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  1. Fartsauce

    WWE General Discussion - March 2008

    Screw getting a push. Santino is the luckiest guy in the company right now.
  2. Fartsauce

    WWE General Discussion - March 2008

    On Saturday tickets for Raw in Toronto go on sale at 10am. I've never ordered through ticketmaster so i'm wondering if there's anything I really should be aware of? Do they release any special codes beforehand? Is it best to maybe log on the site an hour before?
  3. Fartsauce

    Whats the first pay per view you saw live?

    First ppv I ever ordered was Royal Rumble 95. For some reason I was a huge Jeff Jarrett fan and went nuts when he won the Intercontinental title. The rest of the event was fairly uneventful. First (and only) ppv I attended was Wrestlemania last year. For 80 thousand (or over 70 according to Meltzer) fans, Ford Field was very quiet. The only major pop of the night was Undertaker's title victory over Batista.
  4. Fartsauce

    WWE General Discussion - March 2008

    It's the fact that a lot of guys don't make the move look good anymore.
  5. Fartsauce

    WWE General Discussion - March 2008

    After watching that goddawful pedigree on Kane tonight i'm thinking that Triple H needs a new finisher. I remember when the move looked really cool back in the day but now it just looks really REALLY bad almost everytime he delivers it.
  6. Fartsauce

    WWE General Discussion - March 2008

    K, I just read that on Raw tonight it's going to be Windham and RotundA vs Sheik and Volkoff. WHAT?
  7. Fartsauce

    The Old School questions thread

    Why was Ahmed Johnson fired back in 1998? I remember 2 Ahmed stories in Foley's book on how he wouldn't let Chyna hit him or put Kurgan over. Were those the reasons?
  8. Fartsauce

    Bad ideas for a wrestling fed

    Have the fed have amazing production values and insanely horrible gimmicks. Have a guy dressed as a killer whale and make his entrance so that the aisle is set up as a giant body of water and have swim out and pretend to be a shark in the water, eating smaller "fish" in the water and having him bite his opponents as a finisher and making them bleed to death. Put the companies world title on him.
  9. Fartsauce

    Hulk and Linda split up

    I guess Linda wanted to renew vows and Hogan vetoed it at the last second.
  10. Fartsauce

    Let's Talk About Wrestlemania 2

    The celebrity commentary just killed this show for me. It still remains one of the very few WWF(E) events i've never watched from start to finish.
  11. Fartsauce

    NHL February 2008

    Pittsburgh won and lost today. They may be the favourite in the East to make it to the Finals although i'm not really sure if they can beat Anaheim or Detroit. They are screwed long term though. Esposito appears to be one of those guys who would shock anyone and become a star. Giving up one of the most popular guys in the locker room, a quality shootout guy and a 1st rounder for a guy who might not stick around? Just not worth it. But we shall see.
  12. Fartsauce

    WWE General Discussion - February 2008

    I think they screwed themselves over in the future when it comes to celebrity involvement. If Mayweather gets 20 million, someone bigger is going to demand 30,40,50 million for a 2 minute spot.
  13. Fartsauce

    The Youtube thread

    I'm going to hell. I'm officially a horrible person for laughing hysterically. I might need to see a shrink.
  14. Fartsauce

    WWE General Discussion - February 2008

    From a guest editorial on PWTorch. To me this is really awful. Too much overbooking and interference to end Flair's career.
  15. Fartsauce

    WWE General Discussion - February 2008

    And that's why I kicked your leg out from under your....uh leg
  16. Fartsauce

    WWE General Discussion - February 2008

    Has anyone actually tried that mamajama drink that JBL put out?
  17. Fartsauce

    Boxer vs. Wrestler Matches

    Mero vs Butterbean
  18. Fartsauce

    OAO Raw Thread - February 18, 2008

    Is it just me or does Randy Orton look like he's suffering from the flu or something? Last night he didn't look all there and tonight he sounded drunk and seemed to wobble out to the ring during the opening segment. He also looks a hell of a lot smaller than a couple weeks ago.
  19. Fartsauce

    OAO Raw Thread - February 18, 2008

    Santino is entertaining. Get over it. People like the guy.
  20. Fartsauce

    Wrestlemania 24

    I actually hope Flair vs HBK ends the show. It's Ric Flair for fuck sakes. Have them wrestle a 30 minute classic (or however long Flair can go) and have both of them do the hug/handshake. Get Flair to do an emotional speech in the ring and have him place his robe and his boots in the ring (like that idea was apparently rejected). Have every wrestler come out of the dressing room and break fayfabe, lining up in the aisle and shaking Flair's hand as he walks off. Get Flair to look all around the stadium and give one last WOO and walk off.
  21. Fartsauce

    Let's Talk About....WrestleMania IV

    Was this the Wrestlemania that Jake Roberts put his snake near Trump's wife at the time and she tried getting his bodyguards to "shoot the fucking snake". I forget which book I read this in.
  22. Fartsauce

    WWE General Discussion - February 2008

    Because i'm too lazy to go on their website, what shirts do they have that don't feature the logo?
  23. Fartsauce

    NHL February 2008

    I think some sort of throat protection must be made mandatory now. Saturday afternoon that ref in the Rangers/Flyers game got accidentally kicked by Downie and ended up with 60 stitches and a broken nose
  24. Fartsauce

    NHL February 2008

    Latest update has Zednik in surgery and in stable condition. This was almost similar to Sabres goalie Clint Malarchuk getting a skate to the throat almost 20 years ago. Huge props to the Buffalo crowd who gave a standing ovation after it was announced Zednik was in stable condition.
  25. Fartsauce


    If you haven't heard of justin.tv yet, basically it's a bunch of misfits, hot chicks, nerds, christian worshipers who go on webcam 24 hours a day and talk about anything. http://www.justin.tv/dcigs This guy is crazy.