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  1. If Jericho does come back, it's basically a given that he'll be on RAW...they're not going to waste a big comeback like that on Smackdown (in their minds).


    Who to feud with? Maybe let him run over Randy Orton first, but Cena is the face champion and we all know what happened when Jericho fought Cena, the crowd completely turned on Cena. It would make sense for Jericho to go after Cena when he returns because it's because of Cena he had to go storyline-wise, or they can do a "I learned from my mistakes" angle with Jericho and Cena, but it would kind of be HBK/Cena all over again. I agree the return would be way better on RAW because it's a live show but Smackdown! needs a top Face badly and Edge/Jericho would be amazing. Hell, Jericho/Kennedy/Edge would be even better.

  2. I've yet to see a single Pirates of the Caribbean movie.


    I've also never seen a single Harry Potter film.


    Harry Potter part 4 is good, the rest is average/shitty. Part 4 doesn't focus as much on little kids like the other movies, the girl is older and getting hotter and finally Voldemort shows up and he's kind of badass.


    Pirates of the Caribbean 1 was bad, 2 was quite exciting.

  3. I know this won't happen, but it would make sense if Mr. Kennedy exploited the injury and cashed in his MitB shot against an injured Undertaker.


    Not after he announced he will cash it in at WM.


    Yeah everybody keeps saying that but wouldn't be a typical Heel dick move to cash it in earlier to shock the champion?

  4. Batista will probably take the belt from Taker now or Taker somehow manages to wrestle once a month. Henry is coming back but I think the WWE is smart enough to know hotshotting the belt on Henry won't work at all. Maybe it's time to elevate someone else to the main event like Matt Hardy? Or just put the belt on Benoit, why the hell not..

  5. EDIT: Did anyone else catch this piece of WM feedback on the Torch site:


    Richard Gozinya of Sacramento, Calif. (1.0): Best Match: M.I.T.B. Worst Match: Cena-Michaels. As a TNA fan I can honestly say that I wasn't impressed with this show at all. I have never ordered a WWE PPV before, and after watching this drivel I will never do so again. Lashley is an extremely poor man's Brock Lesnar. Why was Steve Austin involved in that match? From a logic standpoint, he has history with Vince McMahon and couldn't possibly be impartial. Cena-Michaels was laughably bad. How are you helping your champ by having him sell chops from an old, skinny dude? The crowd (who had been bored to tears by this point) were dying for anything to cheer for at this point and didn't receive it. If you want some cutting edge wrestling, order Lockdown. You won't be disappointed.


    How can HBK/Cena possibly be the worst match of the show, seriously now. Ashley/Melina, Khali/Kane and Originals/New Breed were better matches than HBK/Cena, SURE. I know it's not your opinion btw HTQ. He sounds like a total TNA mark that refuses to like anything about the WWE. Lashley is a poor man's Lesnar...yet he claims hasn't seen a WWE PPV ever.


    I'm not going to run down the entire card, just say a few things here and there. MITB seemed a bit off because the crowd was really bad here considering there were so many people. They hardly reacted to Booker's "tell me I didn't just.." and the only guy who got a nice response was Kennedy (who had an amazing entrance, it looked really "big time" because of the camera's position and it was just badass). I liked Booker T getting the crowd into it a bit by dominating for a while and doing the Spinarooni. Jeff's spot on Edge was cool but I just think it's a bit lame to have Edge get taken out of the match because of an injury just so he can say he never lost, I wanted to see more of Edge. The ending was a bit weird as well but I'm fine with Kennedy winning and CM Punk looked good and surprisingly Finlay too. Orton didn't do anything in the end which was odd too because I don't think a Book End should be enough to take him out the entire time.


    Taker beating Batista is great. JBL did an awesome job talking about a new era of darkness when Taker won, gave me chills. MVP/Benoit was my personal MOTN just looking purely at the wrestling. MVP's entrance was extremely cool and I'm surprised many people haven't acknowledged MVP's potential to be a really really good wrestler. I'm cool with Benoit winning but MVP is the future. The rest was alright. Cutting Vince's hair took a bit too long for me. Cena/HBK was a good main event, not as good as Cena/HHH but that's probably because the crowd was less hot this time. Maybe Taker/Batista should have main evented but this does get the point across that Cena is the WWE's main man for years to come and I respect him for giving 100% every time he wrestles and it really looks like he won some fans back.


    I enjoyed it.

  6. I see Orton winning the match. Cena vs HBK vs Edge at Backlash for the belt and Orton teases the champ with his shot. Finlay has no chance, Matt Hardy would be alright but just weird because Undertaker/Hardy or Batista/Hardy is not that appealing. Jeff Hardy has a bigger chance of winning than Matt just because he's so damn popular. Kennedy has already fought Taker and Batista several times, but he has a pretty big chance though just because he's ready to go to main event. CM Punk...maybe, the crowd would probably go wild but he's too "new" to go for the World or WWE Title, unless they build him up for a year until he uses the shot. King Booker....no chance in hell. I'm saying Orton or Kennedy. Edge won it the first time and he has had the upper hand in everything so far, it would really make the others look stupid if he also cheats his way to victory this time.

  7. If we're going to throw out crazy ideal fantasy booking, here's one pertaining to the MitB.


    The focus has been placed upon RRKO right and quite rightly so given their status as top heel players. I'd spend the next two weeks putting over the Hardyz skills at the game, Finlay's love to fight and Booker's sneakiness but put over that Punk is a rookie who never been in a ladder match (in WWE-Land that is) and doesn't belong there. Put over Punk having doubts about his place in the match and his ability to win it. Show complete shaky nerves, replaying about his childhood with his family (as he touched on in his early debut promos). The Smackdown before WM has a eight man tag match (Edge/Orton/Jeff Hardy/Booker Vs Punk/Finlay/Matt/Kennedy) and in there we see Punk's team0-mates refuse to tag him in. Punk's frustrations causes a lapse in communication and he eats a RKO for a lost. Punk tries to apologize but they all brush him off.


    Prior to the match, CM Punk gives a quick promo to display a confused man without much to say. The match comes and it's the usual match. Punk will probably be over to start but not quite up to the levels of the other two faces. Punk builds throughout the match taking big bumps and even does a fine cut job. Gushing blood but still fighting. He even gets a nod of approval from Finlay while exchanging punches. The story is still about RRKO. It comes to the end. Bodies everywhere on the floor. Orton and Edge are the only ones standing and they finally erupt with punches. The ladder stands in the middle of it.


    Orton hits a snap RKO but appears to injure himself in the process and has problems climbing and isn't able to take advantage. Edge awakes and quickly marches up the ladder to meet Orton. Booker and Finlay try to knock them off but Matt and Jeff shove them out of the ring. RRKO and The Hardys are on top of the ladders but Kennedy climbs up and super-plexes the brothers right over the ropes crashing through the tables. That leaves RRKO alone. They each reach for the briefcase and get a equal share of it and they push and shove. Punk finally arrives. Slowly climbs halfway up the other ladder. Kicks the ladder trying to knock them off balance and finally does so but in the process each men drop the briefcase right into the waiting hands of Punk. Punk scores the stunning upset and the crowd pops huge. Punk chants ring out. Punk has a tear slipping through the blood soaked face as he hugs the briefcase tightly. Punk passes Finlay, Booker, Kennedy and Hardyz on the way out and they all nod their heads in approval. Matt and Jeff exchange a hug. Punk poses on the ramp and slips out. Camera follows him through the backstage to be greeted by other members of the ECW locker room. Elijah continues to push for him to join the NB. RVD and the Originals give him a big ovation. This segues into the next segment of the PPV.


    Later that night, it's the Lashley/Umaga match. Of course this match is overbooked to the max. Big WWE brawl here. Lashley is nearly dead but finally pulls the victory off. McMahon is dragged to the barber shop set and the faces proceed to shave him bald.


    McMahon runs off screaming. Lashley, Trump and Austin celebrate some more in the ring. Trump walks out. Austin motions for beerfest to begin but before he can open the first beer. Punk's theme blares out. Big pop for that. He walks down with a confidence. He chucks the briefcase at Austin and screams "Ring the bell!". Lashley tells him the same. A quick five minute match occurs and Lashley, exhausted from the previous war (in the match, Umaga made a point to take out the neck). Punk noticed that. Punk takes a quick beating but he makes sure to attack the neck often. Lashley tries to set up for the dominator but Punk gets a precise timed knee to the back of Lashley's neck. Lashley's in pain. Punk quickly locks the Vice on. Lashley screams in agony. Punk pulls tighter. Lashley passes out. Austin declares the match to be over. Crowd loves it. Punk chants echo the stadium. Punk slips the title belt on his waist.


    Austin calls for a beer shower and extends a can towards Punk. Punk looks at Austin dead in the eye and doesn't take the can. Austin is shocked. He offfers another and Punk repeats the action. Austin is now pissed. Austin decides to address this with a quick promo to point out his unhappiness about Punk's deicsion. He puts him over for a hellacious beating in the ladder match and for the balls to challenge the champion on the spot. Punk takes the mic away and finally rips into Austin with a classic sXe heel promo. Shredding Austin. Austin and Punk slam heads. Austin throws the first punch but misses. Punk throws one and connects. Austin stumbles back off the ropes and kicks him in the gut. Hits the Stunner. Punk rolls right back up and slaps Austin right in the face. The referees and officials storm the ring to seperate the two. Crowd is going bananas right now. Austin marches out with a pissed off rant. Punk smirks on the turnbuckle with his new title draped over his shoulder.


    In the process makes Punk the biggest story of the night not just for winning the MitB or even cashing it in for the ECW title but for standing up to Steve Austin.


    That'd be nice to see but like Orton turning and taking the title off a fully heel turned Batista to close the show, Punk's not gonna win the MitB, the ECW title and stand up against Austin. The closest thing is Edge winning the MitB and cashing it in against a newly crowned WWE champion, Shawn Michaels.


    It's good but it's a lot of Punk in one night. Also, you make the fans cheer for him during MitB and then when he beats Lashley and then you turn him Heel against Austin, I don't really think it's smart to do that after you've just made him extremely over.


    The only way I can see Punk winning in real life is when Orton and Edge clash and the rest of the guys are exhausted outside the ring Punk climbs the ladder and he grabs the title. Orton will win, resulting into Cena/Orton/Edge match at Backlash.

  8. "Is this a joke? Are you him? I didn't think he had any fans unless your a paid audience member at a WSX show. He's terrible and a very sloppy worker with no look."


    Tornado has more athletic ability and charisma than 99% of the Raw or ECW regulars.


    99% is a bit far fetched there dude.

  9. *Stephanie McMahon will return and take over RAW


    *Kenny will get a push but it will be fucked up by bad booking


    *Hulk Hogan wrestles Umaga


    *Guys like Masters, Super Crazy and Val Venis will be doing the same like this year aka nothing. Someone breaks the Masterlock, nobody will care.


    *Monty Brown will debut with a too over the top gimmick


    *The Rock makes an appearance


    *The Tag Team Division will be entertaining for a few months, until the WWE decides to stupidly break the teams up


    *Brand Extension will end at the end of 2007


    *Randy Orton will be a World Champ again


    *Jericho returns and wins the IC Title AGAIN, and once again people want him to become World Champ


    *RVD goes to TNA


    *Vince responds to VKM somehow


    *Carlito will be pushed as the next Rock when WWE realises they need more stars


    *DX stays together and might turn Heel


    *Kennedy gets injured again.


    *Kane wins the World Title, yeaaaaah.........Taker won't.


    Can go on for a while. But neeeh....

  10. Ah man it has been a pretty good year so far. I'm loving the quotes, especially JBL and Edge are always hilarious.


    Triple H to Chris Masters: "So, when are you gonna write a book?"

    Masters: "That's funny, you know, as a matter of fact, I was thinking about writing a book on nutrician."

    Hunter: "Really? What are you gonna call it? How to lose 50 pounds in four weeks.


    I love when the WWE makes inside jokes.