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    WWE General Discussion - November 2007

    I always thought the phrase "Blast Areas" was retarded. I immediately think of Umaga and Snitsky with hard hats on doing construction.
  2. Fartsauce

    WWE General Discussion - November 2007

    NO Canadian ppv dates in 2008? To the best of my knowledge there hasn't been one this year. The last time I seem to recall there being no Canadian dates was in 1994. Did the Benoit stuff really drive Vince away?
  3. Fartsauce


    Have Jericho feud with Santino and have Umaga be his destroyer. Umaga and Santino together could be money.
  4. Fartsauce

    MLB Off-season Thread

    Bonds has been indicted. It's up on ESPN. edit: got beat to it.
  5. Fartsauce

    OAO 10/28/2007 Cyber Sunday Thread

    Meltzer was wrong for once. *watches the internet explode*
  6. Fartsauce

    WWE General Discussion - October 2007

    According to Dave Scherer, he is claiming that Kelly Kelly didn't get a tit job according to some sources in the company. I find that extremely hard to believe. The signature above speaks for itself.
  7. Fartsauce

    Jericho: "Ring of Honor fans are losers"

    Jericho should just keep his mouth shut. He should keep in mind that these are the same type of fans that would go and watch him while he was in Winnipeg getting his career started. I'm sure there were more people at ROH last night than one of his Fozzy concerts.
  8. Fartsauce


    Just a heads up that Jericho is going to be on Meltzer's show starting any minute. The show runs from 8 to 10 and usually Dave has his guests on in the 2nd hour. www.sportsbyline.com
  9. Fartsauce

    Lex Luger suffers stroke at WrestleFanFest

    *refrains from dropping any "I DOOOOON'T KNOW" or "MY T-SHIRT IS TOO TIGHT" jokes*
  10. Fartsauce

    Mundane Sports Achievements

    Well I won the award for most improved bowler in my 5-pin bowling league in 1997. The following year I was the bowler of the year. YAY.
  11. Fartsauce

    NHL Sept/Oct 2007

    A few random things.... The Thrashers are royally fucked now. Dreger has been saying that Fat Quinn is a leading candidate to take over the coaching job. Hedberg is not a very good goalie in his own right. The only positive is Ondrej Pavelec being called up from the AHL. He had very good Junior numbers and is rocking the AHL right now. Leaf fans must be excited as all hell about Antropov's play so far this season. Just remember that it's October and the annual knee injury is looming on the horizon. A shill for my own team but Andrew Cogliano has 6 points in 7 games. I can see him staying with the Oilers most of the year although Sam Gagner is starting to be non-existant out there and I can expect him to get sent back to London.
  12. Fartsauce

    1000 Reasons why Late Night with Conan O'Brien

  13. Fartsauce

    JoeDirt's old school match thread

  14. Fartsauce

    Smackdown Vs Raw 08

    I got till 6pm EST to play this until I go back to work. I'll let everyone know what I think but I haven't played a game in the series since HCTP
  15. Fartsauce

    MLB League Championship Series Thread

    How will the Rockies handle 8 days off?
  16. Fartsauce

    Smackdown Vs Raw 08

    http://biz.yahoo.com/bw/071015/20071015005634.html?.v=1 I seen this in the morning. I've been looking most of the day and nothing is on marketplace.
  17. Fartsauce

    MLB Off-season Thread

    Nothing shocking here but I got this off of TSN which in turn probably got it off of ESPN or one of the major sites http://www.tsn.ca/mlb/news_story/?ID=220602&hubname=
  18. Fartsauce

    The Youtube Thread

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3gfwqAibfj8 Mantaur debuts on Raw!
  19. Fartsauce

    WWE General Discussion - October 2007

    Cyber Sunday is now Orton defending against either HBK, Hardy, or Kennedy. No HIAC. I wonder if they'll put it as an option for a HHH vs Umaga match.
  20. Fartsauce

    This Week In Baseball 9/24-10/1

    Rockies did it!
  21. Fartsauce

    WWE General Discussion - September 2007

    I seem to have a good memory for WWE history, but Fink joining DX? Was this some sort of skit I missed or something? Please refresh me.
  22. Fartsauce

    WWE General Discussion - September 2007

    Pretty pointless but these guys were pretty clueless....
  23. Fartsauce

    This Week In Baseball 9/16-9/23

    Longest 9 inning game in Blue Jays history I think. And this game just drags and drags into extras.
  24. Fartsauce

    NHL Preseason and Predictions - 2007-08

    Apparently for NHL 08, the RBK jersey code was leaked out and all the jerseys revealed. I'm too lazy to post pictures so i'll just post the link to the board.. http://hfboards.com/showthread.php?t=418457 scroll down a few posts and they got a couple of pictures. I don't mind the Oilers away jersey but the home is just hideous.
  25. Fartsauce

    Sandman Released :(

    One thing that I noticed is that he must have really fucked up his knee last night in the match with Santino. He was limping around pretty badly in the last segment too.