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    Prison Break

    Are they still planning on doing a spinoff I think it was gona be called Cherry Hill? If Jodi Lyn O'Keefe (Gretchen) was up for it i think it could work she could be Cherry Hill's Abruzzi or resident psychopath ala TBag.
  2. http://www.thecalifornian.com/article/2009...NEWS01/90112010
  3. milliondollarchamp

    24 -- Season 7

    She reminds me of kate from lost
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    I can't imagine Joe Buck, Troy Aikman, & ESPN being thrilled about an Eagles- Cardinals NFC Championship game. Joe has to be absolutely sick of winning Philadelphia teams, considering he just had to call the World Series. Anyone who says he wasn't rooting for the Rays to beat the Phillies didn't watch the World Series. I don't know what it stems from, but Joe Buck seems to have an unnatural hatred for all things Philadelphia.
  6. milliondollarchamp

    The Dark Knight

    I was watching Doomsday the other day and i was thinking if they do Catwoman for the next movie Rhona Mitra would be great in that role.
  7. milliondollarchamp

    US Senator recommends steriod regulations

    I'm reading through Vince's interview. Pretty good stuff. His hostility is great. "Well Nobody is trying to penalize anyone" "Then I would expect a gold star on my lapel when I leave this room" and won't endear him to the Government. Q. You didn't admit to using steriods? Mr. McDevitt - He didn't even testify in his trial. He didn't have to testify in his trial. We whipped the government's ass in 19 days without putting a witness on. Get your facts right. He didn't testify in the trial.
  8. milliondollarchamp

    The 2008 MLB Offseason Thread

    J.C. Romero reportedly is being suspended 50 games for testing positive for a performance-enhancing drug. Romero said on Monday that he bought a supplement from a GNC store and that he was cleared to take it by the Phillies' training staff. He actually tested positive in late September, but he took the case to arbitration, allowing him to pitch in the postseason and World Series. Source: ESPN.com
  9. milliondollarchamp

    The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button

    I saw it, and I won't say it's perfect, but I really enjoyed it a lot. It did drag in a few parts but for a movie close to 3 hours, it went by pretty quick for me. Hell, Seven Pounds dragged much more then this, and it was only about 2 hours. Loved all the acting. This was probably one of Brad Pitt's best acting in quite some time I think Brad Pitt, Cate Blanchett, and Taraji P. Henson all deserve Oscar nominations. They really are the glue that held this movie together.
  10. milliondollarchamp

    TSM Death Pool -- 2009

    1. Patrick Swayze 2. Kirk Douglas - best bet 3 Ted Kennedy 4. Dick Clark 5. Peter Falk 6. Elizabeth Taylor - best bet 7.Gary Busy 8. Nck Nolte 9. Jack Nicholson 10. Larry King 11. John Goodman 12. Abe Vigoda 13. Betty White 14. Cloris Leachman 15. Hulk Hogan 16. Hugh Hefner 17. Bobby Heenan 18.Regis Philbin 19.Mickey Rourke 20.OJ Simpson
  11. milliondollarchamp

    Armageddon 2008

    does anyone know if the winner of Rey/Punk faces Regal tonight, or will that be done on Raw?
  12. milliondollarchamp

    Joey Styles JKO's JBL overseas

  13. milliondollarchamp

    How I Met Your Mother

    Robin's having Blauman's baby, HA!
  14. milliondollarchamp

    The Shield

    I wonder how many people who thought Terry should of died for being a snitch will think the same for Vic? Ronnie CAN fuck countless people over on his way down (and would probably be helped by Claudette and Dutch, both of which are too honest to bend over for the LAPD/ICE and lie to cover up Vic's crap) and possibly swing himself a sweetheart of a deal so that he's out in three years, enough time for him to come up with his own revenge plan to destroy Vic's children, Corrine, and Danny. As for credibility, given what happened to Lem and Shane and Vic's own double-crossing of Ronnie, I don't think anyone would question Ronnie's credibility is exposing the corruption of Vic Mackey, the Strike Team, and their enablers. If anything, in the event he was tossed to the wolves as far as being sent away for life (perhaps in a "agree to life with no parole, or go to trial and get the death penalty" bit of cohercement from the DA) he could make the case that his imprisonment for life was done SPECIFICALLY to bury him and keep him from telling the truth about the corruption inside the LAPD that he was a part of, and of Vic Mackey's crimes and his escaping punishment via the government giving him immunity. Hell, this alone makes me wish to god we get a "The Shield" movie since Shawn Ryan could get a great story out of Vic Mackey versus Ronnie Gardocki, on a murderous rampage to end all murderous rampages to destroy everyone Vic ever loved. You don't even need to go heavy into the show's backstory either, to sell it to non-fans of the show: Vic is a corrupt ex-cop who years earlier sold out his partner to the Feds for immunity and a chance to go from a lowly city cop to an undercover detective for the FBI. Ronnie, the shy yet loyal partner who's hero worship of Vic led him down the path of corruption, was sent to jail and martyred in Vic's place. While Ronnie rotted away in prison, where he was raped and abused and dreamed of revenge, Vic ended up being bounced from ICE after a couple of years due to the fact that his new bosses were appalled when they found out how corrupt he was and how he hornswaggled them into hiring him. Now years have passed and Ronnie has gotten out of jail and wants revenge against Vic for betraying him. And does he ever as far as Ronnie murdering Vic's estranged ex-wife and the three children he had with her and going after Vic's former girlfriend Danny (who's son by Vic is now being raised by Danny and her husband, the by-the-books detective Dutch Wagenbach) and Vic's new girlfriend. Which in turn causes Vic to take matters into his own hands as far as hunting Ronnie down himself and the cat and mouse game that ensues as the two men go after each other while Dutch tries to find Ronnie before he can kill Danny and his adopted son, as LA Mayor, Senate hopeful and former police Captain David Acaveda and LAPD Police Captain Claudette Wyms, struggle over the public relations nightmare that would happen if the motive behind Ronnie's rampage and Vic's crimes became public knowledge.
  15. milliondollarchamp

    The Shield

    Walton Goggins already has another job. Pilots: AMC Locks Up 'Shield' Star
  16. milliondollarchamp

    The Youtube thread

    Cameron & Cuddy as Valley girls
  17. milliondollarchamp

    The Shield

    Did anyone notice, when Shane was talking to his lawyer, the missing cat poster on the side of the payphone? I don't know if that was intentional, but if it was, I thought it was a nice sly nod to Dutch killing the cat a few years ago.
  18. milliondollarchamp

    Sarah Connor Chronicles

    explain... I love Terminator. Huge T1 and T2 fan. And I feel like what I love most about it is being destroyed. Sarah's dreams having meaning (still think that one's possible). John being wrapped up in machines, having no people, no connections, not being healthier than his mother. In T2, he was teaching the Terminator to be a person - he didn't grow away from people, but brought Uncle Bob closer. John Connor as humanity's savior and making those right choices that I loved. Now he's ruined, if this is true. He's disconnected from humanity, he's hurting instead of helping, not valuing individuals. I expect people to die in the war against the machines, but their lives being thrown away is just unacceptable. If, in any reality, John Connor is how Jesse makes him sound, then they've ruined him. My enthusiasm level has plummeted. I've gone from optimistic about the season/show/franchise to depressed. Hopefully that will change soon, or else I won't keep watching. You ruin John Connor (including FutureJohn) and you ruin Terminator. Nothing left worth anything.
  19. milliondollarchamp

    Teen kills himself as online

  20. milliondollarchamp

    Sarah Connor Chronicles

    Was not at all expecting Riley reveal. Just thought she was annoying and kind of dumb. Now, it's kind of awesome that she's from the future and working John for Jesse. If what Jesse says about Future John is true, they are ruining the character for me - going exactly where I hoped they'd never go. I hate it.
  21. milliondollarchamp

    The Shield

    I heard that Chiklis gave away the fate of Mackey in an interview over the weekend? Did anyone see that interview?
  22. milliondollarchamp

    NFL Week 12

    Andy Reid didnt have the balls to tell McNabb that he was benched he found out from the QB Coach
  23. Jeff Hardy never misses an opportunity to miss an opportunity.
  24. milliondollarchamp

    The Shield

    I was hoping for a psychotic episode from Claudette, complete with her barging into the room where Vic was confessing and beating Vic nearly to death while yelling "YOU DON'T GET TO DO THIS! YOU DON'T GET TO WALK AWAY SCOTT FREE!!!!!" like a woman possessed.
  25. milliondollarchamp


    The Sylar/Elle scenes were fantastic. There are elements of the actual story I don't much like, but the execution was brilliant. Props to ZQ and KB, and to the effects guys. Anybody else getting a Buffy season 5 endgame vibe? Arthur = Glory. Claire = The Key