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  1. Booker T vs Rey Mysterio at the Great American Bash for the "WCW" Title.


    Shit, if you could take a picture of it, go back in time 7 years, you could probably fool people about it still happening in WCW and not WWE.


    Booker T wins..and the "fight" sets up Booker vs Batista at Summerslam.


    This is too easy.


    This would happen in a perfect world but no way Booker T is going to win the belt. If he wins the World Title I'll mark like a little schoolgirl 'cause Booker T is one of my favorite wrestlers of all time and he has been great as a Heel the last couple of months.

  2. I must be drawing a blank on this Lesnar/Benoit stuff because I only recall it being a "blink and you'll miss it" mini feud for Brock between the Angle feud and dropping the title to Eddie. I recall a pretty decent SD match where Benoit passed out, but I hardly think it had the potential to be one of the best feuds/matches of all time for the following reasons:


    1. Neither guy has a huge amount of charisma. Well, Benoit does in terms of in ring intensity, but Brock didn't have much charisma either way.


    2. The feud would undoubtedly lack pizzazz. Unless Heyman did some ungodly mic work neither guy could get this feud over on the mic.


    In the end, the match itself would have been a relatively solid affair in the ***1/2 range (maybe **** range if Benoit did a good carry job). But it wouldn't have remotely been as big as Benoit/Shawn/HHH ended up being.


    I don't like that "if Benoit did a good carry job" line because Lesnar was one of the best wrestlers in the WWE at that point. Lesnar carried others himself so Benoit probably wouldn't have to carry him.


    Smackdown! still needs Lesnar IMO. He was such a big part of the show. He was a very credible champion, he had in-ring charisma and he was a GREAT big man wrestler so it wasn't boring to watch him. Lesnar/JBL, Lesnar/Mysterio, Lesnar/Benoit and Lesnar/Booker T would have been awesome but no.....Lesnar had to be an asshole.

  3. I could see HBK being like he used to be a little bit (except for the swearing). HHH should just be a guy that makes fun of his opponents (like he has been doing lately) and he does loads of DX crotch chops. They shouldn't act like a bunch of midlife crisis guys. Kenny would fit in DX, would be kinda cool if this HBK/Kenny feud ends up with Kenny joining DX. Kenny is 20 so he could easily play a degenerate.

  4. The Pond goes hardcore

    May 8, 2006


    Things are definitely going to get hardcore when RAW emanates from the Arrowhead Pond in Anaheim, CA. Mick Foley finally achieved his WrestleMania moment just one month ago when he faced Edge in the most brutal Hardcore Match in WWE history. Foley and Edge endured steel chairs, barbed wire, thumb tacks and even a flaming table, but Foley is hungry for more. Edge has accepted Foley’s challenge, and the Hardcore Legend is prepared to come out on top with the victory this time. Will these two Superstars be able to survive going to hell and back one again? Can Edge make it two in a row over the Hardcore Legend?


    Plus, after taking one week off, Mr. McMahon will likely be back at the helm. What will The Chairman have to say after his special guest referee, Triple H, walked out of his officiating duties? Mr. McMahon warned The Game that if he didn’t obey his orders, then the next time he received a WWE Championship opportunity would be when he was an old man. Will the Chairman live up to his words? Will Triple H pay the price for leaving the main event of RAW?


    And who will even be calling the action on RAW? After an altercation with Jerry “The King” Lawler, he quit as the play-by-play man last week. Styles said he was fed up with several aspects of sports-entertainment and simply walked out of RAW. Who will be calling the action alongside The King?


    I know this thread is really early but I just can't wait. Last week was great, I really enjoyed it. Kenny would have been the WWE Champion right now if HBK didn't stop counting in that main event match....damn you HBK. But there is a lot to talk about before RAW. There are rumors that Foley might turn Heel, that would be very interesting.

  5. I just watched last weeks RAW with my dad again. He thought the stuff with Kane and May 19th was bullshit (I loved HBK in this match). He marked out for Charlie Haas 'cause he didn't know he already debuted couple of weeks ago so it was a surprise for him. The Spirit Squad match was frigging awesome to watch the second time for some reason. The crowd was really hot (as always when Cena wrestles) and I LOVED Kenny being really arrogant and cocky, standing up to HHH and pushing him away.