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  1. Wrestlefreak

    WWE General Discussion - February 2008

    I'm watching the press conference right now. Mayweather is an idiot.
  2. Wrestlefreak

    WWE Hall of Fame Class of 2008

    It would be great if they let Finkle do the whole of WM24. He is unquestionably the best announcer. Such a great voice! I'd love WWE to put him in the HOF.
  3. Wrestlefreak

    Authority Figures...

    In terms of the no-nonsense attitude, I'd agree with the OP that Jack Tunney was the best. Plus, the fact that they used him sparingly added to his credibility. I liked the fact they never used him in angles. In terms of comic value, Mick foley was good. The "Have a nice day" line was a nice touch and he's great on the mic.
  4. Wrestlefreak

    Survivor Series 1998

    I think Halloween Havoc '98 cut out during the Goldberg-DDP match. That's why they replayed the match on Nitro for free. Here in the UK we didn't get any WCW PPVs, so that Goldberg/DDP match from Havoc being shown on Nitro was a surprise. I remember watching it. On a related note, they did release some of the 1999/2000 PPVs over here on video towards the end of WCW.
  5. Wrestlefreak

    OAO Raw Thread - February 18, 2008

    Exactly. Santino is still funny. I can't believe some people don't like him. IMO, his gimmick is solid. I love it. In regards to Finlay, he did a great job selling the Hornswoggle beatdown. Haviing said that, I hate this whole "Finlay is the keeper of the helpless little guy" angle. WWE should drop Hornswoggle completely. I also hate the idea of Big Show/Maywheather. I don't like it when celebrities attempt to wrestle, it's ALWAYS crap. if it's a boxing match, that's still crap. Big Show needs to get into a decent angle. I don't mind them putting Cena in the main-event at WM24, as long as he doesn't go over. I'd love WWE to keep the title off Cena, even though it's unlikely.
  6. Wrestlefreak

    No Way Out

    IMO, the SD/ECW chamber match was much better than the Raw one. I marked-out when Taker went over. It was great to see Edge and Chavo get clean wins. Chavo/Punk was a decent match.
  7. Wrestlefreak

    Raw Is Cena - January 28, 2008

    That was hilarious! LMAO! Santino still rules.
  8. Wrestlefreak

    Raw 1.7.08

    The main event was cool. It had an awesome atmosphere. Jeff hit the WITW pretty square on Umaga. It's usually sloppy, but this week he pulled it off, from the top of a cage no less! It was good to hear Regal get some decent heat during First Blood.
  9. Wrestlefreak

    Raw Thread For December 17th

    The JBL/Y2J segment was great. JBL exudes a brilliant arrogance. I know we already have the "cocky heel" thing being done by MVP, but JBL's promos are unique. With his character, you get a sense that WWE is an afterthought for him. Plus, JBL has a great intensity. I love it. The rest of the show was mediocre. Like I've said many times, I don't care about Mcmahon. I'll admit Cena is more annoying than him, but at least Cena's a wrestler. I also don't give a damn about this Flair angle. I did enjoy Santino on the mic and the tag main event.
  10. Wrestlefreak

    RAW XV

    I marked-out for RVD. I wasn't expecting it at all as I made a conscious effort not to read the list of names beforehand. RVD looked good and I'm glad he got a great pop. It's a shame it's only for this week.
  11. Wrestlefreak

    RAW XV

    I'm actually looking forward to this week's Raw. It looks like it will be great. I wonder why they're not doing it next month, closer to the actual anniversary of the show? I know that the 11th of January next year is a Friday, but they could've done it the following Monday. That would have made more sense. Anyway, it will be good to see all those familiar faces.
  12. Wrestlefreak

    Smackdown Spoilers 11/30/07

    I totally agree with this scenario for Mania. The angle would actually be the most interesting situation Taker's been in leading up to WM. Plus, Edge would be perfect for it. I don't know where the bookers are planning to go with this Knoble/Pulumbo angle, but I love it. Knoble going over him last week was a shock, especially since Creative seemed intent on burying Knoble with the Hornswoggle crap. Pulumbo loosing again this week makes me hope Knoble is starting to get a decent push.
  13. Wrestlefreak

    Raw 11.26.07

    I loved the Y2J/Santino interaction. It was great. I hope we get an extended feud between these two in the future. Flair should have retired years ago. I'm really not interested in this new "career threatening" angle. The Hornswoggle/Carlito segment was unbelievably ridiculous. Even by WWE standards, this was stupid. IMO, it shows a real lack of respect for their audience. HHH/Jeff at Armageddon could be good if executed well.
  14. Wrestlefreak

    Smackdown Spoilers for Nov 23rd...

    I tried to overlook the Edge/Vickie crap by focusing on the fact that Edge was back, but the angle is just too horrible. Kayfabe-wise, the relationship lacks any believability whatsoever, not just because she doesn't look Edge's type, but also because Vickie's a crap heel. Her involvement in the Edge/Taker feud is already ruining it for me and it's only just begun! I've been waiting A LONG TIME for Edge/Taker and I hope it's saved by keeping her out of it from now on. Knoble defeating Pulumbo was awesome! I marked-out. I love Knoble. Not only is he a good worker, his gimmick is great.
  15. Wrestlefreak

    ECW 11.20.07

    I HATE Thorn's new look. It's stupid, especially with his old music. If they're gonna change the gimmick, at least go all the way. Burke/Benjamin is a great combination. I love it.
  16. Wrestlefreak

    OAO 11/19 Raw Thread

    I enjoyed Jericho's return. Don't confuse his eccentric style with "gayness". His attire is usually alot more flamboyant than what he was wearing last night. I personally love his unique dress sense. I'm not saying I would wear his stuff, but it does suit him(I especially like the sparkly pink suite he used to wear). In regards to the promo itself, it was good, but you could tell that Chris didn't really have much to say to Orton. I'm going to enjoy the long-awaited Y2J ring-time. What exactly was the point of the Finlay/Vince interaction, apart from reminding us Finlay's Irish. WWE seems to love random pointless segments.
  17. Wrestlefreak

    OAO 2007 Survivor Series Thread

    I can't wait for the Edge/Taker feud. When I say I can't wait, I mean I CAN'T WAIT!!!! Roll on Smackdown. It has taken so long to happen, but it's finally here. Edge's return was awesome, even though we were expecting it. The best heel in WWE is back! The HIAC match itself was decent, but it could have been better. Taker carried the entire match. IMO, Batista lacked fluidity. In regards to HBK using the crippler crossface on Orton, it felt weird. I was also expecting more of a crowd reaction like when Shawn used the Sharpshooter. Melina botching her entrance was funny. You could see she was embarrassed, bless her. The finish to the Eliminaton tag was crap. It felt rushed. I would actually have loved if Umaga was the sole survivor.
  18. Wrestlefreak

    Best Submission Hold

    I always liked Bob Backlund's Crossface Chicken-Wing. It looked awesome, especially during Backlund's match with Bret at Survivor Series 94. Backlund's "madman" gimmick made the hold look unbreakable.
  19. Wrestlefreak

    ECW 11.13.07

    Oh, god, I'm so glad it wasn't just me that heard that. I couldn't stop laughing at that! in fact, Morrison's comments during the whole match were hilarious. "I defeated myself" LOL" I hope they don't drop the MVP/Hardy "dysfunctional partners" angle after Survivor Series. I've enjoyed it from the start and it's still interesting now.
  20. Wrestlefreak

    OAO RAW Thread 11/12

    Santino was yet again great this week. I LOVE him on the mic. "She's going to be fine" LOL! just great! The Y2J Video was somewhat anti-climatic. I know it's the last one, but they could have "revealed" the answer a little more enigmatically. I actually liked how they used the SvR2008 game to put over the stipulations for HBK/Orton. It was cool.
  21. I could not stop laughing!!!! LMAO!!! That comment made me remember JR's reacton to Austin at NWO 2003. JR went absolutely crazy! Santino was the only good thing about this week's crap Raw. His mic work is awesome. Despite not having much ring-time, Santino is seriously one of the best heels in WWE.
  22. Wrestlefreak

    OAO 10/28/2007 Cyber Sunday Thread

    Nah, I say he comes back the next night on Raw. As much as I would LOVE Jericho to return as a heel, a face run is more likely.
  23. Wrestlefreak

    The OAO Discussion For Raw (10/22)

    I don't like the D.H name for Harry. It sounds stupid. I'm hoping they change it soon. Harry's debut was decent though. I actually bothered to watch the women's match this week. it was OK, considering how crap Diva matches usually are. Candice's fall was vicious, but you certainly couldn't tell she broke her collar bone. Santino is still entertaining every week. Plus we got a Mantar mention. I agree with the poster who said it would be good to see interaction between Y2J and Santino. IMO, that would be great booking. I'd rather see Kennedy/Orton then HBK/Orton this Sunday. Kennedy and Orton are both over with the crowd, so there certainly would be decent heat for the match despite them both being heel. I love heel vs heel matches.
  24. Wrestlefreak

    Full Smackdown spoilers

    I liked this Smackdown. With the exception of Khali/Kane, every other match was decent. I would have loved if Rey/MVP had a clean finish. I was really enjoying the match and the finish spoiled it. I Would love to see MVP/Rey again, they work well together.
  25. Wrestlefreak

    OAO 2007 No Mercy Thread

    No Mercy was MUCH better than Summerslam. The Last Man Standing match was awesome. I'm so glad they put over Orton, he's been shafted too many times with Cena. I hope Orton gets a decent run. Plus, I don't like the idea of yet another HHH reign. Long live Orton, unless Jericho returns. As for the rest of the PPV, It was good overall. The only bad points were the CM Punk/BDV match and the Women's match. I also could have done without the MVP/Hardy segment. Having said all of that, Finlay/Mysterio and the Punjabi Prison match were both good. I enjoyed No Mercy.