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    The 2009 NFL Offseason

    Clemens struggles are very closely related to him playing behind an offensive line that may or may not have actually existed. Our quarterback last year threw 19 interceptions, and yet losses only started to pile up when our secondary took a shit all over the Meadowlands.
  2. Smartly Pretty

    The 2009 NFL Offseason

    I disagree with this for a few reasons. Number one, Rex Ryan has made it very clear he plans to run the ball a trillion times a game, and hit you in the fucking face on defense. Second of all, a lot of people in the Jets organization are really high on Brett Ratliff (and some even on Kellen Clemens). Third, if Kurt Warner goes to the Niners, I'd say it's a lock that either Stafford or Sanchez falls to them at 17, because it'd be really out of character for Scott Pioli to take a QB at #3, especially when a stud like Aaron Curry could be on the board. The Jets have made all the right moves so far.
  3. Smartly Pretty

    The 2009 NFL Offseason

    Your love affair with Matt Stover is the weirdest part about you. Weirder than any of your weird shit.
  4. Smartly Pretty

    The Agent of Oblivion question of the day

    I like Ho-chi minh. How many dictators are revered in the country they dictated? "Ho-chi Minh City" still exists. There are museums about him. His fucking body is on display in the Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum. Badass. LEGIT EDIT: hahaha @ Me and Kamala having very syntactically similar posts.
  5. Smartly Pretty

    Makin' Music with Peter Bone

    Sweet. Can we hear some stuff you've done?
  6. Smartly Pretty

    Makin' Music with Peter Bone

    Right now I just want to make pretty simple music and get a basic understanding of what I can do and how I can do it. Could I record a live instrument and then digitally fuck with it in a DAW? That could be pretty cool.
  7. Smartly Pretty

    Makin' Music with Peter Bone

    So, as someone with a Mac, who has absolutely no knowledge of making digital music (other than fuckin' around with my swank-ass synthesizer), but thinks it sounds like fun...where do I start. I get the idea that Live is for more advanced, uh, musicians (?) so where do I start?
  8. Smartly Pretty

    Shit I have to read for High School

    Yeah, Books-A-Million is the closest book store, which is in Orange Park, so I have to actually cross a fucking bridge to get to a book store. Although Fleming Island is becoming a slightly better place to be a teenager...by May we'll have a movie theater. And yeah, I have to buy my own books.
  9. Smartly Pretty

    NHL Thread

    The Leafs' radio PBP guy is really bad. I have no idea what's going on.
  10. Smartly Pretty

    NHL Thread

    Wade Redden has a PPG... ...Wade Redden has a PPG? Tortorella COTY
  11. Smartly Pretty

    NHL Thread

    I was pretty wrong about the Devils being terrible, but I think I was on the ball when I said the Rolston signing was retarded.
  12. Smartly Pretty

    Arrested Development: The Movie

    Wristcutters fucking ruled. So did Hot Rod. Everything else, whatever.
  13. Smartly Pretty

    The 2009 NFL Offseason

    Kenny Britt to the Giants, man. Tall, fast, local, touchdown machine. He's Plaxico Burress sans crazy.
  14. Smartly Pretty


    Is this a croque-monsieur? I bet VX knows. What's a croque-monsieur?
  15. Smartly Pretty

    Amusing Subtitle Suggestions

    "Suck my diction." There might be a joke to be made about being "Syntaxholes" but I can't tell if that works.
  16. Smartly Pretty

    One Nation Under Blogs

    Dude, that hipster runoff thing was an awesome read. Nice link. I read the SNY network of blogs pretty regularly. MetsBlog is fantastic, Matthew Cerrone is a great guy, always has useful information and some pretty good insight. On the other hand, sister blog TheKnicksBlog is really really bad, but I don't know where else to read so I usually read that. The head blogger is this guy, Tommy Dee. About once a week or so he has a blog post about how he's a legitimate credible journalist and should not be taken lightly because he's a "just a blogger." That's fine, I like that he has pride in what I assume is his job (this is an SNY sponsored blog after all). But he's the most unprofessional journalist of all time, and generally has no information. He curses in every blog post he makes. That's fine, I curse all the time, but I curse when I'm talking to my friends or whatever. So the other day when he said that a foul call on David Lee was "horseshit" I sent him an e-mail saying that if he wants his blog to be treated as a credible journalistic source, he has to write it like on. He told me to fuck myself.
  17. Smartly Pretty

    2009 Oscar prediction contest

    I'm with Czech, the second we can't make fun of grown men who have unhealthy obsessions with comic book characters...well then we just can't make fun of anyone...and if we can't make fun of anyone at TSM then TSM really is dead.
  18. Smartly Pretty

    Spring Training 2009

    I'm fucking rolling at "Very attractive in a way that I can't explainlord Perry".
  19. Smartly Pretty

    2009 Oscar prediction contest

    I hear babies are quite the time suck.
  20. Smartly Pretty

    Worst General Manager in any sport

    I don't feel like they're "banking" on that, considering there's a good chance they might even make the playoffs this year, and when you consider how many players are actually under contract in 2010 (something like 4) and how many players are actually free agents in 2010, they won't come up empty. Even if it's not LeBron or Wade or Bosh or whoever, they'll add free agents in 2010 just so they can fill out a roster.
  21. Smartly Pretty

    Worst General Manager in any sport

    Like you're not dying to say John Paxson. Anyway, it's Isiah. I'll let Seth Meyers explain why. "The jury in the Isiah Thomas sexual harassment case found the Knicks coach guilty Tuesday and awarded Anucha Browne Sanders $11 million dollars in punitive damages. Browne Sanders would have gotten more from the Knicks but she's not a washed-up shooting guard with bad knees"
  22. Smartly Pretty

    Pepsi and Mt. Dew Throwback

    It's not kosher for passover but it's fine every other time of the year.
  23. Smartly Pretty

    Pepsi and Mt. Dew Throwback

    I didn't know that I could get kosher-for-passover soda. That's awesome. When's passover this year? April? I'll be on the lookout.
  24. Smartly Pretty

    What Now, TSM?

    Would I be a better poster if I were a middle aged transexual or something? I could pretend if you wanted. I might even be able to keep you guys fooled for 7 years.
  25. Smartly Pretty

    Let's get to know naiwf

    The sports folder is basically made up of three groups: New Yorkers, Bostonians, and transplants from New York and Boston. There are a few peripheral groups, but by and large the entire folder sounds a lot like two drunk guys yelling "Fack you!" at a bar. It occurred to me right after telling naiwf to fuck off (without using an exclamation mark by the way...I was pretty proud of that paragraph rhetorically) that I know more about down blankets than I know about naif (note: i do not know what a down blanket is). So what do we know... -He posts in the sports folder with a Yankees themed avatar. I don't know that he likes sports, just that he gives a shit. -He's New York focused. Could be from the area, might not be. Might be a Met fan, but I'm not sure, never really has anything good to say about them. -Unpronounceable username. So let's get to know naiwf. Tell us the stories in your life.