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  1. Finished this off about 20 minutes ago. Best real wrestling book i've ever read and it's just as good as Foley's, if not better. If Bret is telling the truth, Ellie and Bruce come across as the biggest douchebags in the entire world. No wonder Neidhart is crazy.
  2. Fartsauce

    How did you find out that wrestling was not "real"?

    I honestly don't even remember how I figured it was fake. I do remember that when Jim Ross cut his heel promo back in 1996 it was the first time I realized that Vince Mcmahon owned the WWF. I always thought Jack Tunney or Gorilla Monsoon were the owners.
  3. Fartsauce

    Jericho's book torn apart

    Jericho in that book claims that the "Strange Kentucky People" video is being traded around. Anyone got any idea where I can possibly see this video because this sounds too funny.
  4. Fartsauce

    The Youtube Thread

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R1HL76De8X8 Demento's latest video. Features a Christmas hat and what he feels when he puts his hands in his pants.
  5. Fartsauce

    Predictions for 2008

    Either one of Matt or Jeff will win a world title in 2008. A member of the roster dies Flair returns towards the end of the year and becomes a manager Delirious gets signed Big Show returns.
  6. Fartsauce

    Year End Review

    Wrestler of the year: John Cena Worst wrestler of the year: Khali. He couldn't even sell Hogan's punches Most Improved Wrestler: Santino. He was generic wrestler #28 and turned into the most entertaining person on Raw. Most Underachieving Wrestler: Ken Kennedy Best Tag Team: Cade & Murdoch Worst Tag Team: Cody Rhodes and Hardcore Holly. Best Heel: Edge and Orton Best Face: Jeff Hardy Best Diva: Maria Worst Diva: Torrie Wilson Match of the Year: Not necessarily the best match of the year but my favourite was Cena vs Umaga at the Royal Rumble Worst Match of the Year: Anything involving Khali Best Comeback: Can't think of anything good Mark out moment of the year: Dibiase buying the battle royal last week Funniest moment of the year: Umaga/Khali/Shane promo Best brand: Raw. It's the only show I consistently watch Worst brand: ECW. Hardly anything has entertained me. Best PPV:Wrestlemania because I was there. Worst PPV: Not sure. Best Feud: Matt Hardy vs MVP Worst Feud: Bobby Lashley vs Mr. McMahon Worst Moment of the Year: Benoit's death and the media sensationalism that followed.
  7. Fartsauce

    WWE General Discussion - December 2007

    I just can't picture RVD being on a private plane with Bischoff and Hogan. Unless they spent the entire flight smoking weed, which is a pretty funny visual.
  8. Fartsauce

    The Youtube Thread

    IIRC, Austin was supposed to face Savio Vega but Vega suffered an injury, so they ended up putting HHH in the match.
  9. Fartsauce

    WWE General Discussion - December 2007

    Credit to Enigma on IRC chat for relaying this from PWINSIDER
  10. Fartsauce

    WWE General Discussion - December 2007

    There's one reason I don't like this Chamber idea and it's pretty silly. I've always enjoyed the closing moments of the Royal Rumble where there are guys out there that you'd never expect to win the Rumble. Instead of midcarders and curtain jerkers in the final four of the rumble, it'll now be guys we've always seen in this position. I don't expect guys like Paul London, Festus and Santino Marella main eventing a PPV.
  11. Fartsauce

    Worst Contracts Ever

    Theodore and Gerber I would have to disagree with. While it does appear now that Theodore's best days are well over with, at the time he was dominating the NHL. Gerber has picked up his play considerably and has been better than Emery so far. The other 3 were absolutely horrible signings though.
  12. Fartsauce

    MLB Off-season Thread

    I don't understand why J.P has this fascination of moving Rios. He keeps getting better and better.
  13. Fartsauce

    MLB Off-season Thread

    I haven't had time to read much of the thread. Are the Jays planning on doing anything? Is Burnett being shopped?
  14. Fartsauce

    WWE General Discussion - December 2007

    They should just fill the ring with water and have Viscera, Kamala, One Man Gang and Umaga have a cannonball competition. I'd watch.
  15. Fartsauce

    The Incredible Threadable Egg

    Egg Salad.
  16. Fartsauce

    Turning Point

    I have a feeling this thread could turn up in the classic section. I'm laughing my ass off at these posts.
  17. Fartsauce

    The Youtube Thread

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kB02Z-qIyQI...feature=related http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CvD6TCRpX-A...feature=related Yokozuna and Cornette on Regis and Kathy Lee.
  18. Fartsauce

    The Youtube Thread

    Mascaras doesn't come off as bad as Foley described the match. The guy seems to be a prick though. Jericho had bad stories about him in his book as well.
  19. Fartsauce

    WWE General Discussion - November 2007

    Maybe this is a case where they feel "less is more". I'd mark out if he did it in a few months down the road when we'd least expect it.
  20. Fartsauce

    Digital Cameras

    Thanks for that writeup CC. I'll definetly be looking over that. Just to go in further detail, my use will be mainly for pictures and the occasional video use. Looking for something that will be good to take in light areas and dark areas. Thanks for the help.
  21. Fartsauce

    OAO 11/19 Raw Thread

    Havent been watching wrestling long have we... Ive seen worse taken more seriously I've been watching for 15 years. Thanks for playing.
  22. Fartsauce

    OAO 11/19 Raw Thread

    Overall i'm let down. The promo itself was fucking awesome and it proves that Jericho still has it but WHY did they have Jericho show up and clothesline the runner. I know it seems like i'm a "complainer" but the hair and outfit were just......ga.......not hetero. I understand the guy has worn flamboyant outfits before but that made him look like he was going on a date with Lance Bass. If he loses the tightness of the outfit, he won't look like such a joke.
  23. Fartsauce

    WWE General Discussion - November 2007

    WWE.com made the following remark regarding his drop from the list: Carlito ?" "Off the P25. Not so cool, huh, Carlito? The Caribbean Bad Apple reaps the reward of being lazy to the core lately."
  24. Fartsauce

    NHL Thread - November 2007

    Ed Belfour.
  25. Fartsauce

    WWE General Discussion - November 2007

    I used to go to a sports bar to watch all the ppv's. It really got annoying when people that we casually knew would come in and see us watching wrestling and make fun of us for it. It was even worse when you knew the waitresses and they were fairly attractive and they would call you on it. If you come in during UFC they will make more of an effort to be nicer to you. Sad but true.