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    The College Football Thread 10/7 - 10/11

    Shame on LSU defensive end Ricky Jean-Francois. Not for talking about how they were going to look for a hit to knock Tebow out of the game Saturday, but backpedaling afterwards. He clearly said that if there was a chance they would take him out of the game and he's basically saying it was taken out of context. Save the non-apology apologies for politics and if you are saying what you said, then own up to it.
  2. BruiserKC

    The US Economy and Current Financial Crisis

    I pay more and more attention to the economy these days rather than just a passing once-every-3-months glance at my 401K. I just thought it funny as hell that the Dow was only down maybe 40-50 points until Bernake and the Dubya talked and then south it headed. I had a guy I work with, a diehard Republican, say about Bush that if he came out tomorrow and was all about going green and against global warming that the most diehard tree-hugging environment saver would jump ship since they didn't believe them. Over the last few months we've paid off my student loans and my family's mini-van. Only debts I really have right now are the wife's student loans and our house. I'm debating whether to pay the loans off with our next income tax return and just focus on a house payment. I've come to the reality it's going to get worse before it gets better and no matter whether it's McCain or Obama headed in, we're screwed. Bush is just treading water so he can get out of office before the bottom drops out. I'll just do my thing here on the local level. If everyone did that, we could work our way out of this rather than regulate the shit to death.
  3. Biden was brought to the shocking realization that the old trick of imagining your audience in your underwear before speaking is not a good idea if Helen Thomas and Robert Novak are part of the audience.
  4. BruiserKC

    O.J. Simpson found guilty of all charges in Nevada

    If O.J. had kept looking for the killers on public golf courses and in the mirror, he might have avoided this. I know that if I get off for a crime like that I'm staying as low and out of the spotlight as it is humanly possible. Seriously, payback is a bitch and unfortunately for Orenthal she was on her period.
  5. BruiserKC

    The Business Side of WWE

    I'm interested to know how much wrestlers like Cena, MVP, and Batista are paid for their commercials.
  6. BruiserKC

    MLB Divisional Playoffs, NL Edition

    As a Cardinals fan, I take great pleasure of watching the Cubs fall apart and start whining again. I knew this was coming when Pinella benched Fukudome. He was in a slump, but he was a fan fave in Chicago and one of the reasons you won 95 games. I don't think Pinella is the answer here, the answer is to get all this talk of curses and Billy Goats and Steve Bartman out of your head. Until that happens, it'll be another 100 years. With the Angels and Red Sox, it's partly the fact the Angels are Boston's bitch and the fact that the Red Sox are still the champs and you can't have new champs until you knock out the old one. Anaheim also really hasn't had much true competition as they've run away with the AL West, while the Red Sox were in the fight for a division title right up until the final days of the season. I have to admit though it won't happen that I was rooting for the White Sox. I want to see Junior get his ring.
  7. BruiserKC

    Most Honorable Babyface Acts

    "Gorgeous" Jimmy Garvin, for years a hated heel, turning face and coming to the aid of his "brother" (real life stepfather) Ronnie Garvin after Ron was burned with a fireball by Jim Cornette. And later, Ronnie dressed as Miss Atlanta Lively so that Flair couldn't put his hands all over Garvin's valet Precious after Flair won the right to a date with her. Watching Garvin knock Flair out was just hilarious. Another one that stands out for me...during the UWF tag team title tournament in early '87. A semifinal match with "Dr. Death" Steve Williams and Ted DiBiase vs. Iceman King Parsons and Gentleman Chris Adams interrupted when Skandor Akbar comes down with Devastation Inc. During the brawl, Williams and DiBiase are counted out. Adams helps fight off Akbar and company while Parsons was in the ring getting the win for his team. After the match, Adams wanted the match to resume and didn't want the win, but Parsons wanted the win. Back in those kayfabe days I actually was impressed by Adams' actions.
  8. BruiserKC

    Fall TV Schedule

    The Shield (of course). Law And Order- SVU- The new season hasn't disappointed, I like the new Assistant DA. Knight Rider- I was pleasantly surprised, and I really like the new souped-up KITT. Criminal Minds- slipped a bit last year but still a good show Sons of Anarchy The 24 TV Movie in November...I've been going through 24 withdrawal since last year. And next winter/spring I'll have 24, Saving Grace, and Burn Notice to keep me company.
  9. BruiserKC

    Matt Millen finally fired.

    Matt Millen must have had compromising pictures of the Ford family involving RuPaul and a vat of chocolate pudding. That is the only rational explanation I can give that Millen kept his job as long as he did. Seriously though...before Millen went to the front office I thought he was the best color commentator in sports. When he and Howard David did the CBS Radio MNF broadcasts I would turn the TV down and turn the radio up to listen to them. I see Millen being back in the broadcast booth by next year. His brutal honesty and candor, traits that got him in trouble in the front office, will be perfect for him in the booth.
  10. BruiserKC

    AWA Wrestling back on the air

    Caught last night the Lawler-Von Erich title vs. title match in Nashville that led up to their SuperClash match. It was not exactly five-star but it was pretty entertaining. I admit I marked out when both of them look at the ref when he tries to break them up, look back at each other and then knock the ref out and proceed to keep pounding on each other. And the end exchanges between the two were golden... Lawler..."Hey, he's disqualified, right? In World Class, you lose the belt on a disqualification. I'm the champion!" Von Erich..."Well, in World Class, we don't have any sissy rules like no piledrivers...I'm the champ!" I do remember Tennessee banning the piledriver, even though it was legal in both the AWA and WCCW. On another note...anyone know if I can find footage of the Kerry-Colonel DeBeers match where DeBeers accidentally yanked off his boot and revealed the amputation that Kerry had tried to hide of his foot?
  11. BruiserKC

    This Week in Baseball 9/15 - 9/21

    First for Milwaukee...the Brewers IMHO are the Arizona Cardinals of MLB. No matter how much good stuff happens and no matter how often they get in a position to make good, they ALWAYS find a way to piss it all away. Yost all of a sudden gets the blame for everything in Milwaukee from the losing streak to supposedly overusing Sabathia to even McCain's post-convention surge in the polls. (I'm sure someone in Milwaukee blames Yost for that last one ). And of course the flame-out starts tomorrow night when the Brewers come to Wrigley. By this time next year the Brewers will once again be the laughingstock of the NL Central and all of baseball. As for the Cubs-Astros series, I'm a Cardinals fan and really have no dog in that fight since the Cards are pretty much toast with no one decent left to play that's anywhere near healthy. MLB messed it up there. From what was being said, it was pretty much known for about a week that most likely Ike was hitting near Houston if not directly pounding it. There was more than enough time to make arrangements. They could have used Arlington (even though the Rangers were home, they could have done day-night double dips) or St. Louis (Cardinals in Pittsburgh last weekend). Yes, it would have been a bummer for Houston fan but they want to make sure the regular season gets completed without having to play any more extra days than they absolutely have to. Now you look at a possibility of Cubs vs. Astros on Sept. 29 when it most likely may only mean something to Houston, provided the Cubs win the Central. Whatever the result there, then you have Houston most likely having to play Philadelphia or Milwaukee for the wildcard title on Sept. 30. This is going to throw the postseason schedule into a tizzy, as if it's already hard enough to keep track of.
  12. BruiserKC

    Covering Coverage

    I can't take Olbermann seriously as a news pundit...I just remember his days at Sportscenter. He does a tremendous job on "Football Night In America" that he should stay there. O'Reilly's show is way better than Olbermann's by a mile, at least O'Reilly will clobber everyone equally. Don't know if this belongs here or not, but how convenient that Oprah won't interview Palin on her show until after the election, when she had more than enough time for Obama.
  13. BruiserKC

    Perfect timing to put the belt on a guy

    Considering that at the Royal Rumble '91, four days after the start of the Persian Gulf War, that Vince McMahon took the WWF title off the Ultimate Warrior and put it on the American hero turned Iraqi sympathizer Sgt. Slaughter...I could have seen Vince putting the World belt on Hassan.
  14. BruiserKC

    Help Me Expand My Wrestling Repertoire

    Starrcade '85...one of my personal faves. Especially the "I Quit" cage match with Magnum T.A. and Tully Blanchard. Starrcade '86...Road Warriors vs. Midnight Express on the scaffold and first blood match with Dusty vs. Tully. Freebirds vs. Von Erichs Lot of solid ECW action right up until 1999 is worth finding. I was a huge fan of Taz-Sabu from Living Dangerously '99.
  15. BruiserKC

    How Do You Like Your Steaks?

    Medium rare, with salt, pepper and Worcestershire sauce. Once in a while I'll go high-brow and melt crumbled blue cheese on top. Give me a nice cut of ribeye or NY strip.
  16. BruiserKC

    Misused songs

    Can't forget Martina McBride's "Independence Day." Sean Hannity uses it for his show even though the song is about a woman being abused who finally gets revenge by burning down the house with her and her abuser inside. Not exactly the most patriotic tune.
  17. BruiserKC


    Here in Des Moines we're getting Rams/Eagles, Jets-Dolphins, and Cowboys/Browns. I'm looking forward to Jets-Dolphins to see whether or not Favre falls flat on his face. As for TWRFKACJ, I'm tired of his schtick. #85 just doesn't entertain me anymore.
  18. BruiserKC

    The College Football Thread 9/4 - 9/6

    That call for excessive celebration at the end of the BYU-Washington game was total bullshit. The players are jumping up and down and celebrating being on the verge of tying the game. Unless there was someone doing some freak dance out there that the cameras didn't get caught that was a completely brutal call. The refs don't need to be deciding the game at that point, especially if Willingham is on the hot seat as they're saying he is up in Seattle.
  19. BruiserKC

    Ohio Inmate Says He's Too Fat to Execute

    . Just lock him in a cell with Richard Simmons. Then he'll either lose weight, kill himself or kill Richard Simmons. Either way, victory. As much as I'd have no problem with that, some bleeding-heart liberals would refer to it as cruel or unusual punishment.
  20. BruiserKC

    Most Dastardly Heel Acts

    How could no one mention Raven's crucifying Sandman? That was a very sick moment. I'll go more oldschool with some of these moments... "Hot Stuff" Eddie Gilbert running Jerry "The King" Lawler over outside the WMC TV studios with a car. General Skandor Akbar holding down "Hacksaw" Jim Duggan during a match vs. Kamala and throwing a fireball in his face. Savage tossing Elizabeth across the dressing room after his falling out with Hogan at SNME. This was more comical than dastardly to me...but Freebird Michael Hayes dressed as Santa Claus sucker-punching Kevin Von Erich...on Christmas night in Dallas' Reunion Arena to boot.
  21. BruiserKC

    The OAO Wrestling Quotes Game

    Bobby Heenan on the Ultimate Warrior..."That man makes coffee nervous."
  22. BruiserKC

    Things that Amuse or Please You

    The last thing I do before I go to bed is look in the bedroom where my 3 kids sleep. That right there puts a smile on my face.
  23. BruiserKC

    Russian-Georgian War

    Wouldn't it have been less likely though for Russia to invade Georgia had it joined up with NATO? If Georgia was in NATO and Russia invaded, it'd be calling for the other NATO nations to jump in. That's why NATO wants now to push to get Ukraine under the NATO banner, meaning it's highly unlikely Russia would pick a fight with NATO.
  24. BruiserKC

    Perfect timing to put the belt on a guy

    IIRC, Nikita's wife died in late '88 or early '89. So at the time I would have had him win the World title it wouldn't have been an issue. However, having him as main eventer and potential World champ down the road might have been a bit tricky.
  25. BruiserKC

    Gene Upshaw dead at 63

    RIP Gene Upshaw...my prayers go to his family. As for his role as the president of the NFLPA...he did a great deal for the league. No matter what people thought of him or what they were hoping to get by ousting him at the end, he realized that in the long run it was in the best interests of the union to work with the owners, not against them. That made the NFL the top league and has made football the number one sport in the United States. I point to you the practically non-existent NHL as an example of what happens when it all goes wrong.