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  1. Special Prediction: Crown the New International Champion ~The Main Event~ Cruiserweight Championship Match Michael Cross © vs. Zyon Cruiserweight Contendership Order Match Tom Flesher vs. Landon Maddix Wildchild vs. Scott Rageheart Punishment Match Michael Van Siclen vs. Cardboard Comet Tag Team MAAAAADNESS Match The Axis (Trent Hawk and Ciro Vitale w/ Mr. Kobe) vs. The Bemani Cross Wizards (Thoth~! and Ced Ordonez~!)
  2. super_tigris

    SWF Smarkdown Card 7-10-2006

    I'd kill to be in a Blindfold match. I, however, would not like to be in that awful Straight Bread stipulation that had to be an abortion to write. Props to the idea, it's hillarious, I just feel bad for the writers who partook in such a CRAZY stipulation.
  3. super_tigris

    For those involved in the IN Title Extravaganza

    Gee, I wonder who that number eight spot is going to. *twiddles thumbs*
  4. super_tigris

    SWF Smarkdown Card 7-10-2006

    At this point I feel like I'm ignoring it. The fictional world tour is supposed to be acknowledged and made to stand out, but then here I am ignoring it and just writing like I'm in a regular arena. Yeah, originally the novelty of the idea worked and was cool, and that was for one show. Now I just wish, "THE SWF'S BIGGEST SHOW FROM MADISON SQUARE GARDEN,YES~!" And that brings me to this: We need to do a fictional show from Madison Cubed Garden, you know, from Futurama.
  5. super_tigris

    SWF Smarkdown Card 7-10-2006

    That's the way I feel 100% and then some. It's kind of fun, but then again, what's fun for me is the fed and not the seriousness or whackiness of the fed. I know some people enjoy bringing back the old-school feel of the gimmicky fed from the past, but you know, I really enjoy myself more when there's more shock and surprise and great matches and storylines as opposed to, "What WHACKY turn with the fed take today?" I'm new, and I don't know how this place works, but I loved when I first came in and I had a lot of fun. When I left I was booked a couple times in stipulations for House Rules where I felt like, "Uh...what? I really don't want to write this." And it's not a shot at the bookers, because I was planning on taking off for two or three months anyways, it's just a tad much to have to write house-rules, which is really the reason I'm glad I'm a champion, I feel a sense of safety that I won't have to write a stipulation house-rules match for a title defense...or at least not yet~!
  6. super_tigris

    SWF Smarkdown Card 7-10-2006

    House Rules would make it an even more challenging win, thus forcing the winner to have proven themself.
  7. super_tigris

    SWF Smarkdown Card 7-10-2006

    I'm so pumped to write Zyon/Cross II. As for contendership order match, either winner is making me nervous, though if possible, I'd like to defend against them after Ground Zero.
  8. super_tigris

    SWF Storm Card - 6-30-2006

    Cirro and I will both be on vacation this week. We're devising a plan...
  9. super_tigris

    SWF Storm Card - 6-30-2006

    The Axis, minus Trent Hawk, is taking the next week off. He and Mr. Kobe will surely bring pride to our stable of greatness.
  10. super_tigris

    Anyone still have IGN Insider?

    I get too lazy to come to TSM, which is why I wish I could force IGN to make that board free, as opposed to a dead board that has a insider-only lock. Ingenious! Oh well, I can look for stuff as well.
  11. super_tigris


    I'm looking forward to this more than I was before.
  12. super_tigris

    Smarkdown Predictions!

    Landon might win, but The Axis might have something to say about that... Predictions to be edited in, because I forgot to copy them, whoops. THE MAIN EVENT - HARDCORE CHAMPIONSHIP MATCH Insane Luchador vs. Jimmy the Doom vs. Spike Jenkins vs. Scott Rageheart SPIKE! -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Cruiserweight Exhibition - Non Title Match Michael Cross © vs. Landon "La Cucaracha" Maddix Maybe. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Special Welcoming Committee Match #2 ??? vs. Manson Question marks of Doom. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Special Welcoming Committee Match #1 Tom Flesher vs. Kerry Staunton Tom Flesher. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Opening Bout Ghost Machine 3.0 vs. Ced Ordonez Three.Point.Oh.
  13. super_tigris

    SWF Stats Thread - 2006 Edition

    Posting stats for someone else, specifically Longcat: Preliminary Question: How did you find us/hear about us? Well, one of my friends has been trying to get me here for a while, but I kept forgetting about it. And then, finally, another one of my friends told me to come here, and I did. Smarks Board Name: longcat Wrestlers Name: Trent Hawk Height: 6'3" Weight: 243 pounds Hometown: Hollywood, California Age: 22 Face/Heel: Heel Stable: The Axis Ring Escort: N/A Weapon(s): Sometimes keeps a pair of brass knuckles in his pants, or any other foreign object that he can keep there. Quote: “Paving the road to Hollywood...one brick at a time!” Looks: Trent Hawk is a very clean cut individual. Always clean shaven, hair is in a neat fade style, with the front spiked up a little bit. Jet black hair and dark brown eyes make his appearance a very striking one. Chiseled, as if he was carved out of stone, Trent has a nice golden tan, but that is usually covered up, as Trent wrestles in a sleeveless black track shirt, with a gold encrested “Hawk” on the back of it, written in script, and a pair of black athletic pants with a white stripe running down the outside of each pantleg. Ring Entrance: Before Trent comes out, the lights in the arena dim, all except for a single golden spotlight on the top of the stage. “Cult of Personality” by Living Colour hits the sound system, as he steps out onto the top of the stage, looks around, and continues his trek down to the ring. As he does, pyro archs begin to form over top of him on the ramp. He gets to the ring, and slides underneath of the ropes, before stretching out on the ropes, and taking the time to jaw with the fans in the front row. During stable entrances, “Regulators” by Warren G. ft. Nate Dogg. Stats: ¯¯¯¯¯ Strength: 5 Speed: 4 Vitality: 6 Charisma: 5 Style: When facing smaller opponents, Trent will try to overpower them, whereas, against larger opponents, Trent takes advantage of his technical prowess. Also, when in desperation situations, or when he needs some time to regroup, Trent resorts to many cheap tactics, such as low blows, eye gouges, and sometimes foreign object use. Signature moves: Superplex Superkick Brainbuster Boston Crab Floatover Hanging Vertical Suplex Dragon Screw Figure Four Leg Lock Full Nelson Suplex Common moves: Snap Suplex Leaping Clothesline Low Blow Eye Gouge Elbow Drop Fujiwara Armbar Shin Breaker Back Suplex Sleeper Tree of Woe Drop Toe Hold & Knee Smash Combination Inverted Atomic Drop Spinebuster DDT Flapjack Into The Turnbuckle/Ring Post Rare moves: Shining Wizard Diving Bulldog From The Top Rope Roundhouse Kick Triangle Choke Finishers: Rolling The Credits - Trent’s variation of the Emerald Fusion, moving the opponent from atop of his head, as if to drop him in a powerbomb manner, quickly to the Emerald Fusion position behind him, and sitting down quickly. Notes: Trent is a very aggressive fighter, not holding anything back in the ring. He gets sidetracked often by fans, and sometimes even decides to address them mid-match, showing his arrogance to everyone. Also has a bad temperament, yet when he is focused, is very clever about getting his way. Bio: Came from a rich Hollywood movie producer and a prostitute, Trent grew up with a silver spoon in his mouth. He has a bad temper, which eventually led him to many a bar fight during his lifetime. During one of those, he was approached to start wrestling, which has treated him well. He’s still doing it to this day.
  14. super_tigris

    SWF Smarkdown Card - 6-26-2006

    Can I have the Opening Promo, please?
  15. super_tigris

    SWF Lockdown Card (June 21st, 2006)

    House rules matches running dry on choices, or what?
  16. super_tigris

    Disney Brawls 2.0

    YES! I WON!
  17. super_tigris

    Noth Thoth Report, 06/17/06 Edition

    YouSendIt, but that's just because I have a vendetta against Rapidshare's policy and pop ups that surpass my Firefox extensions.
  18. super_tigris

    Noth Thoth Report, 06/17/06 Edition

    I GOT A BONE TO PICK WITH YOU PEOPLE, DON'T USE GOD DAMN RAPID SHARE! (as a side not, I accidentally spelled "BONER" while originally attempting to type this post)
  19. super_tigris

    SWF Lockdown Card (June 21st, 2006)

    That was the point, DubCee, that was the point.
  20. super_tigris

    SWF Lockdown Card (June 21st, 2006)

    Doesn't make sense? The whole angle revolved around Punk hating that Ring of Honor brought in a 'reformed' drug addict and alcoholic to a company whose name contains the word 'honor'. Punk's father was an alcoholic who he hated, and made the connection to Raven. That night, Punk attempted to turn Raven back down the path of alcoholism by pouring beer down his throat. Raven escaped via the help of Tommy Dreamer and then they tied Punk down and did the same to him. It makes perfect sense, you guys just don't know what you're talking about.
  21. super_tigris

    Evolution is a Mystery

    Couple of things: Scientifically, this thread is horrendous. Nothing in Science is ever proven, you can't do it, you can't do it. It needs to be said that the only thing Science is capable of in terms of 'proving' things is disproving them. Science is compiling ideas such as theories and hypothesis and attaining evidence (NOT PROOF) in order to disprove certain aspects of theories or hypothesis. What that means is that we have no way to prove evolution, we have evidence to suggest that certain things did or didn't happen (which esentially means the door is wide open), but nothing that says "HEY HEY, MOTHER FUCKER, THIS IS FACT!" Furthermore, the reason you can't teach Creationism in a Science class is because the fuck-tards who put up the fight to put it in Science classrooms have no clue what they're talking about or definitions of what they're saying. They ramble on the air about having 'proof' that Evolution is false, and go so far as to create songs that revolve around lines of 'whenever we hear evolution, ask if they were there', to which all the little children scream 'NO' out loud. They fall into their own hypocritical arguments, and in one breath they support one theory and Evolution with their own 'proof'. I've heard a woman argue that remains of whales were found atop mountains, and how can Evolution be true, that whale must have been placed their by God! Well, fuck face, there's this thing called plate techtonics. There's a million other things they nitpick that only further disprove things that scientists disproved years ago. Another reason you can't teach creationism in schools is because that class cannot be placed in other classes Government funded. If you don't fund Stem-Cell research based on religous grounds, you don't fund religous classes in public schools. If my teacher told me I had to learn this as part of state curiculum, I would tell them to fuck themselves and to first fund stem-cell research in order to find out more about a disease that nearly took my great grandmother away from me.
  22. super_tigris

    13th Hour Losers Thread

    Don't worry about it, you were supposed to put it in, it was kind of something to help add to commentary and the beginning of the match. I added it as well. Anyways, I liked the match. You wrote it as I expected, at least in terms of writing my character. I like the fact that I was more of the agresser with the more offense-based showing as opposed to my match, that's probably one of the aspects I like about your's. I feel like the way I wrote my character, which is embarasing for me, was far less superior to how you wrote it. Though, different interpretations from different people. Overall, I liked your match, it's exceptional for having done it within an extension which shows really how much you're capable as of a writer. The only problem I felt that was there was sort of the voice within the match. For me, I enjoy writing it without sort of leading the reader down a specific road, that way they can sort of make what they like of the match, where as with your match, it felt like you were taking the reader by the hand and telling them where to go. Still, good match, I'm really glad you decided to write, because I would've felt uber-guilty about the circumstances that happened with deciding the finish and what not, with the lack of communication. EDIT: I don't know what you're doing in the next couple of shows, but if you're not doing anything in a couple shows or at the next PPV, I want a rematch, maybe 2.
  23. super_tigris

    SWF AftershoXXXxxXXxxxXXXXxxXXX Card!

    Suggestions: -The Water Temple from LOZ: OOT -Bowser's Castle -The Arena from The Elder Scrolls -Gathering spot from The Warriors...can you dig it?
  24. super_tigris

    Zarqawi's dead!

    With fingerprint, scar, and facial identification?
  25. super_tigris

    School Bans Cell Phones in NY

    Well, here's an issue. Some of the kids that I have school with don't bother to pay attention because cheating is so high that all someone has to do is ask the lonely outsider kid for their homework in order for them to feel like they fit in and then just copy it and pass it around to all their friends. It's like that in my school and I'm sure everywhere. Education is ridiculous and my school is more concerned with taking CD players and hats away than making sure that students don't skip, cheat, smoke cigarettes on school grounds, get in fights, among other things. They're also more concerned with making examples of the kids they don't like rather then enforcing their policy for the entire student body. Someone's cell phone who needed it to call home is taken but the guy with it strapped to his side gets to keep his? The point is, these rules don't work because they're only enforced when the adminstrators or educators see fit, and I'm not saying that works for every school or every principle or every teacher, but that's the way it works at my school. If a stoner gets busted with pot on or off school ground, he's gone. If the star running back does (AND TWICE, this happened) he gets a slap on the wrist. The rules aren't followed, and all they are are means to hurt kids with good reputations. That's trully how I see it, though, I'm all for banning in-class texting and calling.