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  1. EWR has a ton of spyware in it. That's the only reason I don't play now.


    WTF it doesn't


    Carnival, there is a link to EWR 4.2 in my first and second post, it should work. Also, I can then try to upload 2006 (current) scenario for you so you can book the WWE of today or TNA of today or BCW whatever of today

  2. What they should do is have Kane/Edge at the Royal Rumble. I know that match has been done already with the whole Gene Snitsky angle and Lita turning on Kane but maybe that's why they wrestle at the Rumble because Kane SHOULD be pissed. Edge beats Kane and gains some credibility. Cena should be in the Rumble match because a lot of people will expect Cena to win. I think a Smackdown! superstar is winning the Rumble this time because Edge just isn't over enough at this point to main event Mania. Edge/RVD would be a nice second main event because we aren't used to them main eventing so it's fresh and RVD will be super over as always.

  3. I take it most of you don't know what I am talking about. EWR = Extreme Warfare Revenge. It's a VERY detailed wrestling game. This is not for the marks, this is not only for WWE fans. Here is a Game Overview:


    At the heart of EWR is a very simple cycle of events. You start by hiring talent (wrestlers or staff). You pay them a certain amount for them to appear at your events. From these events you make money. You then use the money you have made to bring in better talent, which leads to better events, which leads to more money, and so on. Your job in EWR (which is officially as head booker and general manager of the promotion you are working for) is to keep this cycle going, and to make enough money for your promotion to survive and thrive.


    So, who and what will you encounter in EWR?


    Promotions \ Federations: These are wrestling organisations. The EWR game world is made up of your promotion and usually several competitors. Each promotion has the same goal - to make more money. Promotions can go bankrupt, be taken over by other competitors, and new promotions can appear during the game. A maximum of 35 promotions can be in the game world at any one point. Please note that the more promotions you have, the slower the game will run, so people with slow machines should not use more than 10 if possible.


    Workers \ Wrestlers: At the heart of the game are the workers. Most workers fall under the category of Wrestler, although there are also managers and non-wrestlers. Each worker is represented by a number of statistics that give him \ her a unique personality. Some workers are greedy, some are lazy, some will happily help other workers become better, some will look to cause trouble whenever possible. Please note that like promotions, the more workers in the game, the slower it will run. There is a maximum of 30,000 workers that can be in the game at any one point.


    Staff: There are several different types of staff, ranging from announcers and medics to trainers and road agents. Each promotion needs staff to function properly, and so they are critical to the game.


    Events: These major shows are the showcase events designed to pull in the biggest crowds and make the most money (through people paying to attend the event, or through pay-per-view revenue). Some promotions are lucky enough to have their own TV shows. These bring in some ticket revenue, but are primarily designed to help the promotion hype the large events.


    Your overall role in EWR is to hire and fire the workers and staff, then to book (that means to set the matches, interviews, and angles) the shows. There is no goal to the game as such, there is no way to actually win, but instead you have the ongoing challenge of trying to continue being successful with your promotion.




    EWR is very detailed and fun. It's not just booking. If you are not the WWE it's very hard to stay alive. It's a HUGE challenge to grow as a not Global federation. What kind of wrestlers do you want, can you pay those wrestlers, how much will you advertise and make merchandise, it's hard to make money in a small fed, it's really awesome. This game has the real life wrestlers in it and most real promotions (ofcourse not all). You can make your own federation. Also, if you do well in say a Small fed you can be approached by a Cult federation, asking you if you want to book for them instead of the small fed.


    You have to hire and fire staff (writers, trainers, medics etc..). You can also get TV shows, but you have to send a tape to the network you want a show on and they will check it out for you and maybe you get a show. EWR works with ratings, every network gets different ratings (USA Network really high compared to say Comedy Central). If you have a lot of money as a federation you can try to buy another promotion and you get there wrestlers, so you can do a Invasion even. Form new Tag Team, make them legendary. Form Stables. Make your own Title history (you can make titles). Put together feuds and make them work. As a big promotion like WWE, you can set up your own development promotion (WWE already has OVW) and then you can hire wrestlers and put them in OVW to make them better. You also need to get sponsors, you need to please your workers unless you don't want them anymore. If you want to fire Lita, you'll get Edge pissed because Edge is in love with Lita. Love relationships develop as well. I've already had that I wanted to fire A-Train (a while ago) but he started a love relationship with Vince's "unknown" daughter, so he was unsackable (just like HHH and the McMahons). Some major wrestlers like Hogan and HHH also have creative control so if you want to job Hogan out to Paul London now, Hogan won't let that happen unless London actually proves himself and gets over as a Main Eventer.


    Wrestlers work with Overness and they have stats: Charisma, Brawl, Speed, Technical etc....A guy like CM Punk is a really good overall wrestler. He has loads of charisma but he's also a great wrestler. Someone like JBL only is good in brawling, but his charisma is pretty high. You can also make someone a manager (I make most women managers because I hate womens wrestling).


    Create history. See new promotions start up and go bankrupt, see promotions grow. Push the wrestlers you like, book WrestleMania, make your own WWE history, make your own TNA history etc....You can compete with WWE with TNA, you can even get a TV show on Monday and do Monday Night Wars again (ratings will drop of increase, it depends which promotion the fans choose for).


    Have I gotten you excited yet? Download it @ http://www.euphorum.net/scenarios/ewr4.2.zip.


    You can ALSO go to 1985 and book the WWF, NWA etc. But you need other scenarios for them. Scenarios is DATA that you put in your data folder and suddenly you are in a different timezone. I have loads of scenarios, just say which time you want:


    2006 (current)







    2002 Split, when the brand extension happened

    2003 April

    June 2002 when TNA started


    Give it a shot

  4. HHH/Cena wouldn't be smart because HHH just can't turn Face anymore and Cena gets booed WAY too much to be the big Face going into WrestleMania. Only way I could see Cena getting cheered more is when HBK turns on Cena with Vince. HBK cuts Heel promos everywhere which he's very good at, he gets Cena over as a Face then as well. Cena gets his edge a bit back as well but stays Face. It can work the other way around as well but I prefer HBK as a Heel.

  5. Bring on the "there is a PPV this Sunday?" comments. The PPV card sucks. Only the Chamber match and HHH/Show are PPV worthy matches. I think the WWE is taking the easy and expected way with Cena and HHH winning. I hope they prove me wrong.


    WWE Champion John Cena vs. Kurt Angle vs. Shawn Michaels vs. Chris Masters vs. Carlito vs. Kane (Elimination Chamber Match)


    Big Show vs. Triple H


    Intercontinental Champion Ric Flair vs. Edge


    Gregory Helms vs. Jerry "The King" Lawler


    Ashley vs. Maria vs. Torrie Wilson vs. Victoria vs. Candice Michelle (Bra & Panties Gauntlet Match)


    Women's Champion Trish Stratus vs. Mickie James


    Predictions? Thoughts?

  6. I don't mind Henry/Batista. They have to kill some time and Batista needs to stay credible. We all know Henry is not winning the belt, that would just be stupid.


    I'm almost sure a Smackdown! superstar is going to win the Royal Rumble although I think a RAW superstar should win because most people watch RAW and they need to turn this whole Cena thing into something positive. I would really like to see HBK/Cena at WrestleMania. That is the only match that is left for Cena that would interest me as WWE Champion and maybe against HHH but he has been in the spotlight too much. I just want a HBK Heel turn or a Cena Heel turn.