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  1. Why JBL? Let JBL have a good run with the US Title, making that belt more prestigious. Put the title on Booker T for the love of god. That guy has been great since he turned Heel, just let him play the coward Heel until Batista returns.

  2. Around the time that Vince pulled stuff out of JR's ass I liked TNA more then the WWE and I wanted to really get into TNA but that interest faded away really quickly. I don't know what it is with TNA but it never seems to really grab me like the WWE does. It's all the same to me. The lightweights (guys like AJ Styles, Daniels and Shelley) always put on the best matches and I love to watch them but then again it's always the same. Samoa Joe is different, he's the only interesting part about TNA. I don't like their Main Event scene at all. Christian Cage is a boring Face, he's much better as a Heel. I know we are supposed to hate the WWE for not pushing Christian but to be honest Christian was much more entertaining the last months when he was in the WWE then he is now in TNA. I remember everybody talking about Monty Brown being the next big star and what not, but now he's nothing. They turned him Heel, made him Jarrett's bitch and now he's stuck. Jarrett is way worse then HHH. Also the Tag Division always has the same tag teams. Team 3D and AMW are boring now, they have been on top of the tag division for too long. Above all, TNA is turning into WCW with Sting, Steiner, Smiley, Bagwell showing up etc...


    WWE has been much more entertaining since January, especially after 'Mania. I really do love the Shelley's and the Daniels' and the Joe's but one day it will grow old. Styles and Daniels IMO should already be in the main event all the time.

  3. Cabbageboy, cool you got to see the show, but I disagree with you about Cena.


    The crowd loudly boo'd everytime Cena made an offensive maneuver. A punch was BOO'd. In contrast, the crowd loudly cheered everytime Triple H made an offensive maneuever. A punch, spinebuster, facebuster, clothesline, etc. were cheered.


    The crowd booed heavily when Cena was on the mic backstage. The crowd popped huge when Cena mentioned Triple H possibly winning the title.


    Edge had absolutely no heat in the match. Edge IS a great heel, and gets heat in his other bouts, but he was in a weird situation of being the odd man out in the bout. Edge spent a ton of time on the floor or being double-teamed. Honestly, the only reason Edge was in the match was to make the WM rematch appear more fresh.



    The reason they cheered for Cena pinning Triple H was because it was a surprising, hot finish to a good match. They're begging Cena to get crushed. Don't believe me? When Cena had Edge up for the FU during the finish, Triple H low-blows him to a HUGE POP. He then loads him up for the Pedigree and the FANS POP. The roll-up by Cena then gets a BIG POP. It's exciting! The Cena girls/teens were excited.


    The crowd was very vocal for Cena positively, but also very negative. I'd say the arena was split 65/35 in favor of Triple H, with Cena putting it best, "That silence is the sound of no one wanting to see Edge win the WWE Title."


    Watch when Cena and Triple H play pinball with Edge's head throwing punches. BOO...YAY...BOO...YAY...BOO...YAY.


    And watch when Cena and Triple H take turns bouncing Edge's head (like 12 times) off the announcer's table. BOO...YAY...BOO...YAY.


    Well-worked, exciting, gory, fun match. With Triple H, Cena, and Edge of all people...3 guys who last year at different points were totally shitted on by the internet. The PPV may have blown, but the main event delivered.


    Proving once again Edge is the best Heel on RAW. He REALLY IS a Heel because they just simply dont cheer him. They cheer HHH when he's up against Cena but not Edge. Edge should say HHH doesnt know how to be a Heel.

  4. -Gene Snitsky will be released


    -HHH will turn face, though fans won't buy it


    -Fan attendence will plummet


    -WWE films will cease production after their first two ventures fail


    -Hulk Hogan will continue to have "One more match"


    -Chris Masters will become IC champ.


    -Not exactly learning a whole lot from the Muhammed Hassan controversy, the WWE will introduce a wrestler whose gimmick is that he's either HIV positive, or a Child Molester (no, that one won't be Jerry Lawler). The character will come under media backlash, and be dropped, while Vince will wonder why it failed.


    All wrong here.


    I'm saying Benjamin will finally go to Main Event status. ECW will fuck up. HHH will feud with JBL.