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  1. Fartsauce

    Imagine there's no majormayhem1

    Somewhere in the dark forest creatures cling onto trees and pray. And think.
  2. Fartsauce

    Smackdown to leave the CW

    Wherever they go, they just need to avoid Friday or Saturday. People go out. Any other day would help them ratings wise I would think.
  3. Fartsauce

    Moments where titles were buried

    Giving DDP the WCW title as a heel was retarded. The guy was super over in 1997 and arguably should have been the guy to beat Goldberg at Halloween Havoc in 1998.
  4. Fartsauce

    The Old School questions thread

    Probably a little bit of both. I expect them (WWE) to throw a few bucks at him for the 2008 HOF.
  5. Fartsauce

    The 2008 Royal Rumble Thread

    I haven't been this excited for a title match (Hardy vs Orton) since Goldberg vs Hogan.
  6. Fartsauce

    WWE General Discussion - January 2008

    WWE let go Dave Lagana according to PWInsider.
  7. Fartsauce

    Prison Break

    Bellick and Sammy go to a no contest. I wonder if Russo was booking the show last night.
  8. Fartsauce

    Superbowl XLII

    Patriots quarterback Tom Brady was photographed Monday with what appears to be walking cast on his right foot. The Boston Herald and Boston Globe had the photos - credited to infphoto.com - on their Web sites. A video of Brady walking with a slight limp from an SUV to girlfriend Gisele Bundchen's apartment in New York is available on TMZ.com. The Patriots beat San Diego 21-12 on Sunday and play the New York Giants in the Super Bowl in two weeks. OMGZ DRAMA
  9. Fartsauce

    WWE Raw is HD - January 21, 2008

    I can see them do a thing where Snitsky goes into hiding for most of the show. Maybe Hornswaggle "plays a prank" on him, forcing him to run after Hornswaggle and then realizes he is on HD which causes him to go apeshit. I wouldn't put it past them.
  10. Fartsauce

    WWE Raw is HD - January 21, 2008

    I would mark out for a full ramp to the ring like they used to do in WCW and at the Tokyo Dome. I really doubt that'll happen though.
  11. Fartsauce

    WWE General Discussion - January 2008

    I've been noticing that they've been mentioning Britney quite a bit on the site. You don't think Vince is crazy enough to offer her money to appear on Raw or Wrestlemania?
  12. Fartsauce

    The Royal Rumble Prediction Game

    1. Who will win the 2008 Royal Rumble? (2 pts.) - Undertaker to set up the Edge match at Wrestlemania 2. Who will be the runner-up? (3 pts.) - Khali 3. Who will be the iron-man? (5 pts.) - HBK 4. Who will have the shortest time? (5 pts.) - Hornswaggle 5. Who will have the most eliminated opponents? (3 pts.) - Khali 6. Who will draw #1 and #2 (3 pts each, 3 bonus for accurately naming both) - Santino and Cody Rhodes 7. Who will draw the most successful winning entry of #27? (5 pts.) - Undertaker 8. Who will draw the #30 spot? (5 pts.) - Mark Henry 9. What will be the eventual winning #? (5 pts) - 27 10. Will there be any surprise/unannounced entrants? (No point value), If yes, who will they be? (3 pts. each) - Yes, Lashley 11. Will the endurance record of 62:12 set by Mysterio be broken? (No point value), If so, what will the new record be? (Closest to the supposed new record gets 10 pts). - Nope 12. The final six men eliminated will compete in the second chance Elimination Chamber next month, who will those people be? (3 pts. each, 10 pts bonus for accurately naming all) - Umaga, Mr. Kennedy, HBK, Triple H, Kane and Lashley 13. How many instances of interference by non-active competitors will we see? (3 pts.) - 1 14. How many people will Hornswoggle eliminate? (3 pts.) - 0 15. Will anyone bleed? (no point value), if so, who? (2 pts) - 1, HBK
  13. I'm not up to par on NFL history but did Warren Moon ever play in a Superbowl? I've watched old video of him in the CFL and he was amazing. Although i'm sure there might be better quarterbacks all around that never played in the big game. Question for the hockey fans in here. Which will be the next NHL franchise to get contracted?
  14. Fartsauce

    The Youtube Thread

    So I ended up watching that whole shoot on Youtube. It's both the greatest and the worst shoot i've ever seen in my entire life and everyone needs to watch it. They end up getting so rowdy (well, Shiek and Jack..Honky is fairly calm throughout the thing) that they get kicked out of the hotel by security that the tape just ends right as Shiek starts going off again. It's also worth watching for New Jack going off for 5 minutes on Chris Benoit without taking a breath.
  15. Fartsauce

    The Youtube Thread

    Shiek, New Jack and Honky "shoot". This is a video i'm going to be looking for.
  16. Fartsauce

    AFC Championship: The San Diego Chargers vs.

    I remember Buck being on Conan right before the World Series and Conan was trying to convince him to say "Jub Jub" in some form during the series. Did he end up doing it?
  17. Fartsauce

    One Game You Wish You Could Have Seen

    Game 6 of the 2006 Western Conference quarterfinals between the Wings and Oilers. Just for the 3rd period. That crowd at Rexall was absolutely insane.
  18. Fartsauce

    WWE General Discussion - January 2008

    Lets just rename this "The Maria in Playboy thread" and start a new January discussion.
  19. Fartsauce

    WWE General Discussion - January 2008

    I would expect them to be friendly before the show but not after. I remember when WWE came here in 2003 after the show a father was at the side of the arena with his son trying to get a picture with Booker T. Booker T doesn't even look at them and just storms past. Seconds later RVD comes out, father asks again and RVD takes the picture with the kid. Rene Duprees was the only one to sign autography for a few minutes. Everyone else just stormed off.
  20. Fartsauce

    2008 Wrestling Dead Pool

    Bobby Heenan Hillbilly Jim Super Crazy Steve Lombardi Vern Gagne
  21. Fartsauce

    All Kinda Farts

    I'm suffering from beer and cajun wing farts right now. Everytime i fart, my asshole burns. And I don't even feel a shit coming on.
  22. Fartsauce

    Digital Cameras

    I don't think there is a digital camera thread so I decided to start one. I was browsing around on EBAY and noticed that they are fairly cheap now. I've been seeing quite a few around the $100-120 range on the site. Admittingly, i'm not very knowledgable about them. I have a FUJIFILM 2.0 mp now and it sucks. I've been noticing that a lot of these camera's are 7 to 9 MP'S. What are the best brands? What should I look out for?
  23. Fartsauce

    WWE General Discussion - December 2007

    It is but i'll probably get a few jerks out of it.
  24. Jericho's book is solid and pretty funny at times. It covers his time in Canada, Mexico, Japan and WCW. The only thing about WWE is his meeting with Vince at his house. I'd pick it up.
  25. Don't get the book then. Without spoiling anything for you, Bret admits to EVERYTHING.