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  1. Bruce Blank

    Impact Spoiler Thread

    eeeehhhhh.... I guess such pesky things as heel/face distinctions went out the window then?
  2. Bruce Blank

    12/21 HD Booking Thread

    No Rules Match Kenji Kawada Vs El Esperito James Wolfenstein Vs Jock Mulligan Bruce will have a few things to say about the outcome of HeldDOWN last week, in his usual meek style Also some high-jinx/Promos with Los Vatos, Space Cadets and the X-Division "New Year's Knock Out"
  3. Bruce Blank

    Comments which don't warrant a thread

    They don't need 40 - "biggest" doesn't necessarily mean in numbers, but in the names of the competitors as well, as in "Everyone but Cena" including main eventers and everything. And besides 40 guys isn't the "Raw record" anyway so they're off the hook there
  4. Bruce Blank

    Comments which don't warrant a thread

    it was on Prime Time in 1992 (as well as two other 40 man battle royals from Coliseum Video) they were mainly jobbers, low carders, mid carders and a few upper carders (but not quite main eventers yet) like Bret Hart & Shawn Michaels during their "IC level" days
  5. Bruce Blank

    2006 in review...

    Don't question their blind smarkdom! He is the IWC's beloved wrestler, he doesn't HAVE to put on great matches or the likes to be wrestler of the year (Please notice my tongue in cheek position)
  6. Bruce Blank

    Impact Spoilers

    AMW are TNA's longest surviving tag team, and are pushed and presented as such and we always hear about how they're multiple time NWA tag team champions. I would think a match where they would have to split up if they lose deserves to be on a PPV. If they really do want to give it away for free, surely it should get some hype before taking place? And it STILL wasn't a big surprise that they were breaking up, why not present a PPV match for the tag-team titles where 90% of the fans don't already know what the finish is going to be?
  7. Bruce Blank

    Impact Spoilers

    1) I doubt that THAT tag-team match would have made much difference buy wise, not like it was a big surprise what the outcome was or anything else 2) Yes I TOTALLY said that it was bad to make people pay to see big matches, yep that's SO what I said - or maybe, maybe I was saying that if you don't put ANY "big" matches on TV then you're back in the early 90ties with a series of jobber matches and then a nail biter as we wait to see how long it takes Tito Santana to lose to say Razor Ramon or Shawn Michaels. You have to have a mixture of top liners and lesser matches in this day and age or you definitly won't draw shit all ratings. And while that match doesn't get THIS Impact ratings it signals that "TNA gives you big matches on Impact - maybe you should tune in in the future to see what else we'll show" I think that definitly beats "Tune in and see what jobber Samoa Joe can squash followed by a tag-team match where one team hasn't won in a year" when you're talking about apealing shows. You'll hear no arguments about them being impatient, blowing their wad early and not using a bit of logic to set it up - I agree with that. But I got no problem with them putting such a match on Impact.
  8. Bruce Blank

    Impact Spoilers

    Well *IF* that match on it's own sold any PPV buys then I'm sure it already did that when they actually ran it on the Sunday PPV - a mid-card rematch ain't going to really add much to a PPV - besides if they had that philosophy then we'd see a very meager, one sided Impact where all the "Big" matches are saved for the PPV.
  9. Bruce Blank

    Comments which don't warrant a thread

    Ah no worries it's not like the WWE would push someone down our throat who couldn't carry an inferior worker Right??
  10. Bruce Blank

    PROMO - Who Needs Alan Clark?

    So he should change his character from what he likes, what he wants to write it like to suit what other people like? shouldn't the first rule of this be: Like what you write? I mean if someone is forced to write a different style than the one they really like it'd probably diminish the desire to write anything at all - it'd be like putting WC in a series of odd stipulation matches or Blank in a long line of straight "normal matches" After all if someone is forced to write a certain way then we'd have 10 "Straight Edge" guys running around dropping people on their heads... and not just 2
  11. Bruce Blank

    Comments which don't warrant a thread

    Matt Strikers teacher friend Kurt..who teaches Geometry..say hello to the new Kurt Angle! oh man.. Up next on RAW, J.R. promises us that he's just signed "Kurt Angle" to a new contract! Time for a special repackaging, Vito! Duane Gill *IS* Kurt An-Gill Cut the 5 cent sparklers and a piped in "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN-GIL!" chant and you have a winner
  12. Bruce Blank

    Booking for 12/14

    Three Way Tag-Team match Los Vatos Locos (Ramone & Esperito) Vs The Space Cadets (SUpernova & Space Phaero) Vs Space Tigre & Tigre Metallico "Lone Wolf" James Wolfenstein in action against "Ichiban" Ohara And of course - the BIG one Respect Vs Career Match Zack Malibu Vs Bruce Blank
  13. Bruce Blank

    Feedback for 12/7

    it's one of those "fuzzy time" things - it feels like 15 but went 27 unlike a Hogan match that feels like 90 minutes but only takes 10 and yes I tried to mix Kawada's puro style with Lucha Libre. I just got home from an exetended weekend so I'll comment on the show once I've had a time to read it all.
  14. Let's try this again shall we, maybe I'll actually deliver this time. November Reign Fallout Ramone Juan Jesus Guterrez (w/El Esperito) Vs Kenji Kawada A segment chronicling the grueling preparations Bruce Blank is going through before the "Respect" match that will headline next week's HeldDOWN
  15. Bruce Blank

    WON News + Notes, 4th December Issue

    Well consider the fact that we were talking about entertaining segments and then for some reason you figured that you'd flash your ├╝ber-Smark badge and give us some useless factoid that makes NO difference in how entertaining a segment is. How about I put it a different way then? You seem to be all about the business, so let's put it in business terms just for you Let's say you and your buddies are on a lunchbreak from your duties as bag-boys at the local "Save-a-lot". Your two friends are sitting there eating bananas and one of them goes "You know I like Bananas" and the other guy goes "Yeah they're good" then you (the hypothetical you I'm not trying to infer that you work in a supermarket ) but "you" go "Yeah but Save-a-lot doesn't sell a lot of bananas" Cue up the "WTF" reaction. So while I respect your right to drain any and all entertainment value out of something with the smark-view then I'm still sitting here wondering "What the hell does how much it did or did not draw have to do with it being an entertaining segment?"
  16. Bruce Blank

    Booking for 12/14

    So you'll have something BIGGER than Bruce Vs Zack - Bruce Leaves Vs Zack's respect? this I got to see
  17. Bruce Blank

    WON News + Notes, 4th December Issue

    Well see that's where we differ then eh? I'm just a fan while you seem to be "in the business" - I didn't know you were in the business so deeply that it'd actually matter to you if it drew no money or if it made a billion dollars. Se I'm just entertained by it, I don't have to sit and overanalyze it and look at the "business aspects" of everything to such an extend that it sucks the life out of everything.
  18. Bruce Blank

    Paul Heyman sent home

    Hard to be low on money when you aren't paying your talent. Ah yes he selfishily kept the money to himself and just allowed ECW to fold while he counted all his stacks of money - it wasn't that he didn't pay because he didn't have the money or anything... oh no, no, no nothing like that.
  19. Bruce Blank

    ECW Spoilers for the 12/5 Airing

    too much stuff with Heyman that does NOT totally bury him - it's a work by the WWE IMO
  20. Bruce Blank

    WON News + Notes, 4th December Issue

    Just a shame it made zero dollars and did nothing for either man. Oh for the love of puddin' Could you take off those "Smark-glasses" you're wearing? Do I personally care if it made money? no - I was entertained by it. Do I care that by *your* definition it did nothing for either man? - no I was entertained by it. That's what matters to me, not if it "drew money" or "Put someone over" - my criteria is simple: Entertain me That did, no shame in anything about it - only shame is people later on being so smarky-snarky that how much money they drew makes a difference in what they think of something.
  21. Bruce Blank

    Thanksgiving HeldDOWN~! Feedback

    I already have one slot filled, so I'll need 9 mid-card/upper card characters that are NOT involved in the Triple Cage qualifying matches that are already planned. I hope we still get to see this match and the announcement of the two other participants that were mentioned at the top of the show. Good show guys, the 10 man tag took me back to 87 and 88 (in a good way) I've always been a sucker for those types of matches. and the main event surprised me in a good way - you know that sotry is far, far, faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar from over. And it's done the one thing it's supposed to do, its made me look forward to November Reign! Great work guys.
  22. Bruce Blank

    WON News + Notes, 4th December Issue

    So much for the theory of them booking it to "Save it for the rematch" - once again Angle called it early. he ain't 100% physically despite what he'd want us to believe
  23. Bruce Blank

    Wrestler who's had the most gimmicks/names?

    I can't confirm it, but I would imagine it was when Hulk Hogan was billed as Sterling Golden. indeed, I think they were even billed as brothers, but don't hold me to that one. But this is way, way back before Hulk went to the WWE the first time - so late 70ties, very early 80ties?
  24. Bruce Blank

    TNA Comments which don't warrant a thread

    even if they show up and ram their foot up Vince's ass on National TV I still wouldn't care about VKM - why? Because they're "Bland Ass" Billy Gunn and the Road Druggie, the hill is behind they, they've been over it for YEARS
  25. Bruce Blank

    Smackdown Spoilers for the 12/1 Airing

    Wait is Nitro the IC champ? SHowing up on Smackdown for no real explaned reason? hm