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  1. Thing is they already have the Heart Throbs doing some cheerleader stuff and acting gay. So why don't they use them instead of fucking up five guys who deserve better then this. I mean, it's not like all 5 will get feuds, so this just sucks for their careers unless it quickly blows away. I loved the vid on wwe.com because it was funny but that's it.

  2. Triple H cannot hold anyone's interest longer than 40 seconds. Shawn Michaels best mic work was dick and fart jokes.


    Really? Montreal 2005 as heel HBK. No way everything was scripted in that promo because he reacted to the crowd, what if the crowd didn't react that way. That was the best promo of 2005 and it showed HBK is one of the best on the mic as a Heel.


    Not a top ten, just some guys who are great on the mic


    The Rock

    Steve Austin

    Chris Jericho

    Roddy Piper

    Shawn Michaels

    Michael Hayes

    Vince McMahon (a lot of emotion in his voice)

    Ric Flair


    Ted DiBiase

    Arn Anderson


    Mick Foley

  3. Kurt Angle should be first, he was hella impressive in that Chamber match although he got eliminated first, he won a big Battle Royal and became the World Heavyweight Champion. Edge on the other hand LOST to Ric Flair at NYR and he won the WWE Title in a really unfair way and he was really low ranked before he won the belt so he just can't make a jump this big. They say Angle isn't 1st because he didn't win the Chamber but Edge lost at NYR to a old man, didnt' compete on RAW and he won the belt unfair. I don't get the ranking, it's bullshit.


    And I hate they say Mark Henry injured Batista and make Batista look weak that way and Henry really strong.