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  1. Smartly Pretty

    Christmas PPV Thread

    Do the pre-show. JJ and I are writing a match with alternate characters
  2. Smartly Pretty

    Storm losing matches

    I <3 all the KENTA mentions, but you seem to hiave mis-interpreted the KENTA STYLE dropkick. "Manson stupidly leaves himself wide open not believing that Akira just delivered a high roundhouse to his face. Clutching his face Manson once again leaves himself over for a standing front dropkick reminiscent to Zyon’s snap dropkick, but the difference is that it’s KENTA STYLE…fools." KENTA style dropkick is springboard. That may be one reaosn. good match though dude, we were close.
  3. Smartly Pretty

    Storm Discussion

    Zyon did the 2nd part, so he has our match. Good show overall. I liked the Main Even in particular. Congrats to JayJay for . . . well eventually being longest reigning CW champ. I'm excited about the PPV. Mad Excited yo.
  4. Seriously, Vince Young, and Matt Leinart are great players, but if he doesn't win votes by a truck loads I'll be surprised.
  5. Smartly Pretty

    Jimmy Jacobs throws IWA title down

    I didn't know Daniels and Rotten don't get along. In that case I think it's a shoot. yay.
  6. Smartly Pretty

    Jimmy Jacobs throws IWA title down

    My theory: IWA-MS knows they're dieing. They cancelled 6 straight shows. They know the end is near. Meanwhile, Danny Daniels, who was the Golden boy on 2003, has this new promotion in the area. They want to give it some publicity, and "pass the torch" to them. Hell, I already watched the 1st show. I think the 3rd is the Trashcan one. I'll be there soon. And if that's not the case, Danny Daniels is a lucky bastard.
  7. Smartly Pretty

    Current/Former Wrestlers Who'd Work In The Booth

    If Punk doesn't pan out as a wrestler, he has a future in commentating for sure. Jericho would make a great one too.
  8. Smartly Pretty

    SWF Storm 12-9-05

    How long is xmas break? If I'm not back untill January 1st, do I miss anything?
  9. Smartly Pretty

    Christmas PPV Thread

    Sure whatever, grammar nazi.
  10. Smartly Pretty

    Christmas PPV Thread

    Prounounced the same. We could have a PPV called Know Mercy under that logic.
  11. Smartly Pretty

    Christmas PPV Thread

    Taken. PWG did Chaunakkah Chaos, with slient C's.
  12. Smartly Pretty

    Smarkdown Predictions!

    MAIN EVENT: CAGE MATCH! “The Icon” Max King vs. Bruce Blank© (SWF Ultraviolent Champion) Blank, because he's good with this stuff. FANTASTIC FATAL FOURWAY El Luchadore Magnifico© (SWF World Champion) vs. Jay Hawke © (SWF International Title Champion) vs. TORU Takahara© (SWF Tag Team Champion) vs. Stryke ELM, because he's cool like that. CRUISERWEIGHT TITLE MATCH: PURE WRESTLING RULES JJ Johnson© (SWF Cruiserweight Champion) vs. Landon Maddix I dunno, Landon, because his name comes later alphabetically. SINGLES MATCH Akira ‘The Divine Wind’ Kaibatsu vs. ??? Who's this Akira guy? COLD FRONT CLASSIC MATCH: TAKE TWO The Masked Crusader vs. ‘Hollywood’ Spike Jenkins Spike TRIPLE THREAT MATCH OF MOTIVATION Manson vs. Candace ‘The Joshi Dragon’ Onimura vs. Zyon Zyon, because I doubt the other 2 will show.
  13. Smartly Pretty

    SWF SMARKDOWN! 12/5/05

    Err . . . maybe we could have the markers post the matches they marked, instead of having one person post it?
  14. Smartly Pretty

    SWF SMARKDOWN! 12/5/05

    I don't see why it would. Same read, just in one post.
  15. Smartly Pretty

    SWF SMARKDOWN! 12/5/05

    I'm a moron. Damn that 'no more awesome little red marker' thing Sorry for making you look like an ass Justice
  16. Smartly Pretty

    SWF SMARKDOWN! 12/5/05

    Ok, the match is due in 3 days, and I still don't have a pm about who I'm actually wrestling. Anyone?
  17. Smartly Pretty

    Christmas PPV Thread

    Tom, I'm jewish too, I just fail miserably. I never even went to Hebrew school.
  18. Smartly Pretty

    SWF SMARKDOWN! 12/5/05

    Ummm . . . who do I write against? Also . . . I'm not avalible from the 16th to January the 2nd. Christmas PPV missage?
  19. Smartly Pretty

    Christmas PPV Thread

    JJ has the greatest name possibly ever, and it shall be my duty to steal it. Chaunakkah Chavoc.
  20. Smartly Pretty

    PROMO: Educating Landon

    Awesome. Go you.
  21. Smartly Pretty

    Jimmy Jacobs throws IWA title down

    Jimmy Jacobs is the king of the free world. Fuck Ian Rotten.
  22. I find this list to be shallow and pedantic. *never watched WCW*
  23. Smartly Pretty

    SWF Storm Card 11-25-05

    I forgotto mention I'm going to need to take this show off, for Thanksgiving esque reasons . . . is being unbooked possible?
  24. Smartly Pretty

    Did you lie, cheat, and steal this week...

    "Of course I did my homework"
  25. Smartly Pretty

    Tag Teams...

    The Detroit Red Wings.