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  1. Wrestlefreak

    WWE Raw (5/26/2008)

    Me too. Seeing Ted SR. with his son come out together every week would be ALOT more entertaining than when we had Randy with Bob Orton. Randy's dad was just plain boring. Ted SR. rules!! Plus, his music is cool.
  2. Wrestlefreak

    WWE Smackdown (5/9/2008)

    Yeah, I couldn't stop laughing at that! Foley really is entertaining as a commentator. In regards to Morrison, I really enjoyed seeing him dominate Batista last night. I've always thought Morrison was a great worker.
  3. Wrestlefreak

    WWE Raw (4/28/2008)

    That was such a bloody cool ending! Regal rules. Long live the king!!! LMAO at Santino's promo before his match.
  4. Wrestlefreak

    WWE Backlash 2008

    First off, two things about the commentating last night. 1)LMAO at Lawler accidently saying "The atmosphere here is absolutely erect" 2) Mick Foley did a great job and his joke about Coach was really funny. Now, As for the show itself, it was decent. Taker/Edge was great, but it didn't top their Mania match IMO. The finish was awesome. The Fatal Four really picked up after Cena and JBL were eliminated. Orton should have retained, but at least Cena didn't go over. I'm suprised HBK went clean over Batista, but it's a good way to continue an interesting feud. Matt going over MVP was no great shock. Let's hope MVP moves on up now.
  5. Wrestlefreak

    The Youtube Thread

    Does anybody have a link to the entire Raw after Badd Blood 1997(October 6 1997)? I looked on Dailymotion and I couldn't find it.
  6. Wrestlefreak

    4/18 Smackdown Spoilers

    Jericho sounded like he had a cold or something during the Highlight Reel with Batista. Edge trying to get the crowd clapping during the Batista/Taker match was funny. Like the spoilers say, the sight of Big show getting choke-bombed by Khali was awesome.
  7. Wrestlefreak

    WWE Raw (4/14/2008)

    It was good to see Regal get serious offence against Orton. It's great to hear KOTR is back. I'm leaving for the SD/ECW tapings in a couple of hours.
  8. Wrestlefreak

    WWE Smackdown (4/11/2008)

    Yeah, but that would take away the "mysterious" aura they've been trying to build around this move.
  9. Wrestlefreak

    WWE Smackdown (4/11/2008)

    I just bought a ticket for next week's Smackdown in London. I can't wait. As for this week's show, I liked how they did the Festus situation(with the exception of the foot on the rope). The match itself was good and they finish was very well done. Taker's reaction to Festus at the end was cool.
  10. Wrestlefreak

    Mick Foley

    I liked the angle he had with Melina. It was strange, but very interesting.
  11. Wrestlefreak

    Seven Years...

    Today marks seven years since the end of WCW. I personally miss the company as it had a different feel to WWE. I know alot has been said about how WCW went downhill towards the end, but they had more great moments than bad ones- and not just the obvious ones like the formation of the nWo. I even miss Tony Schiavone's commentating. We will never have another time like the Monday Night Wars and I loved it. WCW rules!! What do you think of WCW? Does it feel like it's been seven years since the end? Discuss.
  12. Wrestlefreak

    The Legacy Of Ric Flair

    Here's an article written by Paul Heyman about Flair's retirement: http://www.thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage/sport...icle1005842.ece I agree with Heyman's point here, Flair's "send-off" was overdone by WWE.
  13. Wrestlefreak

    Dream matches

    Sting/Taker for me aswell. It would be so great.
  14. Wrestlefreak

    WWE Smackdown (4/4/2008)

    Yes, it was very well done. WWE are clearly going to paint Batista as the heel, even though he had some valid points. The fact that the segment had a shoot vibe gave it extra credibility. Oh yeah, that fan screaming was annoying as hell. What made it worse was that he was so clearly audible, almost as if his voice was isolated by the sound guys.
  15. Wrestlefreak

    Upcoming Scott Keith Q & A Session

    Hi Scott. I've read your book Tonight... In This Very Ring and I enjoyed it. I was wondering why you are very critical of the Undertaker throughout the book? Do you hate his gimmick, workrate or both? And do you really consider Calaway to be one of the worst "top guys" in the WWE?
  16. Wrestlefreak

    Wrestlemania XXIV Discussion Thread

    Edge/Taker was the best match IMO. Edge's promo before the match was absolutely brilliant. The match itself was utterly engrossing. I loved it. HBK/Flair was good. Shawn did an great job of putting over his "hesitancy" to beat Flair. I'm glad Orton retained, but I have a feeling he won't be keeping the title much longer. Even though he deserves to. MITB was good. They came up with really cool spots. Good to see Kane get another title run. Mayweather/Show was surprisingly well done. Overall, a brilliant Mania, with the jewel in the crown being Edge/Taker. Long may Taker reign!!
  17. Wrestlefreak

    Smackdown Spoilers for 3/28

    The video package for Edge in the last segment was awesome!! Edge did the best pre-WM "eulogy" speech. I have been waiting for this match a long time and I REALLY can't wait. As far as I'm concerned, it's the most interesting match on the card. I just hope it gets decent ring-time. I want Taker to keep the streak, but this year more than ever before, WWE should make a real effort to put us on the Edge(pun intended!).
  18. Wrestlefreak

    OAO Raw Thread 3/17/08

    Santino stealing Lawler's sandwich was bloody awesome!! LMFAO. The Cena-Orton teamwork was cool, especially the RKO setups. We all knew it wasn't going to be the entire roster, despite what the pre-match graphic showed. It was good up until the crap finish. The only good thing about the finish was Umaga running after JBL.
  19. Wrestlefreak

    Lets Talk About...

    I agree WMX7 was one of the best ever. Hovever, It was overshadowed by the sale of WCW. I really wish the angle with Shane announcing he'd "bought" WCW was done after Wrestlemania, but I do understand that they wanted to add more heat for the Vince vs Shane match.
  20. Wrestlefreak

    *Smackdown Spoilers*

    Yeah, the main-event definitely had a Wargames feel to it. Edge and Chavo put over the intensity of the match really well.
  21. Wrestlefreak

    Raw 3/10/08

    They could have done alot more with this "Wrestlemania rewind" idea. For one thing, a rematch of HHH vs Taker from WMX7 would have been alot more interesting than Taker/Henry.
  22. Wrestlefreak

    Jeff Hardy suspended

    Firstly, like alot of people have already said, Jeff made a stupid mistake. This being his second violation, I'm not sure if he really deserves another shot at the top- no matter how much he's over with the fans. Secondly, and more importantly, I'm glad WWE is showing they're serious about the wellness program. When they first announced the program shortly after Eddie's death, I was skeptical they would stick to it. And now, just under three weeks before the biggest show of the year, they have the guts to enforce the policy on one of their most popular guys. Good on WWE for doing the right thing for once.
  23. Wrestlefreak

    Lets talk about...

    I liked the concept behind RTC, regardless of the fact it was a parody. The whole idea of "fighting the good fight" was cool. I do agree they were overpushed, especially considering all the members were average workers. Like I said though, the angle itself and the idea at the core of the group was interesting.
  24. Wrestlefreak

    ECW 2.26.08

    Watching this match I was also thinking that. Benjamin is so gifted. The match itself was good after the sloppyness at the start. I wish Burke or Benjamin went over though. Chavo has already gone over Punk clean. There is nowhere to go with this feud. I know Punk is more over with the fans, but both Benjamin and Burke could produce better matches with Chavo.
  25. The Rock never wanted to be a wrestler. When he failed at football he was "forced" into the business to make a living. That's true. Alot of people forget that. I'm not saying Rock hated being a wrestler, I'm just saying that although he enjoyed it, wrestling wasn't his ultimate goal. Cena is making the false assumption that anyone who enjoys being in the industry will somehow want to be involved in it for their entire lives.