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  1. There are people like Leena and Czech Republic who make stupid posts but at the same time if they want to they can really make excellent posts. That's why I don't mind them. Also, I like stupid posts, it keeps things fun. I don't really like someone like HTQ who just doesn't agree with anybody in the wrestling folders and he's always right.


    Oh and Porter, I like you.

  2. You guys worry too much about season mode being "correct" and all those boring Challenge Mode stuff. I just play matches with my buddy, much more fun. I had my best SD vs. RAW moment ever yesterday. Me as Ric Flair against Triple H (my friend), the last two in the Rumble. I was totally red, he was totally normal. Everytime he hit me with the Pedigree it looked like I would get eliminated but every damn time I countered and it drove my friend nuts. I managed to make his face red but then the end seemed near again when he hit me with one last Pedigree. It looked like I was watching a real WWE match, such drama :P HHH tried to whip Flair but Flair countered it. Flair grabbed HHH, threw him out with everything he got and he won the Rumble. From nothing I won the match, classic. My friend went ballistic. Good times

  3. The show looks alright. I don't mind Mark Henry that much if he's a bodyguard type of guy. We'll probably get to see Henry versus Batista down the line. At NWO Batista is facing Kane, they are advertising that match already. They might do Henry/Batista at the Rumble, but it'll probably be like the opener or something, really short squash. I heard Henry did cut a good promo in OVW so maybe he got better on the mic. Also, I don't really know how Fit Finlay is like in the ring but he looks a bit like Ken Kennedy. Just have him have some nice matches for the US Title or something, it can't be that hard to make him acceptable. Another thing, I don't want JBL to face the Boogeyman at the Rumble cause I want to see both men in the Rumble. Boogeyman would be awesome in the Rumble

  4. We shouldn't even have to think about this. WWE 2005 is way better then WCW 2000. Sure WWE did some stupid things this year, especially in the end, but it was still much better then WCW 2000. Eddie Guerrero died, that sucks, but they dealt with it in a great tribute show. We had Hogan/HBK, which was a great feud to be honest. Bret Hart DVD coming out, Batista/HHH was a fine feud etc..

  5. 2005 was the year of school and doing shit. Nothing big happened. 2004 was the worst year of my life. My friends' dad died and I HATED school. But 2005 has been very average. 2006 looks good though. 2000 was the best year no doubt about it. All the chicks dug me, I went to Euro Cup 2000 half-finale and school was easy. Good times...

  6. Yeah he says he likes the movie about two gay cowboys. Then he says 'what would you do if you were on the road all the time with just one person. What would you do if you were alone with Trevor Murdoch, think about it'. Basically he's saying he's bi. Wouldn't surprise me if they put Lance Cade with Murdoch again and they are the two gay cowboys........I hope Vince is not reading this.

  7. Okay I'm gonna say a gimmick and you guys say who you think pulled that gimmick off the best.


    Gimmick: "Pretty Boy/Great Body" (dunno how to call it really)


    Loads of wrestlers have had this gimmick. To name a few: Val Venis, Lex Luger, Buff Bagwell, Mark Jindrak etc...It doesn't matter from what time or what promotion. Who pulled that gimmick off the best in your eyes.

  8. The Headhunters in the WWF circa 1996- they came out with Cornette on one RAW and didn't appear since, not sure if they were under contract or not though...


    Bossmans stint in 2002- I can't remember him doing anything of note apart from being in the rumble and helping Booker T fight Austin a couple of times in December 01


    Weren't the Headhunters in the 1996 Royal Rumble as well?


    And I will forever remember Bossman for being in the segment where Booker T revealed his catchphrase to counteract the "What?" chants Austin had ushered in; "Who?" Bossman and Vince McMahon's reactions were gold.


    I need to see that :huh: