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  1. I really don't agree with you but I have noticed something when I watch wrestling with my dad. He likes Big Show and Kane and guys like that who just do big moves, when wrestlers do fast moves after eachother like in the X Division he says "this is fake, I don't like it". Everything is pretty much fake ofcourse but the fakeness (if that's a word) is more visible when Lightweights wrestle in the eyes of marks. That's all.

  2. Cade is just another pretty boy. We all complain when a pretty boy gets pushed once again because of his looks. Now the ugly mofo gets picked over the pretty boy and you guys whine about it. IMO Cade needs to be in a tag team. If the WWE insists on pushing Murdoch as a singles wrestler, put Cade in a tag team with another guy. I can see why the WWE pushes Murdoch. He has his own way of doing things. His interviews are crazy and wild, he has a unique look, when you look at him you think he'll rip you a new asshole. Cade needs to find out how to make himself special. The HBCade gimmick would be quite cool

  3. I really wish people would stop judging the Pit based on Leena, Mike and LessonInMachismo...I'd like to see that place flourish as an alternative to over here on the slower days, I wish more of you would come over and stick around, do some contributing rather than simply consider it TSM's dumping grounds and never return there.


    I was waiting for you to make a witty comment but it turns out you were actually serious :huh:

  4. hi folks, im new! im normam, i live in leicester just thought ill say hi :ph34r:


    How come you only posted one thing so far? You don't like this forum? You don't like us? Huh, huh, do ya, do ya? You suck!......No in all seriousness, spam like a bitch like Leelee and get your post count up to around the 800 and you are accepted...I think....