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  1. Shelton's Mom

    Charlie Haas

    Paul London


    I think Haas just came back into the company and they haven't even used him yet. It would make no sense at all to fire him already. London - I don't think they will fire him because he's over as a Cruiserweight, he has the look, a great wrestler and if they fire him they know TNA will pick him up and push em.


    Lance Cade


    The Bashams

  2. None.


    Anything dealing with an 8-Man/10-Man matches are structured to shit and easily a spotfest. No structure and chemestry, just a cheap heat meater if anything.


    You gives a shit it's a spotfest, it's just really fun to watch.


    Bubba Ray/Goldust/Booker T/Kane vs. Un-Americans (Christian, Storm,Test,Regal) on PPV was really fun to watch as well.

  3. It kinda makes sense that Orton beat Rey Mysterio here. If Mysterio went on to WrestleMania and won the World Title it would seem forced. Also, Angle is a Face right now, Batista is (hopefully) in the WM Main Event as well to make things more interesting and he's a Face, so they need a full blown Heel because a 3-Way Face match wouldn't work. Mysterio can now go after the United States Title and Batista/Angle/Orton would be IMO a pretty cool match.

  4. World Heavyweight Title Match

    Kurt Angle .VS. Undertaker.


    Kurt Angle wins, Mark Henry attacks Taker afterwards.


    "No.1 Contender's Match, to face the World champion at WrestleMania XXII"

    Rey Mysterio .VS. Randy Orton.


    I think the Observer is right and Orton wins but I hope Mysterio wins.


    WWE United States Title Match

    Booker T (with Sharmell) .VS. Chris Benoit.


    Something tells me Booker will win, but i think there will be interference, maybe from Finlay.


    Singles Match

    J.B.L. (with Jillian Hall) .VS. Bobby Lashley.


    Lashley needs to win this.


    WWE Tag Team Titles Match

    M.N.M. .VS. Matt Hardy & ???.


    It's probably Animal but I hope Hardy screws Animal and joins MNM's stable.


    Nine-Man, WWE Cruiserweight Title Match

    Gregory Helms .VS. Kid Kash .VS. Nunzio .VS. Funaki .VS. Scotty 2 Hotty .VS. Psicosis .VS. Super Crazy .VS. Brian Kendrick .VS. Paul London.


    Helms will win this one ofcourse.



    The card is solid for a throwaway PPV. They can go many ways with this one and I think they'll choose the most expected one (Orton wins etc..)

  5. They say the Benoit feud would have been in the top 3 if a big title like the WWE Title would have been more on the line in their rivalry. Then how the hell is HBK/Angle higher then the Benoit feud. Benoit/Angle have feuded longer and more then once, they had a WWE Title match, had better matches then Angle/HBK, so this is bs. HBK/Angle was never for a title either. They can say it was a WrestleMania match and they cost eachother a title shot, but Benoit/Angle was also a WM match and they fought for the title itself on PPV. Rant over. Benoit feud > HBK feud

  6. Well, I've always been a fan of hosses. However, I do see Tony's point. TNA has an abundance of cruisers with only a few big men and no super hosses. They ought not go anywhere near Lesnar due to ongoing litigation with WWE. I always liked Morgan from TE but I hear he is abysmal in the ring.


    Morgan is a really good big man...

  7. Shawn Michaels often travels alone and no longer has a strong connection with the other wrestlers. He remains upset about how he was treated during the booking for his match with Hulk Hogan.


    Credit: 1wrestling.com

    My heart bleeds...


    He deserved to win that match, it does nothing for Hogan. HBK was a awesome Heel and he could have been a REAL Heel against face Cena.

  8. In 2001 they started with Jeff Hardy and some other midcard guy right? But the 2001 Rumble was boring though, only credible contenders were The Rock, Big Show, Kane and Stone Cold. They tried to make Rikishi a contender but failed. This Rumble was stacked, I liked it.


    I wouldn't mind seeing the #30 win for once, cause they always say he's lucky.

  9. They can tease Lashley/Kane confrontation

    They can tease Lashley/Show confrontation

    They can tease Show/Kane confrontation

    They can tease Ric Flair winning the Rumble

    They can tease HBK going from #1 to winning it

    They can tease HBK turning Heel

    They can tease Chris Benoit winning it

    They can tease a Masters/Carlito confrontation


    The possibilities are endless, I would all like to see them. This Rumble is really stacked with contenders and I hope some guys will get extra attention (like Lashley, he should eliminate like 5 guys).


    Last Four:

    • Rey Mysterio
    • Triple H
    • Randy Orton
    • Chris Benoit