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  1. Russo and Ferrera any day.
  2. daileyxplanet

    How do you remember

    The cage match with Owen Hart.
  3. Yup. We clearly need a DQ non-finish to set up Hogan-HBK II. In an old school blue-bar cage. With gratuitous run-ins by Kevin Nash and Brutus Beefcake. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> That would change my life. But only if they come as BootyMan and Vinnie Vegas.
  4. daileyxplanet

    Booker T video

    Now, I've watched it, but does he actually say the N-Word, or "nigga", as I don't really catch it.
  5. Man, being in the Mid-West sucks. The only thing we got is OVW. I love the show title and agree.
  6. daileyxplanet

    Ring of Honor 7.16.05 Results

    So is CM Punk going to WWE or not?
  7. daileyxplanet

    Petey Williams' Hair

    Petey needs to cut his hair, I'm starting to get flashbacks of 1995 Shawn Michaels and Boy Meets World's Shawn Hunter. Eerie.
  8. Owen Hart, hands down. Loved him ever since I set my eyes on WWF.