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    Golden-age cartoons as a kid.

    Warner Brothers clearly kicks Disney's ass on cartoons from back then. You could definitely tell those cartoons were more designed for adults than kids. In fact, I got my son hooked on Bugs Bunny and those cartoons, he'd rather watch them more than he would SpongeBob.
  2. BruiserKC

    The College Football Thread 11/4 - 11/8

    It seems like more and more schools are not waiting to make changes. Look at Willingham in Washington, although that team has gone from mediocre to just plain horrible. They figure if they get rid of them now they can get a new coach lined up in time to not miss out on recruiting.
  3. BruiserKC

    Campaign 2008

    I was done in under 10 minutes. My polling place was this little Baptist Church down the street but they were backed up a little bit. I know everyone has clobbered me for my views the last few days, of which I don't apologize for. Just like the rest of you I want things to get better in this country but it seems anymore like the ones we pick to run make things worse. I'm tired of voting for the lesser of two evils.
  4. BruiserKC

    Campaign 2008

    And a Congress extremely shifting to the left will be the ones that could try to change it. And they don't necessarily have the American people behind them to do it. For example...more and more Congresspeople and Senators are coming out in favor gay marriage. Yet, at least 75% of the country is against it. Congress pushed for amnesty for illegal immigrants repeatedly, in spite of the fact the majority of the country was against it and showed it by blowing up phones and e-mails. The majority of people in the US believes we have a right to carry guns. I'll let everyone know right now that I am a conservative, but a true conservative. I think Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh are not true conservatives, they're phony Republican cheerleaders who are always hanging off Bush's and Cheney's nutsacks. Dubya and Cheney are not true conservatives either. We need smaller government, then we're not spending as much money we don't have. Plus, we need to let the market correct itself and not be bailing out these companies that deliberately misled the American people and their stockholders. I'd be more than willing to step back from policing the rest of the world to take care of ourselves. After all, we have starving people in America also. I'd start giving civil rights back to us that have been taken away with the Patriot Act among other things. I'd throw out all the illegal immigrants in this country, we could if we truly wanted to. I'd be more than happy to end all relations with any nation that hates us, including the end of any business or diplomatic relations with said nations. I'd even pull out of the United Nations, they are anti-American and have no interest in our well-being. Most importantly, I'd leave the Islamists alone if they left us alone. And let them know the next time an American is killed, my response would make Hiroshima look like a food fight at summer camp. I'm not a total bastard, though. I'm sure right now there are people that are going to say the day after, "Obama is not my president, I didn't vote for him." I'll give him a chance, but I'm going to expect him to change things. If he is as serious about change, I expect it to be done. He won't get a free pass because of the color of his skin, plus I will look in the eye anyone who calls us racists because we won't support Obama on everything and I will call them the true racists. The first time Islamofascists attack us, I will expect him to stand up and defend us and let the rest of the world see just because we have someone else running the show that we won't run from a fight. If he works with the rest of the world to find these solutions, I will expect him to keep in mind America comes first. We should always come first. If that's what you're wanting to hear, then there ya go. I'll give Obama a chance, he just better not fuck it up or we will be in worse shape in 4 years.
  5. BruiserKC

    Let's Talk About... The Apter Mags

    I loved the rulebreaking colums with Eddie Ellner and later Brandi Mankiewicz. Also when they would do the roundtable kayfabe interviews. I remember one they did in 1988 with Bruno Sammartino, Ivan Koloff, and Jerry "The King" Lawler at the time he was the AWA World champ. Although, my favorites (I think they were in The Wrestler mags) were the What-Ifs columns. They would show what if two wrestlers met that normally couldn't, such as the one where Lex Luger wrestled Hulk Hogan and beat him.
  6. BruiserKC

    The College Football Thread 10/28 - 11/2

    Florida's blowouts are more impressive than USC's right now. USC's last two are against Washington State and a winless Washington team. The Trojans would be more impressive putting 80 up against some school like Akron or a I-AA program. My top 5 would be... Alabama Penn State Texas Tech Florida Texas
  7. BruiserKC

    Campaign 2008

    Are you seriously? Man, you are like... such a mess. He's going to take your guns away? Where in Gods name have you gotten that idea? Where did you get any ideas? Yeah, the 42k number is out there, because some idiot floated it. That doesn't mean its legit, guy. Stop letting other people scare you. Why is it that just because I refuse to drink the Obama or McCain Kool-Aid that I'm a mess? Obama's voting record in any bill regarding guns or issues involving 2nd Amendment rights, look it up. He has voted against the use of them or ammunition every time. I'm not talking the extreme ones like armor-piercing bullets, I'm talking just regular rifle ammunition. The interview that came out from a Chicago public radio station from 2001 had him saying that he is sorry that during the civil rights movement that the issue of income redistribution was not discussed or brought to the courts. I'm all for helping people that need it, but this would be like my son being forced to give some of his Halloween candy to the kid next door who didn't go trick or treating. Use the money I'm being taxed to be put into programs to help these people find work, not to just give it to them as welfare. Besides, a lot of people I've talked to regarding this election believe that neither Obama nor McCain are the best for the job. That's why you have a ton of conservatives holding their nose to vote for McCain and a lot of liberals wondering if Hillary would have been better suited for the job. Not to mention that if Obama gets in, you're going to see the secular-progressives and far left-wing nutjobs looking for their piece of flesh. Folks like Pelosi, Harry Reed, or possibly Senator Stuart Smalley (Franken has a good shot at unseating Coleman in Minn.) running things with a free hand makes me want to vomit. I almost guarantee we'll be in worse shape 4 years from now as a country. I really, truly, honestly want to be wrong but something tells me we're in serious trouble and headed right down the path to another Great Depression. After all, one of the first things Hoover tried to do was raise the taxes of the upper 5% by a good amount. And look where the economy eventually ended up. Not to mention people that will kowtow to the United Nations. Yes, Iraq was royally fucked up and they had no real plan going in. But they were enforcing all those resolutions that Saddam had thumbed his nose at all those years. The real reason many of these other nations wouldn't do it is because they were in bed with him regarding business. I want the next president to put the United States of America first, not the United Nations first. I have no problem with cooperating with the rest of the world to rid the Islamofascists, but our leader needs to do it in a way that caters to our needs first. Again, I don't want to be wrong. I want us to be in a better place in a couple of years, but I just don't see that with Obama or McCain. And as a result, why should I vote for one of them if I don't believe in them to be the one to lead us?
  8. BruiserKC

    Campaign 2008

    Not to mention that only 1.9% of American households make over $250k a year, as this graph shows, not your purported 5%. That's bullshit. Not to mention FURTHER, that Obama is raising the tax cuts on the wealthy only back to Clinton levels. Was it redistribution then? How about under Reagan, when they were higher than Obama's proposed rate? Furthemore, it would be nice to cut taxes for everyone, but perhaps you could present another way to somehow balance the budget. John McCain proposed cutting taxes for the lower class too, is this putting money into the hands of the poor as well? How can you base tax increases on the top less than 2% as the "direction" of the country? What about health care? What about the continuation of a failed foreign policy program? What about the wall street meltdown? Why would you vote for a man who's entire economic policy is based around cutting earmarks, which amount to only a microscopic amount in the federal budget? Please, reconsider what fuels the direction of the United States, and perhaps it'll become obvious that John McCain is the wrong man for the job. Also, do you make more than $250,000 a year? If not, please tell me where your money is going to be "handed to" the lower class under Barack Obama's tax plan, but not John McCain's tax plan. I make much less than $250K. It's out there that Obama's plans are to start wealth redistribution for people at an annual salary of $42K. And NO ONE is going to get a tax break, everyone is going to see their taxes go up. From the richest on down to the poorest. McCain's policies are no better, in fact either one of them isn't going to do any good. McCain's ideas are every bit as socialist, he was all about the government's involvement with the banks and putting all this money towards making sure business execs could go partridge hunting or get happy endings at high-end spas. McCain's and Obama's cronies all sold us out in this regards. Universal health care isn't happening, where are we going to find the money to pay for it. As for a failed foreign policy, no attacks since 9/11. Plus, the surge in Iraq was working as now the Iraqi government is getting ready to step up to take care of things themselves after 2011. We have the Islamofascist threat that is still floating out there. In fact, what Biden said is true. I will say within the first year of the next Presidency, we're going to see radical Muslims attack again. If not in the US itself, it will attack somewhere there are serious American interests. The next president better have the guts to stand up to them and put this country first, not a world that hates us. One big thing especially about Obama I can't stand is how he wants to take away all right-to-carry laws. He'd ban all guns in this country. As a hunter and a gun owner there is no way I'm letting the government take my guns away. Both McCain and Obama want to continue to take away our civil rights, no way I will ever forfeit one of them. The Democrats and Republicans are one in the same anymore, no matter what they say. They've put their own interests first ahead of what Americans truly need. Look at a Congress with a brutal approval rating, about half of that right now of the president. I'm sick and tired of voting for the lesser of two evils. If enough of us started throwing our weight behind the other parties, things might actually get done. On election day, I'm voting for Bob Barr. And for my Senator and Congressman...I'm voting both Harkin and Boswell out for voting for the bailout.
  9. BruiserKC

    Campaign 2008

    The polls are all over the place, anywhere from dead even to Obama up by double-digits. And the last few go-arounds the media polls have been dead wrong, so I'm waiting for election night. Something tells me it will be fairly close again. Folks, I love my country the US with all my heart, but I'm scared of the direction we're heading. Welfare re-distribution will be reality, plus EVERYONE'S taxes are going to go up. I can live with the fact I pay taxes, but why the hell would I have to give up my share of my money to someone who doesn't pay taxes and doesn't work. And before anyone says it's just the upper 5% at $250K +, I'm hearing that number go down in recent days. I'm hearing $200K, then down to $150K. Bill Richardson gave an interview the other day having the dollar amount now be everyone over $120K. Our country was founded on the idea of making lives better for ourselves, not having it handed to them.
  10. BruiserKC

    Campaign 2008

    Meanwhile, Obama's folks won't let back on their plane three newspapers' reporters who endorsed McCain. (The newspapers, that is...two of them being the Washington Times and the Dallas Morning News). The TV station in Orlando that Obama and Biden's folks pulled future appearances and interviews after the reporter asked about how Biden felt that people referred to Obama's programs as socialist. So much for freedom of the press and the 1st Amendment. Welcome to Amerika, comrades.
  11. BruiserKC

    Campaign 2008

    Barney Frank is just chomping at the bit to tax all of us. The plan is eventually to get every household that makes more than $42K, take money off the top of that and pass it on to the folks who don't pay taxes. And while Obama may not support same-sex marriage on a national level, Congressman Frank does and will no doubt be someone to push that.
  12. BruiserKC

    Halloween Candy

    Sweet Tarts, Smarties, or any candy similar to that used to make me gag. I still can't look at them to this day. I am passing out this year Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, little fun-sized packages of M&M's, and Peppermint Patties.
  13. Would that effect the old NWA footage and anything else in the WWE library? The Masked Entertainer Mr. Entertaining I and II. The old masked tag team known as the Grapplers would be the Entertainers also?
  14. BruiserKC

    Campaign 2008

    Now that the Rev. Phelps has weighed in, the only nutjob we're waiting on with his 2 cents is good ol' OBL. He still has a few days to put out an October surprise like he did in 2004 promoting Kerry. As for me, I'm voting for Bob Barr on election day. I've just come to the conclusion that both Comrade Obama and Comrade McCain are going to both take us down the path to socialism in this country. We're already seeing it now with the government buying into the banking systems and failing businesses. It's bad enough my money is going to executives getting a bonus or a happy ending at the spa. Let the overextended business fail, it's part of the capitalist system. Plus, I am fine with paying my fair share of taxes but giving money that I've earned to people that don't pay taxes to spread the wealth doesn't sit well with me. That system has failed in many western European nations and won't work here.
  15. BruiserKC

    Brutus Beefcake knocks up super model?

    I had to chuckle at Hogan talking about how you have to take it to the top rope. The only time I ever saw him do that is when I was in the arena at the SNME when he superplexed Big Boss Man off the top of the cage. And forget about him ever doing a leap from the balcony of an arena. Although, I did think Hogan calling Tiffany a jabroni was pure gold in the first episode.
  16. BruiserKC

    The Shield

    Vic now has control of the box again, so he'll be of some use to Pezuela if he wants the box back. As for Tina, I think she gets loaned out on promotional events for the LAPD so that might explain why at times she's not around. As for Dani, I wonder if something will happen where she lets Vic be able to see his son, especially if Corrine is ready to cut all ties from him as well as their children. I don't know why, but I get this crazy feeling that somehow Vic will walk away almost scot-free when all is said and done. I definitely see Shane and his wife dead before it's all over, plus Claudette's obsession with bringing Vic down will lead to her being forced to step down for health reasons and Dutch takes over control of the Barn. As for Ronnie, don't know if he will side with Vic or somehow get thrown under the bus and take the heat for Vic. I would say this last episode was possibly the best ever, at least I would put it in my top 3.
  17. BruiserKC

    Comments that don't warrant a thread

    I got Baseball Mogul for my birthday a month ago for the PC (I'm bitter that they did away with Madden and the MLB games for the PC) and I really like it. Especially when you can go back in time and be any team in MLB history. I'm in the midst of a season with the 1964 Cardinals. IRL, the Cards won the division when the Phillies blew a 6 1/2 game lead with 15 games to play. In my season, it's August 1 and the Cards hold a 7 game lead on the Phillies and Dodgers. I think it would be cool to see the EA games do that. I know you can play into the future, but what if with the NBA games gave you the chance to be the Lakers' Showtime teams of the 80s? Or play the America's Team Cowboys of the '70s?
  18. BruiserKC

    South Park: Season 12

    I get a huge kick out of Cartman's taking passive-aggressive to a whole new level. I'm a bit disappointed at the ending as I usually expect him to totally get out of the situation unscathed, but Principal Victoria hinting at Wendy to kick Cartman's ass was pure gold.
  19. BruiserKC

    Bound for Glory Discussion

    What's the point of that finish? This should have been that passing of the torch moment where Samoa Joe destroys Sting and Nash. I'm almost ready to boycott TNA with Sting as champ again.
  20. BruiserKC

    The Shield

    Vic's clearly slipping. He's gone soft, or is there something more sinister around the bend for Shane. I've been trying to wrap my mind around why Vic would try to call off the hit on Shane and tip him off. There has to be something there that I'm missing. Either way, this has been a tremendous season so far. It has all the feel of what a final season should be, shame that it will be ending by the end of November.
  21. BruiserKC

    Campaign 2008

    I wouldn't say that. I'm trying to refer to the economy with that statement. I know both have said they have plans for Iraq, but I don't know if they have plans for the mess regarding the economy. Sorry that I wasn't more specific. If the market tanks in the next year, Bush will be compared to Hoover for the rest of US history. It entirely depends on how far we go into next year before we see an economy in the tank. During the Great Depression, the warning signs were evident during Coolidge's administration but nothing happened until Hoover took over. Unfair or not, Obama or McCain will be tarnished if they don't respond to that and help get us out of that jam if that happens.
  22. BruiserKC

    Campaign 2008

    You know what really scares me as I re-watched the debate and the sound-bites afterward. Obama and McCain were nominated basically as a referendum on Iraq and the war against radical Islam. The government issue was the last thing on anyone's plate at the time and now look where we are. Do either one of them have a real good plan that's going to work and get us out of this mess? I'm not convinced. Maybe it's because I'm so angry at both of them I'm ready to just throw them all out and start over, but neither one of them make me feel like they're going to solve this. Especially Obama, his "I'm not raising taxes on 95% of you" could be his version of "Read My Lips." And as far as I'm concerned, Bush seems to be just biding enough time to get out of office and let someone else slide in. Then if the market next summer or so just goes in the toilet totally then we can blame Obama or McCain. And before anyone says we'll blame Bush, most people will just point to whoever is running the show and tell them we don't care and what are you going to do about it now.
  23. Oh, wow...I'd definitely be on Michelle Malkin like Bin Laden on a prayer rug. She looks FIIIIINNNE!
  24. BruiserKC

    Gas Price Check...

    Ethanol blends here in Iowa running about $2.90-$3.00 and they're talking it going down another 20-30 cents by Christmas.
  25. BruiserKC

    EliteXC has had its last show; promotion to fold

    I know we had the EliteXC Heat thread but thought this was more appropriate here, especially in light of their gravy train getting KTFO'ed. This from Yahoo Sports and Dan Wetzel. Petruzelli in center of Elite XC storm Seth Petruzelli, after going from nobody to national celebrity for punching out Kimbo Slice, went on the radio Monday. He delivered a shot potentially more powerful than anything he threw Saturday. He said his original plan against Kimbo was to get him to the ground and exploit his weak wrestling skills and submission defense. It made more sense than trading punches with a street brawler who outweighed him by 30 pounds. Petruzelli said he changed his mind though. “The promoters kind of hinted to me, and they gave me the money to stand and trade with him,” he told “The Monsters in Orlando” radio show. “They didn’t want me to take him down, let’s just put it that way. It was worth my while to try to stand up and punch with him.” The quote spoke of an attempt to if not rig the fight, then make it favorable for Slice, the main star and cash cow of the EliteXC promotion. Such an action would be a disaster for mixed martial arts as it attempts to convince mainstream audiences it isn’t scripted pro wrestling or a farcical Toughman contest. If EliteXC gave Petruzelli money to fight one way, it would open itself to all sorts of investigations. The allegation rocketed around the country, making bigger post-fight news than pictures of Petruzelli in drag (more on that later. Needless to say, it’s been a wild couple of days for him). EliteXC’s Jared Shaw immediately denied the fixing charge to Yahoo! Sports and fellow executive Jeremy Lappen did the same to Sherdog.com. Tuesday, Petruzelli said he got the story confused. “What that meant was they offer a knockout bonus, submission bonuses, fight of the night bonuses,” Petruzelli said in a phone interview. “I think it just got misconstrued. I wanted to have an exciting fight and I wanted the knock out bonus so I wanted to keep it standing.” So did they say anything about keeping the fight off the ground? “They just said, ‘we want to see an exciting fight no matter what happens.’ I took it as I wanted the knockout bonus.” ADVERTISEMENT -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- That explanation won’t appease some conspiracy theorists, if only because the original statement sounds more believable. Then there is the general distrust of the organization, where the cards often seem more show than sport. Although the last two televised cards were mostly strong, memories remain of exploding cauliflower ears, silly introductions and using the popular but unproven Slice as a headliner. Besides, it’s no secret Elite XC had a vested interest in Kimbo winning. Jared Shaw even charged the cage and screamed at the referee that Slice had been hit illegally. Shaw has since apologized for that reaction. “He spent a lot of money to build up Kimbo,” Petruzelli said. “If I saw one of my guys I spent millions on getting his face pounded I’d get upset also.” Then there’s CBS, which gave up any pretense of journalism in favor of unseemly propaganda. The network previously embarrassed itself by comparing Kimbo to great sports figures such as Tiger Woods. This time, Gus Johnson’s declaration that Petruzelli’s triumph was “the most incredible victory in the history of mixed martial arts” was laughably ridiculous. The worst was Johnson repeating the party line that Slice didn’t hesitate to switch opponents from an injured Ken Shamrock. That was simply a lie. Slice demanded a cash bonus on top of his $500,000 payout just to get in the cage with Petruzelli, according to Lappen. “We made it up to him,” Lappen said. For a stretch, the replacement wasn’t going to be Petruzelli but Frank Shamrock, Ken’s brother. Frank said Saturday he was even cleared by the Florida commission to fight. Lappen said he didn’t think that was true, although he did admit there were discussions with Frank. CBS was certainly privy to that information since Frank was at the arena as its color commentator. It was never mentioned on the air though. Frank told Yahoo! Sports Saturday it was CBS officials who blocked him from taking on Slice. When the broadcasts have no objectivity, perspective or news value and the promoters are openly rooting for one fighter and not the other, how can anyone believe anything these guys say or do? -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For his part, Petruzelli said he wishes he hadn’t made the original comment. He swears no one from EliteXC has called him and pressured a retraction. The entire thing has put a damper on his sudden surge of fame. That and the pictures on the internet of him in drag, of course. “Man, people aren’t going to let those down, are they?” he said. “Everything in costumes was (for) Halloween. I always dress in crazy stuff. All the leather and that sort of stuff, it’s all done in fun. “I want to put that to rest right now. I’m officially 100 percent not gay,” he said. “I’ve been happily married for two years and been with her for five years.” He laughed at the entire speculation. He laughed at a lot of things Tuesday. And who can blame him? Last week he was a part-time fighter who was competing on the non-televised undercard for a four-figure payout. His main job was owner of a Smoothie King stand. Now he’s an overnight celebrity after 4.59 million people watched him TKO Kimbo. He just wishes he could do it again. He’s begging for a rematch and the big payout it would bring. “But I don’t think he was receptive to that,” Petruzelli said. “Kimbo doesn’t want the rematch. He wants no part of that.” He said that dropping Slice with a single short right despite leaning back on one foot was no fluke and he can do it again. While Kimbo had a reputation for taking punches from his YouTube videos – he often let guys take free shots that didn’t faze him – Petruzelli said there’s a big difference between a professional fighter and those dudes. “The thing is, they are arm-punching,” Petruzelli said. “It’s like little flicks with their arms. There’s no weight behind it, there’s no turning of the hips. It’s how you throw it and where you throw it. “If we fight again, the same thing will happen.” EliteXC should make it happen. Only this time demand its executives stay seated and its broadcast partner at least attempt professionalism. Everyone could use the dose of credibility. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ If this is true, EliteXC is screwed. UFC has gone out of their way to make sure people know that MMA is legit and if EliteXC did do this to protect their gravy train, the whole of MMA takes a serious blow for its credibility.