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  1. I've only seen one XPW match in my entire life and I thought it was disgusting. But I appreciate what you are doing. I can see you are putting a lot of time in this project and I'm loving it. I always wanted to know more about XPW, you've given me loads of information. I just want to say thanks, keep doing what you are doing, I can't wait to see the final product.

  2. OVW sounds really awesome. Vince needs to sit down and watch these shows once. WWE can learn from OVW. Paul Heyman is making OVW a bit like ECW but it's not like he's redoing storylines and going "extreme". I'm afraid that when Brent Albright and CM Punk get called up they will get fucked with.

  3. He doesn't NEED to talk. They are pushing Bobby Lashley but Shelton is much better then Lashley on the mic. Shelton can be a pure athlete who gets over by amazing the fans in the ring and actually WIN matches. Cause if he loses the matches, it makes him look dumb. He can be a main eventer without being able to cut 20 minute promos. Let him be a arrogant athlete like he was in World Greatest Tag Team and let him WIN matches. It would have been awesome if he was in the Elimination Chamber, he would steal the show.

  4. What did Birchall do to make him better then Shelton? Shelton has proved he can get the crowd behind him with his moves. He has a huge move set. He's just a really good wrestler. Everytime I watch him he amazes me. Birchall has talent but what the fuck did he do? He did a backflip Rockbottom or some shit like that, and that was impressive, but has he wrestled with loads of pressure on him and has he wrestled longer then 20 minutes on WWE TV?


    Shelton was the highlight of the night at WrestleMania 21.

  5. I saw a topic about Shelton Benjamin being misused and I immediately wanted to make a new thread about it because that thread is only about Benjamin. It doesn't have to be a top 10, you can also just name 10 in no order.


    Chris Jericho (Could have been huge like The Rock)


    Tazz (He really looked like a machine and if they pushed him in the WWE like he was pushed in ECW he could have easily been a main eventer)


    Shelton Benjamin


    Val Venis




    Lance Storm








    Matt Morgan




    I probably forgot someone. Luther Reigns almost made it on the list because I was very impressed by his promos on Smackdown! before he got fired. He had potential. But I eventually chose for Matt Morgan because he was going to be the next big star out of OVW but he got a stuttering gimmick while he could cut great promos. He was impressive in the ring as well but he didn't get a chance to show that.