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  1. Smartly Pretty

    Storm Comments

    I sent in a 200 word rushjob, yet no-show from us? Ah well. I think I like seeing no match better than 200 word rushjobs.
  2. Smartly Pretty

    Guest bookers? Yes or no?

    Total awesomeitude, and such.
  3. Smartly Pretty

    Writer Heights

    An even 5.
  4. Smartly Pretty

    I'm Completely Lost

    Dear Spike, WE'LL ALL FLOOOOAAAT ONN, OOO-KAYYY! DON'T YOU WORRY, EVEN WHEN THINGS GET HEAAAVY, WE'LL ALL FLOAT ON ANYWAY! Love, Windy. P.S I just listened to that song twice in a row, and forced it into post.
  5. Smartly Pretty

    SWF Storm Card 3-03-2006

    That didn't come off very jokingly.
  6. Smartly Pretty

    SWF Storm Card 3-03-2006

    My god, Coyote, what the hell? You asked a pretty pointless question, seeing as the card went up on time, and Storm is always Friday. Then Judge tells the writers in his match that he can send the match in early, leading to you complaining that it doesn't answer your question. YOU'RE NOT EVEN IN THAT MATCH! But when I point this out, I'm a smartass who needs to do his homework.
  7. Smartly Pretty

    SWF Storm Card 3-03-2006

    ...uh, yeah. That still doesn't answer my question. Nor should it. He was talking to Drunk and Disorderly and Griffin/Hawke.
  8. Smartly Pretty

    I'm Completely Lost

    I was playing off the other thread, but ok
  9. Smartly Pretty

    the NEW new chat thread

    I'm grounded again, and sneaking on my brother's chat less comp. So no go fo me, g hizzle dawg.
  10. Smartly Pretty

    I'm Completely Lost

    Well I've quoted it now, so it's here forever, barring admin intervention.
  11. Smartly Pretty

    Promo: Thirty Seconds

    haha. Nice.
  12. Smartly Pretty

    Storm predictions

    The Main Event (non-title) El Luchadore Magnifico © vs. Landon "La Cucaracha" Maddix © It's ELMentary my dear, Watson. Spelled wrong? Yeah, but I like puns. Especially bad ones. Lethal Lottery Match (Pool A) Stryke and Wildchild (1-1) vs. The Asian Underground (Akira Kaibatsu © and Michael Cross) (2-0) The team wearing assless chaps. Lethal Lottery Match (Pool C) Insane Luchadore and Kevin Coyote (2-0) vs. Ced and Laberinto (0-2) Yeah, uhh, what the hell happens to LDP/Coyote is Luch and 'Ote win this? I pick Cederinto, cause of that. Lethal Lottery Match (Crosspool) Rush Hadrian and Todd Cortez (1-1) vs. "Hollywood" Spike Jenkins and Zyon (2-0) Zyon's gonna get back on the right track, and I think Spike is a little un-emoed right now. Not to mention I'm pretty sure JJ isn't going to bother writing when his partner's Oat toasting. Lethal Lottery Match (Crosspool) Drunk and Disorderly (Amy and Bruce ©) (1-1) vs. Jay Hawke © and Arch Griffon (0-2) Drunk and Disorderly are such a great pair. Best thing to come out of the LL. Opening Bout Christian Fury vs. Ghost Machine 2.0 Fury, because . . . uhh . . . *runs*
  13. Smartly Pretty

    Spirit Squad

    I fear CM Punk will join that list. He's going to have an OVW title reign, so he sorta counts. Not really, but whatever
  14. Smartly Pretty

    Thoth Report hosting schedule

    Those odds aren't as high as the ones that say he'll be so stoned before hand he tries to offer Thoth pot through Skype.
  15. Dangah! Dangah! High Voltage! That music video scarred me.
  16. Smartly Pretty

    An open letter

    2nd is Judgement Slam, I think.
  17. Smartly Pretty

    I'm Completely Lost

    I'm not starting a fight, I'm just making jokes. Everyone takes their flaws too seriously. I'm a lazy, grammar lacking, feminie looking (and apparently sounding), Internet radio show participant with my mom. Normally when people point out these things, I laugh. Laughing at yourself is something a lot of people need to learn how to do.
  18. Smartly Pretty

    Possibly one of the most entertaining convos ever...

    Meh, Cross isn't NEARLY as good as Ghost Machine was. Did I just say that out loud?
  19. Smartly Pretty

    SWF Storm Card 3-03-2006

    Yeah, of course. When I think Fire, I think frigid Candian cities, only associated with fire because they were too lazy to change nicknames after they moved. The banshell, in Ridgewood New Jersey, fuckers
  20. Smartly Pretty

    SWF Storm Card 3-03-2006

    And a pure rules match. Just to mix stuff up. Go hypocrisy.
  21. Heart in a Cage - The Strokes
  22. Smartly Pretty

    SWF Storm Card 3-03-2006

    Is Storm no longer hardcore? Did I miss a memo?
  23. Smartly Pretty

    Smarkdown Comments