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  1. Wrestlefreak

    Royal Rumble 2009

    Great to see RVD in the Rumble! I marked like crazy. The rest of the Rumble match was only half-decent, but at least Orton won. Matt's heel turn was well done. I had a feeling it was coming soon, but I did not expect it last night. Matt will probably claim that Jeff's problems have been a distraction, and the real reason why he lost to Swagger. It should be interesting to see where this goes. Jeff/Edge was good match, though obviously overshadowed by Matt. Edge is champ again, which is always good. Melina getting kicked by her own foot was a nice touch. I hope she gets a decent title run. The finish to JBL/Cena was pointless. HBK should have helped JBL last night, then turn on him at Mania and keep the money.
  2. Wrestlefreak

    WWE Raw - January 19, 2009

    Awesome Raw! Orton's reaction after the punt was great. I really liked the fact that Jericho had a completely different attitude towards Vince. Orton was upfront and direct, while Jericho snivelled. I'm assuming Vince is out once again for a long time and Steph makes Orton's life a living hell. The Goldust/Cody segment was cool. I'd like to see more interaction between those two. Crowd was hot for Punk and lets hope he gets an extended IC run. The JBL/HBK/Cena segment was really well done. This angle is very captivating. Shawn was brilliant!
  3. Wrestlefreak

    WWE SmackDown - January 2, 2009

    Nice to hear the crowd rooting for MVP. He was way over! The crowd popped big-time when it looked like he was gonna hit the Playmaker. Good to see the Deadman again. I hope they keep him in the final four in the Rumble.
  4. Wrestlefreak

    WWE Raw - December 29, 2008

    Kelly Kelly/Orton was a shock. It doesn't seem WWE are gonna go anywhere with it. The ending was a bit too drawn out. Shawn should have just laid down without the CFH. I'm still interested in the angle though. Call me easily impressed, but Manu's moonsault was cool.
  5. Wrestlefreak

    The Time Is Now... to Change Cena's Theme

    This lawsuit has been dropped. http://www.wrestleview.com/news08/1229640753.shtml
  6. Wrestlefreak

    OaO Monday Night Raw thread 12/15/2008

    I'm loving this Kelly Kelly/Kane angle. I was pleasantly surprised to find out it was not the Miz that Kane was really after. The twist with th Miz makes me think that Kane was really going for JoMo in the ring, but just wanted to play some head games. This could divide Miz and Morrison. On the subject of Miz/Morrison, glad to see they retained the belts in a great match last night.
  7. Wrestlefreak

    Let's Talk About: Rikishi

    This is similar to what they did with "Phat" Albert's heel turn in 2002. That has nothing to do with Rikishi, but your post just reminded me of it.
  8. Wrestlefreak

    WWE Raw - December 8, 2008: The Return of the Slammys

    I'm glad WWE finally gave kudos to Miz and Morrison. They are the best tag team in WWE. Now put the tag belts on them. The CM Punk acceptance speech was cool. Good to see Joey Styles. The Kelly Kelly/Kane exchange was funny. Imagine those two as a couple!
  9. Wrestlefreak

    WWE Raw - December 1, 2008

    Jericho screaming "ask him!" when he put Cena in the Walls was a nice touch. The JBL/HBK segment was really well done. It'll be interesting to see where this goes. I'm glad my man JoMo beat Finlay. Shame Miz didn't go over Rey.
  10. Wrestlefreak

    WWE Raw; 11-24-08

    Yeah, that was a cool move. Good to see Melina back.
  11. Wrestlefreak

    WWE Survivor Series - November 23, 2008

    I marked like CRAZY for Edge! Hell yes!! I couldn't even focus on Jericho/Cena because I was still thinking about the swerve. Brilliant! Edge rules!!!
  12. Lord of the Rings question- Is there anywhere I can watch the "purist edit" of The Two Towers online? For anybody who has no idea what I'm talking about, Here's the trailer
  13. Wrestlefreak

    WWE Raw - November 3, 2008

    I knew my boys Miz and Morrison were gonna get shafted, but if WWE insist on putting over DX no matter who they're against, at least make the other team look good in the match. I hate DX! As for the Jericho swerve, it was a pleasant surprise.
  14. Wrestlefreak

    ECW on SciFi: October 28, 2008

    Okay, I'm officially a Miz and Morrison mark. They can do no wrong. They're awesome!
  15. Wrestlefreak

    The Time Is Now... to Change Cena's Theme

    I would be very surprised if WWE won this case should it fully play out in court. The sample in question is clearly stolen from the other rap track. I'd never even heard of MOP until now, but I just saw the "Ante Up" video and I was amazed WWE could be this blatant. They will have to settle if the case is not dismissed.
  16. Wrestlefreak

    WWE SmackDown! - October 24, 2008

    Even though I knew there would be interference, I still enjoyed HHH/Taker. It was a bloody good match!
  17. Wrestlefreak

    WWE Raw - October 20, 2008

    Miz and Morrison's promo was awesome! LMAO! I'm getting sick of this Cena ego-stroke thing. The fans aren't exactly gonna forget about him, so why do we have to have this "Cena's so great" exercise every week? It sucks.
  18. Wrestlefreak

    ECW Thread Oct 7th, 2008

    Yeah, that was awesome! Striker and Grisham are the best commentary team in WWE.
  19. Wrestlefreak

    Discussion: The Undertaker

    I''ve aways liked Taker. Not just his gimmick, also his no nonsense work ethic and workrate. Even when WWE has put him in horrible angles, he gets the best out of it. He can also pull decent matches out of crap workers like Kahli. Taker should keep the streak because I am certain that if WWE did decide to have him lose it, they would mishandle it. Comparisons to Goldberg's streak are of no value. Goldberg's streak was just about sheer numbers, whereas Taker's is tied to the legacy of the most prestigious PPV in the industry. In Kayfabe terms, Undertaker's WM streak represents "raising your game" at the most important show of the year. In regards to HHH, I can see why Taker is not keen on his "shoots". Although I have always hated the over-protection of Kayfabe off-screen, I understand that within the show itself, it is very important. HHH plays with that balance too much.
  20. Wrestlefreak

    WWE SmackDown - August 29, 2008

    Kendrick's promo was awesome!! Well written, well performed. Great stuff. HHH/Shelton and MVP/Jeff were both good.
  21. Wrestlefreak

    WWE Smackdown (8/15/2008)

    Without wishing to post spoilers, I must say the last segment is an absolute must watch. Utterly Brilliant! Also, Koslov vs Festus was good.
  22. Wrestlefreak

    WWE Raw (8/11/2008)

    I was utterly shocked by the Kane revelation. Even after he said it wasn't his mask, I had no idea Kane was talking about Mysterio. It was awesome. The JBL/CM Punk segment was also good. JBL is great on the microphone and with CM Punk's "straight edge" thing, they work well as opposites. I hope their match at SummerSlam is given enough time.
  23. Wrestlefreak

    WWE Raw (7/14/2008)

    Santino's "did you check the Pepsi machine?" line to Kane was awesome. Jericho's post-match speech to Paul London was cool. I'm liking Batista's tweener gimmick ever since the HBK angle. Last night's spinebuster on Punk was a good way to build their match at GAB.
  24. Wrestlefreak

    WWE Smackdown (6/13/2008)

    It seems like I'm the only one who's still really enjoying Mick Foley on commentary. I find him really funny. Plus, I liked the fact that on this week's show he made reference to Cole's annoying repetitiveness. In regards to Edge, I loved how he ran to vickie like a baby after CM Punk's threat. He plays the "cowardly heel" so well.
  25. Wrestlefreak

    WWE Smackdown (6/6/2008)

    Mick Foley's Goldberg joke was wonderfully random.