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  1. I made the scenario. Now I only changed WWE fully and TNA a bit, the rest are from like 5 months ago but I don't think that really matters. You might have to chance some things like make Edge WWE Champ and Angle World Champ if you want. Also, if you want to start at January 1st 2006, change your computer clock to 31st of December and it'll start at January, if you start now with your time at January, you'll start at February which sucks.


    Any more questions?


    Here is the link to the scenario, I uploaded it: http://rapidshare.de/files/11020187/DATA.rar.html.

    Extract all the files into the DATA folder, say Yes to all and then you can start playing in 2006.

  2. Rey Mysterio, Triple H and Randy Orton will for sure play a certain role in this Rumble. I think HHH might try to show he still has what it takes and he almost pulls a Benoit from the start, also eliminating the most wrestlers. Mysterio will be the small guy who comes in at around #10 and he overcomes the odds, bit like last year. Orton will be the "blue chipper who will fullfil his destiny", he also might start at #1 or 2 and go long until his next feud eliminates him. HBK gets screwed by Vince, RVD eliminates HHH (possibly setting up a feud for later), Undertaker eliminates RVD. Taker/Angle in the main event, RVD/Edge as the second main event

  3. Here we go!


    Five point questions:


    1) The winner of the 2005 Royal Rumble will be: The Undertaker

    2) Who will be the "Ironman" of the 2005 Royal Rumble? Rey Mysterio

    3) Who will last the shortest amount of time in the ring? Orlando Jordan

    4) Who will get the most eliminations? (If there is a tie, you get your points) The Undertaker or Triple H

    5) Who will be the last man eliminated? Rob Van Dam

    6) Will the winner be from Smackdown or Raw? Smackdown!


    Three point questions...pick the man who will be in the Royal Rumble the LATEST (not who lasts the longest) out of the two choices below:


    7) Gregory Helms or Orlando Jordan

    8) JBL or Shawn Michaels

    9) Matt Hardy or Shelton Benjamin

    10) Bobby Lashley or Kane

    11) Chris Benoit or HHH

    12) Chavo Guerrero or Rey Mysterio

    13) Rob Van Dam or The Boogeyman

    14) Randy Orton or Booker T

    15) Chris Masters or Carlito

    16) Johnny Nitro or Joey Mercury


    One point questions:


    17) Who will draw #'s 1-4? (One point for each correct person) Triple H, Shelton Benjamin, Brian Kendrick, Chavo Guerrero

    18) Who will be the last four men in the ring? (One point for each correct person) The Undertaker, Shawn Michaels, Triple H, Rob Van Dam

    19) Who will be the last RAW superstar eliminated? Rob Van Dam

    20) Who will be the last Smackdown superstar eliminated? Rey Mysterio

    21) Who will draw #'s 27-30 (One point for each correct person) RVD, Undertaker, Booker T, Joey Mercury

    22) True or False: We will see a Boogeyman/Undertaker showdown: False

    23) True or False: We will see a surprise return sometime during the Rumble: False

    24) True or False: Somebody in the Rumble match will blade: False

    25) True or False: Vince McMahon will interfere in the Rumble: True


    TIEBREAKER QUESTION: Give the exact time this year's Rumble match will last: 60:12


    Good luck!


    I'm probably completely wrong :boxing:

  4. This will probably be the card


    Royal Rumble Match


    World Heavyweight Title: Kurt Angle vs. Mark Henry with Angle hopefully destroying Henry easily, after the PPV Angle turns Heel again because he's obviously the Face here


    WWE Title: Cena vs. Edge, if Cena wins the belt back, then I don't know why he lost it. Edge should win this match, Cena gets pissed at the fans and the fact that he lost the match, Hogan shows up on RAW, Cena attacks Hogan, full blown Heel


    JBL vs. The Boogeyman, I think they will book this match although I would like to see both men in the Rumble match, especially the Boogeyman. I would love to see JBL first be afraid then think fuck it and just beat the shit out of him. Boogeyman is done, release the fucker.


    WWE Tag Team Titles: MNM vs. The Mexicools, give them a real title shot now. Another one at NWO and then a big 4-way Tag Match or something at WM




    3 matches suck on this card but the Rumble has loads of possible winners

  5. I think they are going for Angle/Taker at WrestleMania now. They have always wanted to do that but last year it was smarter to do Orton/Taker and Angle/HBK. I am interested in Angle/Taker, but I don't think Angle is worth beating Taker and ending his streak cause Angle already is a real main eventer. BUT I don't want to see Undertaker as the WWE Champion if he never shows up. Still it wouldn't surprise me if Undertaker either won the Rumble or just became the no.1 contender. The WWE doesn't know what to do with the WWE Title now on RAW, so I think they decided Angle/Taker will be the big draw for WrestleMania, shame it's on Smackdown! though.


    Kurt Angle will show up on RAW next week, beat Shawn Michaels with help from Vince McMahon and then stay on Smackdown! until he loses the title.

  6. The Chamber match was really entertaining. Masters and Carlito didn't look out of place like I thought they would. They actually did a pretty damn good job. Carlito pulled out some surprising moves, maybe he CAN be a good wrestlers. Masters looks to have potential as well, I can see that he's learning a lot from guys like Angle and HBK. I liked how they eliminated Kane. Kane didn't do shit. I thought they would have Kane eliminate like two guys so he looks like a big threat. Then HBK eliminates Kane and Cena eliminates HBK. But they chose to give the up and comers a chance and I didn't mind that.


    I marked out for Edge winning.


    The crowd was HOT throughout the entire match, it was off the charts. Cena is basically a Heel now acting like a Face and vice versa with Angle.