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  1. At least Angle can cut a long promo. Angle is way better on the mic then Benoit IMO. I know it's not in Benoit's blood to be great on the mic but you would at least expect him to be able to cut at least 5 minute promos after being around such great mic workers. You'd think they have taught him some stuff. Bret Hart didn't like cutting promos at first but later on he was awesome on the mic.

  2. I have been thinking about something all day.


    How can Chris Benoit be so VERY mediocre on the mic? His entire career he has been around very charasmatic wrestlers: Ric Flair, Arn Anderson, Chris Jericho, Eddie Guerrero, hell Bret Hart, Kurt Angle...YET he manages to still suck on the mic. The only promo he can do is a cheap pop promo where after every line the fans cheer and those kind of promos are the easiest. Hasn't he learned from constantly being around great mic workers?

  3. 1)Ravishing Rick Rude vs Mr. Perfect



    2)Arn Anderson vs Bobby Eaton




    3)Hulk Hogan vs Ultimate Warrior




    4)Dusty Rhodes vs Sting




    5)Shawn Michaels vs Marty Jannetty




    6)Rip Rogers vs Haku aka Meng




    7)Macho Man vs Ricky Steamboat




    8)Honkey Tonk Man vs Jerry Lawler




    9)Midnight Express vs Kawada/Taue




    10)Benoit vs Dynamite Kid




    11)Johnny Smith vs Marc Rocco aka Black Tiger #1




    12)Makahn Singh vs Earthquake




    13)Brian Pillman vs 2 Cold Scorpio




    14)Mayumi Ozaki vs Akira Hokuto




    15)Atlantis vs Blue Panther




    16)Edge vs Randy Orton




    17)Andre the Giant vs the Big Show




    18)Eddy Guerrero vs Misawa




    19)Tiger Mask vs RVD




    20)Volk Han vs Mariko Yoshida




    21)Barry Whindam vs Terry Funk




    22)Kurt Angle vs Dean Malenko




    23)Rey Mysterio Jr. vs The Cobra




    24)Bret Hart vs The Rock




    25)Brock Lesnar vs Kenta Kobashi




    26)Low Ki vs American Dragon




    27)Scott Steiner vs JBL




    28)Dynamite Kansai vs Jaguar Yokota




    29)Jun Akyima vs KENTA




    30)Rip Rogers vs Tim Horner

  4. EDIT: The point being that a man's true individual heat can only be determined by how they get reactions BY THEMSELVES. Flair will get bood to no end for cheating to beat Randy Savage (or anyone else for that matter,) but then, two weeks after that heat wears off, the man can walk out to the ring, by himself, and have the crowd in the PALM OF HIS HAND booing the hell out of him within one minute. Orton has no such talents. And while charisma is a factor here, the much more important factor is the raw overness of a talent. Men like Undertaker, Flair, HHH, Angle, and Rey (though I've been down on Rey lately because of this cheap-pop-getting Eddie angle) are in the Main Event because if they weren't, well... the reactions that they get from the crowd would make people think "Why the heck isn't this guy in the Main Event?"


    RVD says hi. I would rather see RVD in the main event then Rey.

  5. Nobody else has been called up lately with a crap gimmick except them and if you want to count it the Boogeyman, but he is null and void considering he decided the gimmick was worth "corrective" surgery.


    Do you mean his two front teeth? Didn't he knock them out during training/early match/Tough Enough? I'm sorry if it's a stupid question, but I want to know.


    Something like that happened but he could have done something about it but WWE Creative told him it would look good for his gimmick and he agreed.

  6. So we are pretty much agreeing that Cena is a shitty champion. What if HHH just beat Cena cleanly at Mania and buried Cena out of main event status. What if they did that? I wouldn't mind really but for some reason we don't want Cena to be buried yet we laugh when he gets booed. So we all see that Cena has potential. Cena became a Main Eventer too fast to be honest. I want HHH to become the Champion again, seriously.

  7. The WWE needs to create new and original stars. They try to make John Cena the next Austin, but they fuck it up. The people don't want to see another Austin because Austin is still fresh in their memory, they want something new. Cena was different with his cocky raps, that's what got him over. Why change that? Personally I prefer Cena as a Heel, he has more potential that way. He'll have a small part of the crowd cheering for him because of his raps but the rest just hate him because he's a wigger and he talks trash to the babyfaces.


    I would LOVE to see Shelton Benjamin come down in kinda like his old Team Angle gear with "Eye of the Tiger" and he comes out to the ring like a boxer. It can be awesome because Shelton has the look, he can be a real bad ass if he wants to. He can even have a manager who rubs his shoulders while walking to the ring and stuff. Hey, why not Mo Greene (or whatever his name is) from OVW!


    RVD can be the new big fresh Face. He's still really over so why not give him a shot. RVD will be a totally different number one Face then the ones the WWE had before. Give RVD a character who seems like he's "shooting" sometimes and he loves weapons, basically he's ECW but don't let him talk about ECW because that makes ECW look better then WWE. You want the fans to chant WWE instead of ECW.


    Samoa Joe can be this evil vicious beast that just kills everybody, a bit like he does now in TNA. He has a very new and intimidating look. He's the kind of guy that everybody is afraid of in the middle of the night. Let him speak as well. He becomes the Intercontinental Title at his peak. Then have the IC Champion go after the WWE Champion. They never do that and it doesn't make much sense because the IC Title is the second best title on RAW so why not try to become the World Champ right. So build up towards underdog WWE Champion RVD versus the beast IC Champion Samoa Joe and the fans will love it.


    Just my fantasy booking

  8. Well, I guess it's been 6 months since the last one.



    Also, you have the title wrong. It should be who ISN'T on Steroids. It'd shorten up the thread quite a bit.

    You have high expectations for "Y2_Rey_VanDam." Geez, why not be StoneColdTaker420, or NWOGuerreroMark316. IT'S A WRESTLING BOARD SO IMA GONNA HAVE A WRESTING NAME


    P.S.: Steriods?




    Some guys stopped the steroid using it seems: HHH, Masters, Batista, hell even Ken Kennedy.

  9. Isn't AM RAW like a highlight show of RAW. So the high rating for AM RAW kinda explains the .5 drop for RAW because some people just didn't watch it live but watched the replay/highlights. So no need to worry. In fact, I think Vince should be laughing his ass off because a lousy show like AM RAW is beating TNA's main show in the ratings.

  10. I'd seriously consider joining TNA. But I'll probably do it anyways.

    "Vince, it's my dream to Main Event WrestleMania but please don't take the whole Eddie thing too far, too many people loved him". I think he would understand. If not, I would still do it for the money to have a good life with my family.