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    Who wuld you bring back to TNA?

    da johnsons lolz
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    Randy Orton suspended by WWE for 60 days

    ...When did Orton shit in someone's bag?
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    SWF Storm Card 4-7-2006

    I call opening promo, for the first time ever.
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    Storm Forecasting

    THE MAIN EVENT - SWF INTERNATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP MATCH Wildchild © vs. Michael Cross C'mon Mike, you can do it... Iron Australian Knockout Challenge JJ Johnson vs. Janus JJ wins this. Quite obviously storyline based. SWF CRUISERWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP MATCH "The Divine Wind" Akira Kaibatsu © vs. Christian Fury I never have anything cool to say here. BARB-WIRE LANDMINE MATCH Bruce Blank vs. Insane Luchadore Blank rebounds and picks up a huge win. "Hollywood" Spike Jenkins vs. Landon "La Cucaracha" Maddix Spike seems rather upset. Last time that happened, he got laid. Landon wins by no-show. Amy Stephens © vs. Zyon (non title) Toxx, though this could be pretty competitive. Kevin Coyote and Avery vs. Jimmy the Doom and The Crimson Skull The Skull of Doom~! OPENING BOUT Grendel vs. Matt "The Cosplay Master" Myers Is this like, double warm body or something? Seriously, who's Grendel? I see no stats post for this Grendel character.
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    You're going to want to get some extra ink and whatnot. Trust me.
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    SWF Storm Card 4-7-2006

    He didn't post any stats. That's a new concept. And unban me from chat
  7. Smartly Pretty

    SWF Storm Card 4-7-2006

    Who the fuck is Grendel? Did I miss something?
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    Predictions for the next show!

    THE MAIN EVENT - SWF ULTRAVIOLENT CHAMPIONSHIP MATCH House Rules - Crimson Tide Match Bruce Blank © vs. Amy Stephens I say Blank's reign comes to an end here. Toxx is mother fucking Toxx, man SWF CRUISERWEIGHT CHAMPION SHIP MATCH "The Divine Wind" © Akira Kaibatsu vs. Ghost Machine 2.0[/u] EHhhh Jay Hawke vs. Landon "La Cucaracha" Maddix Landon. Jay's on a bit of a slide WACKY CONTENDERSHIP MATCH Arch Griffon vs. JJ Johnson © vs. Michael Cross JJ, because he'll roaring elbow me if I don't. Sean Davis vs. Kevin Coyote Kevcotes. Savis also seems to be on a bit of a slide. Christian Fury vs. Manson Fury. I don't see Manson showing. Opening Bout David Cross vs. Stryke Cross. We need to get this man a win!
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    PROMO: Tag

    I bet it's a telemarketer. They always call at the worst times.
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    Who has IGNsider? (or whatever)

    I haven't been banned, in like, 3 weeks, I'll have you know.
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    Thoth Report 4-2-06

    Torrents suck, by the way. JJ, you suck for making me think they were good for anything other than porn.
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    Thoth Report 4-2-06

    Thoth Report is a really good match writing motivater.
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    OAO WrestleMania 22 thread - 4/2/06

    Had to be posted.
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    Hey, you.

    An Octopus and The Rage. An Octopus has suction cups, and The Rage sucks. They've already got a gimmick!
  15. Smartly Pretty

    Hey, you.

    You should be.
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    Most emotional/dramatic you've gotten

    Zyon should write the dialouge. We all know he can, after last show.
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    SWF Smarkdown Card 4-03-2006

    He wasn't talking about the Wacky contendership match, Drea. Zing but not really~!
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    SWF Wrestler of the Month & Historian's Rankings

    Good job to both Blank, and LDP
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    Lockdown Comments

    Gotta love Manson finally writing and then it not being in the match
  20. Smartly Pretty

    Lockdown Comments

    congrats to JJanson. Good luck on your run.
  21. Comments and feedback and shit are always nice. ----- The opening tone of Mastodon's "Blood & Thunder" gives way to the riffage that begins the song, the lights alternating between red and white and smoke billowing from the entranceway as the tune builds to the drum lead-in... *BANG!* ...And then the lights kick into overdrive as the distortion hits, rolling out of the speakers as the curtain gives way to the unusual pairing of JJ Johnson and Manson. Johnson makes his way down the ramp, his eyes locked on the ring, as Troy Sanders launches into the first verse, his rasping surging out over the arena almost as powerfully as the distortion did. Manson stops to taunt to fans on the outside, flexing his bicep. One fan’s opinion sticks out from the rest, and says Manson and JJ are awesome. Manson gives him the metal sign. I think that someone is trying to kill me Infecting my blood and destroying my mind No man of the flesh could ever stop me Your fight for this fish is a fight to the death Still making his signature methodical pace, Johnson pauses at the bottom of the ramp, glancing around for a moment before striding to the steps and jogging his way up as the second verse hits. Manson slides right into the ring, and climbs the turnbuckle, raising his arms. What remorseless emperor commands me I no longer govern my soul The Canadian proceeds to hoist himself up to the second rope of the turnbuckle next to Manson, and swing his arms wide in his signature crucifix pose, glaring out over the crowd as he has since the beginning. “From Windsor Ontario Canada, and Denver Colorado, the number one contenders . . . MANSON and JAY . . . JAY . . . JOHNSON! I am completely immersed in darkness As I turn my body away from the sun Blood and Thunder halts, and a new song blasts over the PA system. Magic people . . . voodoo people . . . the do-what-you-don’t-dare-do people . . . Akira Kaibatsu and Michael Cross come out of the gate, with Mr. Kobe in front of them. Cross and Kaibatsu walk side by side in perfect tempo. Left . . . Right . . . Left . . . Right. They sport their tag team titles around their waist. Mr. Kobe has Akira’s cruiserweight title. “Representing Sendai Japan, being accompanied by MISSTERRR KOBE . . . weighing in “Dangerously Violent” . . . they are the ASSSIAAANNN . . . UNDERRRRRGROOOUUUUNDDDDDD!” Akira and Cross break the line. Akira goes to the right, Cross to the left. They enter the ring from these sides. Cross sets himself in the center of the ring, and gets on one knee. Akira drapes his belt right over the SWF logo, as Cross covers his eyes with his forearm. DING DING DING! “ . . . and we’re off, with this tag team title defense,” CIA starts. “And we’re off with Asian Underground’s tag team title reign,” King sighs. “Let’s make this quick and painless.” The match starts off with Michael Cross and JJ Johnson. The two men circle each other, for about 20 seconds, putting their hands up, boxing style. Finally, Cross offers a hand, for a Greco-Roman knuckle lock. JJ reaches to take it, and grazes Cross’ hand, but instead JJ backs out and tags in Manson. “Alright . . .” CIA says. “You can go ahead and call him a bitch. Family Friendly Rules were removed a while ago.” “I was going to say coward actually, but that works.” Cross and Manson lock up collar and elbow style. They push into each other forcefully, but Manson gets the upper hand, and forces Cross into the turnbuckle. Cross grabs the ropes just as Manson grabs a hold of Cross though, so referee Byron Dragonson makes Manson back off. Manson obeys, and both men get back in the center. Cross offers his hand out for a Gerco-Roman knuckle lock, and Manson accepts. Manson pushes Cross’ arms as far as they go towards his body. Cross struggles to push back at Manson momentarily, but he finds the strength to do so. Cross pushes Manson’s arms down to the bottom of the mat, overpowering the much bigger Manson. Manson outsmarts the rookie though, and stomps on Cross’ hands. “Clever wrestling from Manson” CIA says. Cross backs away from Manson for a moment, and shakes out his injured leg. He strokes his hair before coming right back into the center of the ring. Cross throws an elbow at Manson, and follows up with another. Manson no-sells the elbow so that he can get into throwing chops at Cross. Manson throws another knife edged chop at him, and then Irish Whips Cross into the ropes. Mike bounces back, and meets a huge Manson clothesline! “BIG strike from Manson” CIA says. “Manson isn’t the tallest guy in the match, but overall he’s the biggest, and definitely the strongest. He’s going to pack a major punch behind his strikes” King adds. Manson picks up Cross by the hair, and on his way up Cross throws punches at Manson’s gut. Cross then throws more elbows at Manson’s face. Cross keeps throwing the elbows! One after another! Relentlessly, Cross wont give up these vicious elbows! “My god, King, is this what you see every night? Manson’s nose is gonna be coming out of the back of his head!” CIA cries. Cross finally stops hurling his elbow at Manson’s face, and then stuffs his face between Cross’ legs. Cross butterflies Manson’s arms, and tries his hardest to lift Manson up. Manson is too big though, and Cross can’t do it. “He’s so close, he just can’t get that extra umph!” CIA says. “Oh, he can get it.” King says. “We haven’t seen much of Cross, but we know he can basically ignore any pain that he may encounter. Normally this pain is something along the lines of lifting something he shouldn’t be lifting.” Almost as if to distribute a point to CIA, Cross screams in agony, and lifts Manson up into the air. He doesn’t need to do much more though. He drops right down to his ass, and drops Manson on his head! “Nail in the Cross! Early finish, possibly!” Cross does indeed go for the cover, and hooks a leg. ONE! TWOO! THRENOTOOEARLY! “I don’t know much about these kids, King, but I know you’re not going to put someone away if you hit one big move out of nowhere.” CIA says. Cross picks up Manson by the hair, and levels him with another elbow. He then drags him over to his corner, and tags in Akira. Akira says something in Japanese, and points to the ropes, and Cross nods. Akira runs to his left, into the ropes. Cross whips Manson into the opposite ropes. Manson bounces back, and is running right at Cross. Cross then drops down to the mat on his stomach, and Manson has to jump over him. As soon as he steps over Cross though, Manson is met with a huge lionsault coming from Akira! Akira hooks a leg on a lateral press after the aerial assault. ONE! TWOO! THRNOOOO! “I kinda like this Asian Underground team, King. They’ve got style.” “Thanks Ty Pennington.” Cross gets back to the outside, and grabs ahold of the tag rope, holding it while he waits for another tag. Akira picks up Manson by the trunks. Akira throws a knife edged chop at Manson. Manson responds to this with a knife edged chop of his own. Akira answers right back with an elbow. The red mark left on Manson’s eye from Cross’ elbows has turned into a full-fledged bruise thanks to Cross and Akira. Manson has to move his hands over to his head, and rub his eye after the last shot. Akira takes advantage of this, and whips him into the turnbuckle. “I see they still throw strikes as hard as they used to.” Akira cocks his arm back, and throws a knife edged chop at Manson’s chest. Like loading a gun, Akira takes pulls his arm back, and strikes it forward again. Manson’s chest begins to swell up, but Manson responds to the pain just like any SWF wrestler should—angrily. Manson responds to Akira’s chops with a knife-edged chop of his own. The smacking sound made seems like it could echo all around Mississippi if the arena wasn’t here isolating it. Manson dumps his arm forward again for a thunderous chop, but Akira ducks under it. He then grabs one of Manson’s arms, and wrenches it, twisting around. He climbs up the turnbuckle behind him, one step at a time. Akira does a back flip, and twists in mid-air, landing on the ground, and then summer saulting forward with Manson’s wrenched arm, for a hellacious arm drag! King informs CIA, “Akira usually likes to blend his strong style roots with the European mat wrestling technique. They don’t compliment each other well, but it works sometimes.” Akira runs towards Manson, who got up right away from the arm drag, and hits him with another quick arm drag. Manson gets up right away, and sprints towards Akira. Manson hooks Kaibatsu’s arm under his elbow, and flips backwards for your standard Japanese arm-drag. Akira and Manson are both right back up, and approach each other, and fling missile dropkicks at each other simultaneously, both falling to the mat untouched. Both men get up, and circle each other while the crowd applauses for the last sequence. Akira runs at Manson and baseball slides under his feet. He gets up, and wraps his arms around Manson for a rear waist lock. He jumps up, and wraps his legs around Manson’s waist, and rolls backwards for the Japanese Rolling Clutch pin. “This could do it! Rolling Clutch!” ONE!!! TWOOOOOOO! THREENOOOOO! “Ah! So close, but we’re still to early in the match up to see anyone finish this off.” CIA says. “Well, you never know. JJ’s juju-gatame can break your arm in an instant, and Cross knows a few moves that can really hurt you, if you get caught.” King argues. Akira stalks Manson, waiting behind him. When Manson finally reaches his feet, Akira takes action, and runs at the ropes. He jumps onto the middle rope, and bounces backwards. He doesn’t turn, or spin, or flip, just bounces backwards at Manson. Manson is dazed, and groggy, and can’t see Akira coming at him. Akira catches Manson’s head on his way back, and throws it forward for a crazy headlock take over! “Oh, it’s just glorified arm-wringing. C’mon, let’s see some impact.” King says “Maybe you’ve taken one too many planchas, King. This is exciting action!” Akira holds on as best he can for the ground side-headlock. Manson tries as best he can to break free of it, but he’s having a hard time with it on the ground, so he tries to raise himself to his feet. He’s successful in doing this, and from here, he jams his elbows into the gut of Akira. Akira coughs loudly, but he manages to keep the headlock applied. Manson tries a second time, and is successful. He follows this up by running into the ropes, and bouncing back. Manson tries a stiff lariat, but Akira is quick to see it coming, and catches Manson with a huge belly-to-belly suplex! Mr. Kobe is screaming on the outside, and pointing at Cross. Akira nods, and drags Manson over to Cross, and slaps for a tag. Cross controls the action this time, but once again points to the ropes. Akira holds Manson in a chicken wing, while Cross runs towards the ropes. Cross bounces right off the ropes, but is met with a surprise, as JJ Johnson has come out of his corner, and taken Cross’ head off with a Shotgun Lariat! “LARRIAAATOOOOOOOO!!!” “Save it,” King snorts. Byron Dragonsen keeps order in the ring like any referee in SWF should, escorting JJ back to his corner, and Akira back to his. Manson however, knows just how to handle this situation. He turns to the fallen Michael Cross, who is holding his face from the pain of that shotgun lariat. He lifts up Cross’ left leg, and drives his left arm right into the knee joint! “Uh . . . oh . . .” King says. “What’s Uh-Oh?” Riley asks. “Cross has a bit of an injured knee. He’s been out of action for weeks, and was almost forced to keep out of the TLC at From the Fire.” “Uh oh.” Manson holds on to Cross’ leg, spreads it out once again. Manson drives another elbow right into Cross’ leg, by the knee joint. Manson stays on the ground from here, holding onto the leg, for a standard leg lock. Cross is screaming in pain from this, and reaches above his head to grab the ropes. Dragonsen tells Manson to get off Cross’ leg. “I get a five count!” “Get off ‘em, Manson. “I get a five count!” ONE! TWO! THREE! FOUR! FIV—Manson as quickly as he can rolls backwards out of the hold, trying to get the most out of it. Cross tries to make his way to his feet, but his left leg can’t support his body, so Manson lifts him up by the hair, and drags him over to his turnbuckle. Manson lifts up Cross’ left leg, and places it on the 2nd turnbuckle. He slaps his partner’s palm, and JJ comes through the ropes, to a chorus of Mississippian boos. JJ reacts to the fans heat with a cocky smile, before he starts throwing his deadly kicks at Cross’ perched leg. “JJ is a real strong style expert. Cross’ leg is in a LOT of trouble right now,” King says. Cross tips off of the turnbuckle in pain after the last stomp, but JJ catches Cross by his long hair, and pulls him back up to the turnbuckle. Dragonsen screams at JJ to let his hair go, and JJ gives him that “I know, I know!” look that everyone did to their parents. He lets go of Cross’ hair, and places his leg on the turnbuckle where it was before. JJ crouches down, so that his shoulders are at the same height as Cross’ leg. JJ then jumps up, and brings his arm with him, for a European Uppercut! “See, that’s what JJ does SO well! He can break you with his arms. Cross wont be walking after this match, and Manson and JJ are to thank.” Cross falls off the turnbuckle again, and looks over at his tag team partner, who is jumping up and down on the bottom rope, extending his arm, as if it would reach the 15 feet it needs to get to Cross. JJ looks over at Akira, and gives him a smirk. He then picks up Cross, and throws an elbow at him, before making a tag to Manson. Upon entering the ring, Manson kicks Cross’ injured leg, sending him down in an instant. Manson picks up Cross’ left leg, and spins around with it, causing Cross to scream even more than he had been before. Manson then kicks right at his knee joint, three times . . . four times . . . You can almost hear his leg tearing. “My god, this attack on his leg is absolutely relentless!” CIA screams “Yeah, and we haven’t even gotten to the crazy stuff. I’m sure Manson and JJ have something ridiculous up their sleeves.” Manson stops the kicking at Cross’ knee, and lifts Michael by the hair. He takes Cross’ left leg and tucks it under his armpit. Cross is jumping up and down to stay balanced. It’s right now that he gets the idea to reverse this hold via enzugiri. He jumps up, and twists his body in the air, hoping that his healthy leg is strong enough to pack enough punch to release him from Manson and JJ’s reign of terror on his leg. “Going for an enzugiri! This could turn the match around completely!” CIA shouts “Not completely . . . but it’d sure help Asia Underground’s cause, which at this point seems a but lost.” To no avail however, as Manson simply ducks beneath his desperation kick, and all Cross does is put his leg in more danger, as he’s now facing the mat. Manson decides to stay simple, yet still effective. He digs his foot into Cross’ knee joint, and pushes down with so much force, that upon impact with the mat Cross immediately brings his leg up to his chest, and holds it in pain. “Ohhhhh!” CIA sighs. “For a second there I thought we might see a huge momentum shift. Alas, we shall see Michael Cross’ leg get completely torn apart. Manson drags Cross over to the turnbuckle, and places Cross’ left on the bottom turnbuckle. He doesn’t tag Johnson in quite yet, but instead runs at the ropes opposite their corner. He bounces back, and extends his huge right foot out, shoving Cross’ foot into the steel ring post. “RUNNING FACE WASH TO THE LEG?!” CIA screams. “THAT’S GOT TO BREAK CROSS’ LEG!” “Not much of a face wash then, eh?” “Regardless of what it’s called, Manson managed to pack enough power behind that so that it bounced all the way to the steel ring post! That was absolutely sick!” Manson looks over at Cross’ helpless tag team partner, Akira Kaibatsu. Manson smirks, just like JJ does, and out of spite, locks Cross in a leg lock, so that Manson is looking right at Akira. Akira can see his partner being torn apart, and is staring right at it, but he can’t legally do anything about it. “CROSS CAN’T DIE! CROSS CAN’T DIE!” The chants echo through Akira as he stands on the apron, watching his partner suffer. He can’t legally do anything about. Fuck rules. Akira steps through the apron, and runs right at Manson. Byron Dragonsen tries to get in Akira’s way to stop him from doing anything illegal, but Akira is too quick over to Manson. He raises his boot, and crushes Manson’s skull with a running Yakuza Kick, breaking up the submission. “RAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!” Byron Dragonsen has had enough of Akira’s shenanigans. He shoves Akira aside. But as this happens, Manson and JJ double team stomp on Cross’ leg. One stomp after another, it doesn’t look like Cross can take the pain any longer. Akira points behind Dragonsen’s back, trying to alert him of this problem, but Dragonsen doesn’t speak Japanese, and thinks he is just threatening him. Akira speaks louder to address the issue, but Byron doesn’t understand. Akira rubs his face with his hands, and solemnly walks over to his corner. It is just then that Dragonsen realizes what Akira was talking about, and orders JJ out of the ring, right away. Manson and JJ share a laugh. Their first dick heel tactic together. “Oh, it’s a Kodak moment guys. You’re taking his leg apart! HE MIGHT NOT BE ABLE TO WALK!” CIA screams! “Relax. These guys are professionals, they know what they’re doing. They’re not going to break Cross’ leg.” King reassures. “They . . . don’t?” “Of course not. If they did, the match would be over, and Cross would already be at the hospital.” Manson lifts up Cross by the hair. He takes Cross’ injured left leg, and tucks his knee into his elbow joint. He takes his free arm, and tomahawks a big bionic elbow at Cross’ knee, causing more screaming. ‘My god, the screaming seems to be going non-stop!” CIA grows restless. “And Akira is just sitting there, nothing he can do about his best friend!” “Well, that’s how Manson and JJ roll. They’re going to pick Cross apart, until they’ve got what they want. And they want the tag team titles.” Manson keeps a hold of Cross’ leg after the elbow of course, and tightens up his grip after doing so. He then turns to his left, rapidly. He leaves his feet, breaking the fall with his back. But that’s better than anyone can say for Cross, who breaks the dragon screw with his injured leg. Manson then reaches over to his partner, and slaps his hand, making a tag. Manson picks up his left leg, and JJ slams it back down to the mat with his foot. Manson then steps right back outside, to the apron, and JJ takes over. JJ lifts up Cross’ knee, and slams it back down with power, causing the boards underneath the ring to shake, and make bouncy sounds. JJ continues to kick away at Cross’ leg. “Well, you don’t need to be fancy to injure someone. Sometimes all it takes are those kicks,” CIA says. “And those a kicks from a former UFC fighter. It’s not like he’s some schmuck with legs,” King adds. “A schmuck with legs?” “Shut up.” The schmuck then lifts up Cross’ left leg, and spins, and drops an elbow right into Cross’ knee joint, causing more screams of pain. Johnson has a facial expression as if nothing he did actually caused any damage, so he lifts Cross up by the hair. He then takes Cross left leg, and hyper extends it, and hooks it so it sits atop the top turnbuckle. Cross’ lifeless body sits there, and allows all this damage to take place. His body can’t take anymore, and everyone in the arena knows it. Especially JJ and Manson. JJ runs at the ropes opposite Cross, and bounces back. Rapidly approaching Cross, he leaps for a front dropkick, but tucks his legs in, and leans one outward, for a stiff Busaiku Knee Kick, right at Cross’ injured leg. “My god, they are just taking everything in their moveset, and bending it so they can attack Cross’ knee! I don’t see what else they could possibly do to apply more pressure to Cross’ leg. He’s got to be done for.” CIA is at a low point in optimism for the match. But he is wrong in one sense. JJ has one more trick up his sleeve to break out on Cross’ leg. He pulls him over, in front of the turnbuckle. JJ climbs up to the top rope, and looks down at his opponent. “Oh dear god, what could he have planned . . .” JJ has something spectacular planned though, and he lets everyone know it. Better yet, he lets everyone see it with their own two eyes. He leaps up into the air, pulling his legs into his chest, for more power on his way down. Before reaching the ground, he releases his legs down, thrusting them right into Cross’ injured left leg. “OH MY GOD A DOUBLE STOMP RIGHT AT CROSS’ LEG! CROSS WAS LIFELESS BEFORE… WHAT ABOUT NOW?!?!” CIA is screaming at the top of his lungs. He’s seen enough of JJ and Manson take advantage of Cross’ injury. JJ and Manson haven’t seen enough though. They wont have seen enough until they see Tag Team Gold wrapped around their waist. JJ stares at Cross’ leg, and finally picks it up. He hooks his leg inbetween Cross’ two, and crosses Cross’ legs. He flips around, and has a fully functional sharpshooter locked in. Cross is staring right at Akira. Akira can SEE his partner’s face in the agony. Everything turns to slow motion for Akira. He can see Cross dip his head below the mat, and raise his hand. Ready to hit the ground in submission. But Akira will have none of it. Things go back to real speed in his mind, and he steps through the ring, and as quickly as he can, runs over to JJ, and delivers another brutal Yakuza Kick to the back of his head! This one sends his face into the turnbuckle, and blacks him out for a few seconds! “Akira can’t do this! This is a complete violation of the rules of tag team wrestling! You’re tag team champion, how about representing tag team wrestling! This is pitiful!” King is outraged. Byron Dragonsen once again tries to keep order in the ring, but Akira is livid, and has no time for pathetic referees. He drags his partner by the trunk over to his corner in anger. Steps through the ropes, grabs the tag rope, and makes a blind tag to his partner! “Akira’s been tagged in! And he is FRESH! He’s been waiting to be tagged for almost 10 minutes now!” CIA screams “All thanks to total domination from our number one contenders.” Akira sprints over to JJ Johnson, who is barely recovering from that last Yakuza kick. JJ turns around to face Akira, but he is still only on his knees. Akira takes full advantage of this situation, jumping up into the air, extending his foot out, nailing JJ in the face. “Shining gamengiri!” CIA shouts. “Asia Underground is back in business!” Manson comes flying out of the apron, attempting a lariat, but Akira ducks under it. He’s on fire right now, nothing’s gonna stop him. Manson turns back around to face Akira, but he’s met with a kick to the gut. Akira butterflies his arms, swings him out, and plants him into the mat, with It Came From Sendai! “It Came From Sendai! It Came From Sendai!” “But it ends in Mississippi. This tag reign will stop short here!” King counters. Manson rolls out of the ring after his latest misfortune. Akira is still fresh, and looking for something to hurt. JJ Johnson, still recovering from that deadly gamengiri fits the bill. Akira picks him up by his curly hair, and whips him into the ropes. JJ bounces back, and instead of taking the wimps way out, and taking a bump onto the mat, he’s met with one of the most powerful roaring elbows we’ve seen all match! JJ falls straight on his back after being met with this elbow! Akira makes a cover, hooking the leg. ONEEE! TWWWOOOOOOOOOOO! THREEEEEEE!!! NOOOOOOO!!!! JJ rolled his shoulder up!!! “RAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!” “Oh my god, JJ kicked out! I don’t know how he kicked out of that elbow, but he did!” “Akira and Cross aren’t the only ones with heart. JJ and Manson want those belts.” Akira picks up JJ by the hair, and whips him into the ropes. JJ bounces back, and Akira once again tries for the roaring elbow, but JJ baseball slides beneath Akira’s feet. JJ gets up as quick as he can, and locks Akira in a rear waist lock. JJ thrusts backwards, pulling back, but not releasing. JJ gets enough angle on this, that Akira lands right on his head! “Oh my god, Dangerous German Suplex! Akira just got dropped on his head, and Cross and Manson are motionless on the outside!” “Manson and Cross aren’t the only ones motionless! Akira’s not moving after that one, CIA!” JJ makes a cover! Hooking a leg! ONEEEE!!! TWOOOOOOOO!!!! THREEENOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! “OHHHHH! He was so close! JJ was this close to picking up the tag team titles for Manson and JJ!!!” King screams. JJ and Akira both lay down exhausted after the last exchange. Michael Cross is now on the outside of the apron. He might be one legged, but he’s fresh, and Akira and JJ aren’t. Kaibatsu crawls over towards Cross, reaching as far as he can, finally making a tag. Cross helps his partner up, and then Cross pulls JJ up. On the outside, Manson begins to make his way to his feet. Cross puts JJ in a rear waist lock, and Akira runs at the ropes opposite them. He bounces off, and hits a huge lariat, giving Cross extra momentum for a bridged German suplex! Akira keeps running after the lariat he dished out though! He continues to run, and leaps through the middle rope, hitting an outstanding Tope Con Hilo on Manson! This match is breaking down, as Byron Dragonsen counts the German Suplex! ONEEEE!! TWOOO . . . Cross’ leg can’t withstand bridging for that long!!! “There’s another advantage of working on a leg. Sure, he’s more likely to submit to maybe, a hiza-juji-gatame, but he also can’t do certain moves, like that Bridged German Suplex.” King informs. Akira and Manson continue to brawl on the outside. Akira’s throwing elbows at ridiculous amounts. Manson throws them just as well—even as he’s being hit with them. Akira hit’s two or three elbows in a row, unanswered, so he stops, spins around for momentum, and then hits Manson with a huge roaring elbow! “These guys are just beating the crap out of each other on the outside!” CIA is impressed. “Get Akira back on the apron! He’s not the legal man!” Manson almost falls right down on his back, but Akira catches his arm, and pulls him right back up. He throws knife edged chops at Manson’s chest, and it turns beet red. Akira then turns Manson around, and puts him in a rear waistlock. “Going for a German Suplex on the floor?!?!” CIA shouts. Manson struggles in the hold though. He wont let Akira take him out of the match. Mr. Kobe then screams something at Akira from the outside, and Akira smiles through his mask. He digs his foot into Manson’s knee joint, causing him to fall to his knees, on the ground. Akira then moves the rear waist lock up to his head, and puts in a Dragon Sleeper. “Dragon Sleeper! Dragon Sleeper! But they’re both, on the outside and not the legal man. What good is this?!” “I don’t think Akira’s trying to make Manson submit . . .” Akira then takes the Dragon Sleeper, and lifts Manson up, high above his own head. He stalls momentarily in the air, but then he drops him back down, behind him, snapping Manson’s jaw over his shoulder. “The Kaibatsu Drop!” King screams “Akira used that as a finisher in Japan! Manson is done for the rest of this match!” Back in the ring, JJ picks up Cross, and begins strong styling him like we all know the former Ultimate Fighter can. He throws knife edged chops at Cross’ chest, overlapping scars from childhood. He continues to throw these chops, until it seems he can no longer stand. JJ then takes a step back, and nails Cross square in the jaw for a brutal side shuffle kick. “Go for the pin, JJ! We’ve got new tag team champions!” King shouts. JJ has other things on his mind then a lateral press though. He ascends to the top turnbuckle, facing the crowd. He balances his feet so that he wont mess this up. He doesn’t do it often. This is going to take some luck. “Air Canada! Air Canada! We haven’t seen JJ use this in a while!!” JJ bends his knees, about to do it, before Akira Kaibatsu runs up the apron, and shakes the top rope, crotching JJ on the turnbuckle. Akira runs over to Cross, trying to help him get up. Cross makes his way to his feet, just before JJ can rebound from the last attack. “This is Asia Underground’s chance! They can win it right here!” CIA screams. Akira steps out to the apron. He stands there waiting, patiently. Cross approaches JJ on the turnbuckle, and places him onto his shoulders. JJ throws punches at Cross’ head, but Cross does his best to ignore it. “Cross can only have JJ up there for so long, King! His leg is going to give out!” Cross turns so that his back is to Akira. Akira jumps over the ropes, and springboards off the top one. He catches JJ’s head in a 3/4 chauncery. Cross drops JJ down for an Electric Chair Drop, and Akira hooks him for an Ace Crusher. “DANGERRROOOUUUUUUSSSSSS” “Do you have any fresh material?” Cross crawls over to JJ, using his healthy leg. JJ lies motionless after the deadly double team move, but can Cross make the cover in enough time? He finally rests his arm against JJ’s chest. Byron Dragonsen’s hand hits the mat with authority. ONEE!!!!! TWOOOOOO!!! THREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!! “Yes! Asia Underground has retained!” CIA shouts, as Mr. Kobe grabs their tag team belts, and brings them to his fallen duo. Akira gets up first, and then helps his partner up, as we FADE OUT
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    Most emotional/dramatic you've gotten

    I assumed it was "isn't it".
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    Thoth Report hosting schedule

    Dude, I went to Disneyland a few months ago. There's nothing to eat. At all. I don't blame you for being exhausted.
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    Nation States Thread

    It's surprisingly fun.