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    Something I put together in my free time

    That took me a bit longer, and due to the color over-lay, it looks pretty assy. I'll be working on it this weekend, I kind of like it, but the logo needs a lot of work.
  2. super_tigris

    Lockdown discussion

    Well, if I upset anyone with the way I wrote the finish of my match, trully sorry. I had no idea that any kind of thing like this is frowned upon, more so if Arch is actually returning. Maybe a follow up match so that we can set the record straight. My understanding in the way I wanted it to go over was for Arch to not be *seriously* hurt. Armbar's are killer from what I've experienced in real life, and I wanted to put over the strength and vitality of Griffon. I guess I went too far, but I wasn't sure how believable a finish would've been had the armbar not been worked twice with the ref stopping the match out of concern for Griffon's arm. Maybe a promo or something can set the record straight stating that Griffon nearly suffered an elbow dislocation, however, the match was stopped before any serious damage was done. Really, my mistake. Sorry guys.
  3. super_tigris

    PROMO: Understanding (part I)

    A memory like fade overtakes the view, and an image overtakes what had seemed like the present, replaced by a man who looks on dazed, almost stupefied. The camera pans to the left revealing a younger Michael Cross complete with baggy, ratty clothing and cleanly shaven – no younger than the age of 16. The man stalks over him by several inches, and stutters and slurs his words as he approaches a situation – what seems to be a broken lamp, laying shattered into thousands of pieces on the floor. “You did…YOU DID THIS,” spits the older and raggedy looking man, wearing a stained wife beater, his greasy skin and tattooed arms tensed at the sight of the broken lamp, “YOU DID THIS!” The young Michael Cross looks down at his feet, and then looks back to the man. He smirks, and responds, “Your own masochism did this – you were drunk last night.” The man grimaces, and turns his head away and shrieks angrily, “NO! That’s a lie!” “It’s not; you’re more like me than you understand. You and I share a common disrespect for our bodies, but unlike you, I am pure, and unlike you, I enjoy the pain I put myself through.” Cross’ face looks sedated and demonic, as he stares down a man who seems to have once intimidated the young Cross. “You’re a son of a wench, you unholy bastard child,” the man spits out the devastating truth, crippling the smirk and graceful arrogance that had swept the young Suicide Machine. Cross’ face dies and what replaces is a look of confusion and complete destruction, his eyes mirroring nothing more than empty rooms. They gleam on the light, as the tears fill his eyes. “You deserve no family, you abomination,” the man now sooths his voice, attempting to convince the deranged mind of the young Michael Cross that there is no hope for him, manipulating his mind. Cross looks down to his feet and reaches out to the glass, picking up a large sliver of glass which he holds up to his eye. He looks at it, the glass distorting the pupil, making it larger than the other and emphasizing the near-insane antics of the young Cross who moves the edge down to his chest, pressing it to the cloth of his raggedy black shirt, and tearing the strings that make up the large shirt. The blade makes its way to the flesh, tearing and ripping away thin layers of skin, leaving a slit like line which blood trickles from – deep and gruesome. Cross’ eyes reflect the pain, but not a sound comes from his mouth as the blood oozes from the deep gash. The image fades to darkness with the remarks “…You abomination” echoing.
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    Aftershawscksz Kommentz

    Those were very helpful, Blank. That match got real sloppy real fast - I started running out of words to explain stuff so everything kind of came together incorrectly and came off in a totally different way than I would've liked. Time lapse between spots really doesn't help my cause, because everything seemed to come together a bit fast. Thanks, comments much appreciated.
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    SWF Wrestler of the Month & Historian's Rankings

    Oh my, number 16?
  6. super_tigris

    Lockdown Predictions~!

    MAIN EVENT WORLD TITLE BOUT, SUBMISSION MATCH El Luchadore Magnifico© vs JJ Johnson SPECIAL GUEST COMMENTATOR: Wes Davenport I'm really pulling for JJ to snag the belt this time around. JJ is where I'm aiming, though I'm skeptical. SINGLES MATCH "The Divine Wind" Akira Kaibatsu vs Todd Cortez Hey, HEY, AKIRA KAIBATSU! HARDCORE TITLE BOUT Bruce Blank© vs Ghost Machine 2.0 I'll go ahead and say Blank - his match from the 'Fuck against Akira was pretty f'n awesome. Hard to stop a guy after a pretty awesome match. SINGLES MATCH Laberinto vs "The Icon" Max King I'm not really aware of either of these two yet. Max King? CRUSIERWEIGHT TITLE BOUT, TRIPLE THREAT Zyon© vs Kevin Coyote vs Christian Fury Aye, Zyon. SINGLES MATCH Amy Stephens vs Insane Luchador I've heard a lot about IL (well, some), so I'm thuroughly interested to see where this goes. SINGLES MATCH Jimmy the Doom vs The Crimson Skull 'Skull to win. OPENING BOUT SINGLES MATCH Archie Griffon vs Michael Cross Draw. Everyone in the ring dies.
  7. super_tigris

    SWF Lockdown Card - 06/02/08

    Movin' on up, eh? Former champion, this should be fun.
  8. super_tigris

    Clusterfuck Comments

    I'll probably get around to reading the PPV as soon as I'm done with my next match. Thanks for the feed back from those who posted it, I'll probably *try* to leave some of my own later on in a couple days, it's just a matter of getting around to reading the whole thing.
  9. super_tigris

    SWF AftershoX

    I have no idea the degree to which I'll be able to do this match. To elaborate on why I might not show, I had surgery on my shoulder last year, and long story short, I'm experiencing problems with it again. I'm on my way to the doctors now, and I have an appointment with an orthapedic surgeon tommorow. Michael Cross might be on DL, but that's a very big assumption. Just don't expect too much. Real sorry I couldn't get on to do this last night, it hurts to be typing this right now, but there's no excuse for just no-showing without an explination. Letting you know ahead of time so that maybe you can coaxe someone into taking my place.
  10. super_tigris

    Clusterfuck Word Count Thread

    Oh, and by the way, if this is specifically for the 'Fuck itself, then I feel incredibly silly.
  11. super_tigris

    Clusterfuck Word Count Thread

    Nearing 1500 or so, probably another 2 or 3k at max. Haven't really decided where I want to take the match, and I'm leaning in the direction of "More is Best".
  12. super_tigris

    PROMO: A Walk Down Memory Lane

    The SWF cameras cut away to a clip in night vision – obviously pre-taped. The camera zooms out and a dim light shows over the green and black room, not bright enough for it to effectively make a difference. It zooms in on a darkened figure that begins to speak in a tone that’s inexplicably dark and preacher-like. “We live in a world dictated by people who neither wish to understand our lives – those of us who are dumped on and denied any true and significant freedom-,” the figure speaks with a tone that seeks explanation, “Or our opinions.” The camera flashes to an Asian man standing directly behind the figure with his hand upon the figure’s shoulder as if to console him in his efforts to find an answer, however, the man cannot be identified despite the cameras best efforts to reveal his true identity. “All my life I was thrown around by people who claimed to want the best for me, who claimed to be there for me when my parents denied me a normal life and abandoned me,” the figure hangs his head momentarily as if to recall tragic events that haunt his deep and dark past, “After my creation not by love, but by greed.” The Asian man looks stern now, as if to physically show his disagreement with the way the figure was treated. “Family to family, then to another, I’ve had my arms and my legs moved by a puppeteer.” The figure snaps his head up and turns showing his anger and hatred for the people who had controlled his past. “Then from what they called family to who they called my father. Age 11, beaten, strangled, bruised, and then denied – I was no son and he was no father.” The figure regains composure and hangs his head once again. “Sleepless nights brewed the silence that created the corrosion that was my sanity which tripped over the scent of alcohol on my father’s breath. But who was I to understand why I was so hated? All I’ve ever known were the backs of the people who I thought I should’ve loved, all I’ve ever known was insanity and depression.” The Asian man in the background smirks, and then shows a bottle which he pops open and drops out a tablet from. “But now clarity comes, but now understanding of my silence, my denial, my existence, and my depression – IT ALL COMES FROM THIS!” The figure holds up his fingers which are pinched on a tablet that the camera confirms by zoom. “You see, I am manic, I never wanted to be anything, I never understood why I existed. But now, oh yes, now...” Both the figure and the Asian man smirk confidently, “Now I have purpose.” The figure downs the pill and then pushes the camera away which tumbles to the ground destroying the rest of the footage. The gray scratching is followed by grunge-like text that reads, “Michael Cross and the Asia Underground…1/29/06.” OOC: ARGH, I totally meant "Who's" in the sub-title.
  13. super_tigris


    Hey, hey! High profile match. Can't wait to do this, I've been looking forward to writing my first match.
  14. super_tigris

    The New Chat Thread

    I'm totally new to this all, so hopefully I can bring something to the table that'll serve this place in a positive way. Anyways, I'm not sure what the "Chat" is, I assume it's this thread or a server-like chatroom similar to what AIM offers. An explination, perhaps?
  15. super_tigris

    SWF Roll Call

    Michael Cross.
  16. super_tigris

    SWF STATS THREAD, Summer 2005 Edition

    Preliminary Question: Through IGN’s efed/JJ Johnson, Akira Kaibatsu Smarks Board Name: Super_Tigris Wrestlers Name: Michael Cross Nickname: The Suicide Machine Height: 5’11’’ Weight: 223 pounds Hometown: Detroit, MI Age: 21 Face/Heel: Face (somewhat tweener) Stable: None Ring Escort: None Weapon(s): Barbed Wire, Ladders, and Tables Quote: None Looks: Hair – Long, Black Eyes – Beady, Dark Blue Facial Hair – Black, Sabin-like Chin Strap goatee Body – Small, tight, muscular Tattoo – A cross on the back of his neck, an S on his left shoulder and an E on his right shoulder, “DRUG FREE” tattooed across his knuckles, and the numbers “2” and “8” tattooed tiny near the middle of his chest. Attire – Gym shorts (dark red waist band with white draw strings, white legs, thick dark red strip down the left leg and the right leg, in white text the words “twenty” and “eight” are spelled on the left and right leg with dark red circular cuffs at the bottom of each leg), long white boots with dark red kick pads, dark red knee pads, long taped wrists (white tape) with a dark red X on both of the tops of the hands. Ring Attire – Dark red and black Independent hoodie sweat shirt. Ring Entrance: A lot of dark red and black strobe lights. Grim walk, cold and lifeless. Colony by In Flames for an entrance theme Stats Strength: 4 Speed: 5 Vitality: 8 Charisma: 3 Style: When the size of a match favors him, Cross likes to work a fast paced power offense with some flying moves. When the wrestler is bigger than Cross by quite a bit, then Cross tends to stick with a fast paced striking and high flying offense that attempts to keep his opponent on the ground. Also, Cross is known for being extremely spotty and able to take a very intricate beating while being able to still manage at least to give his opponent a run for his money. Signature move: Avalanche Head Trauma - Double Stomp (be it from the top rope, or just in general while standing) Break the Ice – Starts in a powerbomp, and the opponent is dropped down into a knee creating a back/neck breaker Triple Northern Lights Suplex Pin Entrapment – STS, or an STF with a headlock applied Nail in the Cross – Michinoku Driver I, or a double arm brainbuster Fierce Strikes – while opponent is on hands and knees, Cross stands over him and delivers cross face forearms over and over again. Common moves: Headlock Huricanrana Rapid arm drags Oklahoma Roll Pin Alternating knee strikes Spinning drop toe hold Enziguri Sunset flip (from various positions) Snap suplex Pendulum Backbreaker Double leg takedown Chain wrestling (arm wringing, headlock exchanges, arm drags, submission/pin exchange) Dropkick to Knee Rare moves: Blasphemy in Motion – Spinning Fisherman’s Neckbreaker Violent Roots – Arabian Face Buster/Atomic Arabian Face Buster Finishers: Silent Rage Syndrome – Chris Hero’s Strong Hero Welcome, or a dragon sleeper that lifts and twists into a cutter. The Devil’s Soul Snare – Dragon Suplex Pin Desperation ’28 – Assault Driver (often used as a transition spot for a close two count, however, it’s capable of being used as a finish for a match – often used for a top rope spot, if necessary) Notes: Cross is extremely violent, loves blood, loves fighting, but isn’t just super-spotty. He can wrestle, he can take big bumps, and generally works in matches where he takes a majority of the punishment be it that he puts himself in position to take horrific falls by using high risk maneuvers. Cross often likes to rush into a fight and try and catch his opponent off guard, and because his vitality is so high, he’s able to have large spurts of energy later in matches, similar to the likes of Kurt Angle, Shawn Michaels, and Chris Benoit. When Cross is in control, he’s often like Taz in that he’s machine-like and very destructive/controlling. He likes inducing the maximum amount of pain he can by dissecting his opponent piece by piece. Very thorough, very dangerous when in control. Bio: Cross was abandoned 28 days after his birth, thus the meaning of the number 28 that he uses to symbolize himself. He went through a hard childhood being shuffled through foster home after foster home. At the age of 12 he was placed in with an abusive foster father who was a drunk. He eventually escaped at the age of 16 and has been training in a Japanese dojo to be a pro wrestler ever since. Cross was found in the underground ultra-violent federations of Japan and was brought to America by Mr. Kobe, Akira Kaibatsu’s manager. Cross' last name was taken and changed by him, the reason being that he feels he's a modern-day messiah who suffers for the sins of others. One of the big factors as to why is because his parents had abandoned him at a young age, their sin being original sin placed on him by his parents, who he feels made him suffer through a hard childhood. He's often refered to as "Pandora's Box" because he's full of the hate of the entire world that surrounds him. He's manically depressed, and easily controlled in situations where he's not seeing straight. Cross often hurts himself and others, as he has become masochistic. He's extremely dangerous, and fights the hatred of the world because of all the sin and hatred that follows him and the people he loves. Cross' main face appeal is that he's so hurt inside that the crowd wants him to finally suceed and be happy. Unfortunatly, when Cross fails, he's destroyed mentally and will often result to masochism, hatred, and just generally seeking out the destruction of others. When this happens, he becomes very dangerous to himself and to others.
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    Rate your drugs!

    I had Vikoden for an injury, and from that experience alone, I will never do drugs, ever. Never, not again, not ever. The reason being how big of a fool I made out of myself for an entire night because I'd taken such a big amount of it (not 10 pills, but more like 4 or 5). I hate the idea that I'm not in control of my body, I hate the idea of a reality that's non-existant that my body and mind feel apart of, it just frightens me. The fact that you can die through drug use is also enough to make me never want to use anything ever again. For those reasons, I've become "Straight Edge", but not in the stupid "HARDCORE! PUNK MUSIC RULEZ 4 LIFE" sense, it's more of a civil thing where I took an oath to myself never to use a drug ever again. But I'm friends with many people who enjoy their drugs, so I say this: have fun and be safe!