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  1. Fartsauce

    This Week In Baseball

    How about Aaron Hill? If he keeps this up, what are they going to do with him when Koskie returns?
  2. Fartsauce

    This Week In Baseball

    Jays reaming the Red Sox early at Rogers.
  3. Fartsauce

    Outlandish Things you'll probably never see

    Chris Benoit with an ice-cream man gimmick.
  4. Fartsauce

    This week in Baseball

    Lol. I'd really like to see the Orioles hold up but I just don't know. I hate the Yankees as much as the next person but I see them *sigh* making the post-season once again. Although I could be wrong.
  5. Fartsauce

    This week in Baseball

    The Blue Jays go for their 4th win in 5 games tonight. At 24-21, we are doing slightly better than what most people (including myself) projected. Even though we aren't going to compete with the Yankees and Red Sox (maybe even the Orioles) this is a very good young team. I'll be happy with a .500 season.