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  1. Ofcourse what I also would like to see is Batista/Cena. Last year at the Rumble they fought a little in the end but I want to see them clash and then the question will be, who is the better champion.


    Most of the crowd was behind Cena last year at the Rumble. Results would be a lot different now.


    I know, so Batista can play the Face, Cena can turn Heel if ya want.

  2. Man would I mark out for Team Angle. Haas may be a letdown in your eyes but not in my eyes. Besides, why does it have to be something big, as if his mom is not going to be a letdown. Shelton/Haas versus Kane/Big Show at WrestleMania would REALLY work for me. I'm afraid the WWE isn't that smart though.


    Add Shelton Benjamin versus Chavo Guerrero to that card.

  3. WWE @ Detroit, MI - Joe Louis Arena - August 19, 2003


    Chuck Palumbo & Johnny Stamboli defeated Eric Young & Bobby Roode when Palumbo pinned Young with the Jungle Kick to the back of the head


    WWE @ Chicago, IL - Allstate Arena - September 29, 2003

    Sunday Night Heat:

    Rodney Mack pinned Ken Anderson (Kennedy) with a spinebuster

    Tommy Dreamer pinned Sheik Shawn Daivari with the DDT


    Team Canada had a dark match in the WWE?! WWE could have had so much talent....

    Also, I'm surprised to see Ken Kennedy and Davairi wrestled in 2003 in dark matches already. Davairi debuted in the end of 2004 and Ken Kennedy in 2005. I guess they weren't ready....

  4. HTQ's scenario is pretty good except for the part that HHH is the babyface. I don't think people will buy the PPV to see Cena lose to a tweener. I think HBK would work better in this scenario then HHH. Michaels is still very over with the fans and they can hype it as "see HBK going for the WWE Title one last time". Ofcourse he gets fucked by Edge after he beats Cena in a brutal match. Then you can do Edge/HBK, HBK/Cena again, Cena/Edge/HBK etc....I don't see Triple H working in this scenario, he has been used way too much in the main event and he's not over enough.


    What I also would like to see is HBK turning Heel at NYR with help from Vince McMahon. I don't really want to see Vince wrestling again, but I would be very interested in HBK being a Heel Champion. His Heel run this summer was the best Heel run in a long time. I was dissapointed he turned back Face.


    A thing I would like to see as well is have Kane win the WWE Title at NYR. It makes sense he wins the belt because he has been dominating everybody lately. He even beat the World Champion. And Kane gets out of the chamber last. Kane wins the World Title, big shocker. I don't really know what to do with him then but I'm sure we can think of something. I don't think Big Show/Kane would work, although they HAVE been dominating RAW lately, it can be a good second main event.


    Ofcourse what I also would like to see is Batista/Cena. Last year at the Rumble they fought a little in the end but I want to see them clash and then the question will be, who is the better champion.

  5. I second that. When I hear "Hurt" I think about Eddie Guerrero and I always will. That was such a emotional video, I had tears in my eyes. The second video was average, it wasn't as emotional.


    I also like the Clocks video but how can you not like Eddie's tribute the most.

  6. Hitch: I didn't expect anything from this movie. Kevin James and Will Smith played very well IMO. I'm not really a fan of Eva Mendes because she is always being used as the hot chick every guy wants but I'm not really digging her, but she did a fine job in Hitch. The movie gets a 7/10.


    Boat Trip: Everytime I see Cuba Gooding Junior I think "damn that guy looks a lot like D'Lo Brown", he even does the same weird moves. Saw the movie for the second time and it didn't bore me. Funny movie, hot girls, good acting. 8/10

  7. Dutt has impressed me in the air but there are loads of wrestlers who can do the same and even better (AJ Styles, Daniels etc...). So I choose Roode because he has a lot of potential, I see him being a main eventer and he can go further then Dutt who just put matches together with spots.

  8. Like so many people already said they need to elevate somebody in the X-Division. I'm saying go with Shannon Moore or Austin Aries. Have one of them beat Daniels after this PPV on Impact in a "huge upset". Build someone up, let another wrestle shine in the X-Division for once.


    The Tag Team Main Event looks horrible. I hate Jarrett. I don't like Brown as a Heel. Christian needs to get a singles title shot and Sting is too old. The Tag Titles match looks alright. Abyss/Rhino looks like the same stuff they have been doing every PPV the last months. I don't really care about Raven. I DO want to see that Styles match, can't wait to see this Japanese guy.

  9. I have to say I'm sold on TNA. I just watched Unbreakable with my dad and we loved it from the start. Almost everything TNA does is better then how WWE does it. Joe/Daniels/Styles was the best match I have seen maybe all year, it was awesome. IMO they made Joe look a bit weak in the end but Styles deserved to win as well, he pulled out some great moves. I think I'm going to start following TNA close

  10. I complete most of the games I own. For example I completed COD and COD 2 single player, I completed Vice City and GTA 3, I completed most of my PS2 Games except for SD vs. RAW 2006. But I haven't completed GTA:SA and I can't be arsed to finish it either. Haven't completed God of War although it's a great game. I like finishing single player but I'm more of a multiplayer man.