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  1. Wrestlefreak

    OAO Raw Thread - July 9, 2007

    Orton/Dusty at GAB is gonna be crap. I hate when they put these old guys in matches. Just remember how bad Slaughter and Snuka were at Vengeance.
  2. Wrestlefreak

    ECW/Smackdown spoilers

    MVP should have gone over Hardy. Matt is a good worker, but MVP has been built up better than Hardy. Finlay was way more impressive than Flair. Finlay carried their match. I like the idea of Edge/Kane at GAB. IMO, Kane deserves to be a main-event guy.
  3. Wrestlefreak

    OAO Raw Thread - July 2, 2007

    Lashley sucks. King Booker is a much more entertaining antidote to Cena's blandness. I enjoyed the Benjamin/Booker segment.
  4. Wrestlefreak

    Smackdown Spoilers For 6/30/07

    Decent Smackdown this week It felt good to see Smackdown go back to a show focused on matches now that the Mcmahon crap is over. Hardy/Cade and Batista/Edge were both solid matches.
  5. Wrestlefreak

    Sid Vicious update

    That was such an awesome moment. I still have that Raw on tape somewhere... Here it is on YouTube. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P5ArRMvJn78 That made me laugh alot!
  6. Wrestlefreak

    Chris Benoit Dead - Toxicology results released

    If Benoit really did kill his family, then I retract my earlier tribute on this thread. Murder is evil and there is NO excuse for it. I agree with everybody who is saying that people are jumping to conclusions though. The sensible thing to do is to wait for the investigation to be officially completed.
  7. Wrestlefreak

    Chris Benoit Dead - Toxicology results released

    I can't believe this. There are no words to describe how awful this is. I'll miss you Chris.
  8. Wrestlefreak

    OAO Vengeance PPV Thread

    I actually like Nitro and I think he is underrated, but in the absence of Benoit, CM Punk should have been put over. Nitro is pretty much heatless right now. I'm no fan of Umaga, but I did enjoy the crowd cheering him last night. I love when the crowd rebel against crap WWE booking. The main-event should have been longer. Even though it was obvious Cena would be put over YET AGAIN in what feels like a never-ending and utterly tiresome ritual, the match itself was good(IMO, mainly due to King Booker. Man I love the King!) The best match on this PPV was Edge/Batista. I'm really glad Edge retained. I hope WWE keeps the belt on him until Taker returns. I can't wait for the Edge/Taker feud.
  9. Wrestlefreak

    SD Spoilers 6/22/07

    Finlay/Hardy was awesome. A clean finish would have been nice though. I liked the knee brace thing, nice touch. Good psychology from Finlay as always.
  10. Wrestlefreak

    OAO RAW thread - June 18, 2007

    I fast- forwarded every single segment except the matches. If you add that up, it means I probably only watched less than 30 minutes of a 2 hour show. I'll also be doing that for next week's Raw now that we know they're gonna give us nearly 3 hours of this utterly ridiculous Mcmahon shit. You might be thinking what's the point of watching WWE at all right now, let alone Raw while this angle is continuing. Well I'm watching purely for the matches, especially on Smackdown. The way I see it, no matter how many excruciatingly horrible and dumb angles they do, there will always be at least SOME wrestling. That's why I'll never stop watching.
  11. Wrestlefreak

    Smackdown spoilers

    No, just the "tributes". They probably decided not to put them on the Titantron for the live crowd because of the boos, which saved you guys from just how awful they were. Count yourself lucky.
  12. Wrestlefreak

    Smackdown spoilers

    As much as I love Smackdown, I had to press mute for alot of this week's show. They were continuing to push this Mcmahon dumbness with phony "tributes" and commentary that was utterly stupid. This whole angle makes a mockery of shows like Raw Is Owen and the Eddie tributes.
  13. Wrestlefreak

    OAO ECW Thread for 6/12

    Remember just how bad the debut of ECW on Sci-fi was? This week was equally that horrible. I thought the main-event tag would be good, but even that was crap. A truly awful show. I really hope this Mcmahon stupidness ends soon. IMO, this angle is much worse than Katie Vick. I know that the only way we're gonna stop getting these dumb storylines is when the entire Mcmahon family leaves WWE, but that ain't gonna happen anytime soon.
  14. Wrestlefreak

    OAO Monday Night Raw Thread- June 11, 2007

    This week's Raw was weird even without the crap ending. Just 10 drafts in 3 hours? That's crap. Moreover, Smackdown got the worst of it. I couldn't care less about Torrie Wilson or any of the other bloody divas. Khali sucks. Flair is past it. Masters is crap. I just hope that the greatness that is Smackdown isn't affected too much by this. It was good to see King Booker and Kennedy back though. Bret Hart should not have involved himself with Mcmahon's stupid and pointless nonsense angles. Bret is better than that, or at least I thought he was.
  15. Wrestlefreak

    SmackDown Spoilers for 6/8

    Edge/Benoit was awesome. I loved it.
  16. Wrestlefreak

    One and Only Raw Thread for 6/4/07

    This draft has become pointless. It was quite good when WWE would stick to the concept rigidly, but by blurring the lines between the brands(I.E. having guys turn up randomly on other brands with no good reason or sometimes no reason at all) it has watered down what used to be a somewhat fun process. IMO, they should either drop the brand-extension completely or do it properly. This half-assed approach sucks.
  17. Wrestlefreak

    SmackDown Spoilers for June 1

    Both tag matches were great. Really enjoyable.
  18. Wrestlefreak

    OAO ECW Thread for 5/29

    The Vince/Lashley segment was really awful. Aside from being barely coherent, it was just plain stupid.
  19. Wrestlefreak

    OAO RAW Thread for 5/28

    I LOVE when they go to Canada, purely for the crowd reactions. Having said that, us Cena haters don't need Canada to prove that Cena sucks. We already know.
  20. Wrestlefreak

    SmackDown Spoilers for 5/25

    Edge was great on commentary during the main event. The match itself was good, but a little too short.
  21. Wrestlefreak

    oAo thread for ECW on 5/22/07

    Why the hell did they change the name of Thorn's finisher? I liked the Dark Kiss. I know Ariel's gone, but it was still a better name than Original Sin. The Pounce on RVD was the best so far.
  22. Wrestlefreak

    OAO Judgment Day 2007 Thread

    Khali/Cena was crap, especially the finish. I wasn't expecting the roundhouse kick from Khali though. Carlito/Flair was ok. The HBK injury angle was too milked for my liking. This was the first time i've ever seen Shawn's wife. I'm not even gonna bother talking about the ECW crap. Hardys/Cade-Murdoch was good. Edge/Batista was way too short, but the most important thing is that my main man Edge retained! JBL is the best at putting over anyone on commentary, but he seems to get brilliantly passionate when it comes to Edge. I love it. JBL rules! MVP/Benoit was the best match of the night. As much as I absolutely LOVE Benoit, I'm still glad MVP was put over so strongly. Two falls in a row is a rarity in 2/3 falls matches.
  23. Wrestlefreak

    Ongoing Smackdown spoilers

    Hardy/MVP was great. MVP is improving amazingly fast. Benoit/Finally was also great. I LOVE when these two are put against each other. Tonight was Edge's night. I liked the video packages WWE put together building to his segment at the end. Long live the Rated R Superstar!!! Smackdown kicks ass!
  24. Wrestlefreak

    ECW: 5/15

    Richards/Punk was good. Stevie is a solid worker, and it goes without saying that Punk is good. Cor Von's Pounce is a great finisher, but Lashley still managed to make it look weak. I've always thought Lashley sucks. I like the Burke/Striker friction angle. Burke is great.
  25. Wrestlefreak

    Smackdown Spoilers for 5/11

    Yeah, knowing what was gonna happen made it feel weird. That being said, I have to agree with the poster who said Edge sold the win amazingly. He was brilliant. In regards to the ratings, I don't buy the logic that spoilers boost numbers. I could be proven totally wrong, but I think Smackdown will get round about the same it usually does(in the 2s). The whole spoiler situation this week was stupid. I'm not a big fan of excessive Kayfabe, (i.e. keeping in character outside of shows, refering to angles as real during interviews with newspapers etc) but any promotion giving away results before a wrestling show has aired is crossing the line. Spoilers should be left to the IWC. That way, people can choose whether or not to read them. On a wrestling show, (le.g. the scrolling information at the bottom of the screen on ECW) you can't avoid it.