Sunday? It's going to be "Big Time," baby! I figured with all the hype, we might as well have “The True Story of When The Miz Made His Countdown to His Favorite ’Mania Moments.”


    10. Jeff Hardy hitting a Swanton off a 20-foot ladder onto Bubba Ray Dudley, WrestleMania X-Seven: I remember when he was climbing the ladder thinking, “There's no way he's going to jump from that high!” When he did it, I thought, “Oh yeah, he's dead!”


    What? Bubba? I thought it was Spike and Rhyno :boxing:

  3. Cena/HHH is the WrestleMania Main Event I guess and not Rey/Angle/Orton. Rey won the fucking Rumble so HE main events, this is bullshit. I'm sure Cena/HHH will have a huge crowd response but IMO they aren't doing what they said they will do, the Rumble winner main events. Also, I thought HHH was winning the belt on Sunday but now Cena is probs retaining 'cause I don't think they will have the Heel end WrestleMania now.

  4. He is because the WWE doesn't have faith in lil Rey Rey. They still see Orton as a future big star and expect him to be a great Heel Champion. Edge is the best Heel in the WWE right now, HE deserved to stay champion, he deserves to be the one to get the belt off Rey.


    Oh wait weren't there rumours about Kane winning the World Title at Judgment Day?

  5. Bret Hart's induction will be huge, finally Hart is back on WWE TV. I wonder how he will act towards The McMahons sitting in the front row and stuff.


    Rey Mysterio will cut a promo instead of really showing his emotions. Benoit will cry. Chavo will show no emotion and he starts a Eddie chant.


    Hogan/Okerlund will be fun but I'm afraid the crowd will start a Hogan chant and his induction takes longer then Okerlund's speech.


    Cena will act like Perry is his boy.


    I'm loving Ted DiBiase inducting somebody, the Million Dollar Man rocks.

  6. I know I was one of the ones that screamed loudest for a Rey title reign, but all of his booking after the Rumble and even before hand with all the "I'm doing this for Eddie" junk has really salted me on that. If he does indeed win, it will be a crappy Edge-like reign, so why bother?


    Edge's title reign was entertaining..


    But they almost HAVE to put the belt on Rey Mysterio now because they let him lose to Orton at No Way Out, he can't dissapoint Eddie Guerrero again....If Mysterio loses this main event he'll never be a real Main Eventer unless he gets screwed at WrestleMania but they probably won't do that.

  7. Former WWE Tag Team Champion Kenzo Suzuki has been resigned by WWE. WWE sent an e-mail out to people who signed up for the WWE Fantasy Game and the chat rooms that Suzuki has agreed to return. This marks the fifth recent WWE return as WWE resigned Chuck Palumbo, Test, Shannon Moore, and Henry Godwin were all resigned to WWE Contracts.


    Kenzo's wife, Hiroko, has been posing nude with the hopes of getting a spot on Hollywood, but may very well return to WWE with Kenzo. It's possible that Kenzo will be sent to Raw to reform his tag team with Rene Dupree.



  8. I've spend way too much money lately but I want to buy LOST:Season 1 DVD anyways, but it's 50 euro (pretty expensive for a DVD). Is the DVD really worth it? I've only seen like 5 full episodes of Lost and I wanna see it all.

  9. TEST?

    Maybe its someone else.


    Please let it be a Test midget.


    Where is the Test love...


    The show looks alright. To the guy who said the thing about the C4: Burchill did the C4 last week in a one on one match on SD! against Regal as well. It's really the C4, the WWE is allowing him to do it I guess.