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    The Sweet 16 & Elite 8 Thread

    Damn you Purdue.... DAMN YOU!!!!!!!!! Couldn't hit shit all night. Damn you again!
  2. Jaxxson Mayhem

    The Vag That Defined A Generation

    Snoop Doggy Dogg- "Gin and Juice" Warren G. (ft. Nate Dogg)- "Regulate" Smashing Pumpkins- "1979" R.E.M.- "Losing My Religion" 2Pac- "California Love" Dr. Dre (ft. Snoop Doggy Dogg)- "Nuthin But a G Thang" Faith No More- "Epic" Meat Loaf- "I'd Do Anything For Love (But I Won't Do That)"
  3. Jaxxson Mayhem


    I don't watch Nicholas Cage movies for tremendous acting. I watch them for entertainment. Are there some times where you have to say.....wow? Of course, but I don't let it fuck up a movie. I don't look for movies to do anything else but entertain me for a few hours.
  4. Jaxxson Mayhem


    Those dudes that kidnapped the kids were creepy as fuck. Them stalking them everywhere they went was weird but the scariest part was them outside the car by the trailer.
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  6. Jaxxson Mayhem

    Take the skinheads bowling

    I love bowling and am ok at it. My all time high is a 201. My technique is throw it as hard as I can just a little off center.
  7. Jaxxson Mayhem

    Guitar Hero: METALLICA

    My GH:WT guitar works with RB2.
  8. Jaxxson Mayhem

    College emotion vs professional devotion

    This is why college ball shits all over pro ball. You don't get the emotion in pro ball that you get in college.
  9. Jaxxson Mayhem

    You Can't Put Your Arms Around A Memory

    Montell Jordan- "This Is How We Do It" Snoop Doggy Dogg- "Gin and Juice" Warren G. (ft. Nate Dogg)- "Regulate" Jay-Z "Can I Get A..." Get a Grip Nirvana- "Heart Shaped Box" Smashing Pumpkins- "1979" R.E.M.- "Losing My Religion" Blind Melon- "No Rain" Armageddon: The Album Soundgarden- "Black Hole Sun" 2Pac- "California Love" Dr. Dre (ft. Snoop Doggy Dogg)- "Nuthin But A G Thang" Offspring- "Self Esteem" Bat Out Of Hell II: Back Into Hell Radiohead- "Creep" Sinead O'Connor- "Nothing Compares 2 U" Hootie and the Blowfish- "I Only Wanna Be With You" Meat Loaf- "I'd Do Anything For Love (But I Won't Do That)"
  10. Jaxxson Mayhem

    Chinese Democracy Leaks

    Since I guess this is the go-to GnR thread, I'll ask it here..... What ............. the fuck ....................is My World.............. I listened to it for the 1st time today.... what the fuck.... This is the weirdest and most definitely worst GnR song I've ever heard.
  11. Jaxxson Mayhem

    NCAA Tournament

    I guess this is true but they could have avoided the whole thing by not stepping over the line.
  12. Jaxxson Mayhem

    NCAA Tournament

    The foul on the 3 point shot doesn't matter because he didn't make it. If he would have made it it would be completely different. It's not a 4 point play.
  13. Jaxxson Mayhem

    Role Models

    I really didn't want to see this movie cause I thought it would be dumb, but I gave it a chance and really glad I did. This movie is actually really, really funny. I recommend you all go see it.
  14. Jaxxson Mayhem

    Eastbound and Down

    That was a GREAT episode. I liked the ending. I hope it means that he is coming back and there will be more episodes. Here is another great KENNY FUCKING POWERS quote from tonight's ep... "Listen here you stoic little bastard. in the computer room.. little second drawer where i keep my weed.. underneath the handgun.. there's a stack of porn that will put calluses on those little hands of yours."
  15. Unfuckingbelievable. This is absolutely insane. Congratulations to the women's team.
  16. Jaxxson Mayhem

    Ball State's Womens Basketball Team Beats Tennessee in Tournament

    This is true. You should have seen Pat Summit's face during her post game interview right after her loss. It looked like someone executed her dog right in front of her then forced her to give the interview.
  17. Jaxxson Mayhem

    Ball State's Womens Basketball Team Beats Tennessee in Tournament

    Don't forget Ball State football going undefeated in the regular season.
  18. Jaxxson Mayhem

    Ball State's Womens Basketball Team Beats Tennessee in Tournament

    Not really. It was a 5 v. 12 upset which happens all the time, and by all accounts, Tennessee had a really down year Considering they haven't lost the first weekend of the tournament in a long ass time going 42-0.... yes... this is huge.
  19. Jaxxson Mayhem

    FOX Sunday Night 08/09 - now in HD!

    What song was that guy singing outside that girls window? I've heard it before but can't remember the song or how I know it. It's Falling Slowly by Glen Hansard............ where the fuck did I hear this and why........
  20. Jaxxson Mayhem

    Yahoo NCAA Tourney Pick 'em

    Went 15 for 16 in the Sweet 16. Only one I missed was because of fucking WF losing in the 1st round.
  21. Jaxxson Mayhem

    NCAA Tournament

    The crowd was PISSED at the ending.
  22. Jaxxson Mayhem

    NCAA Tournament

  23. Jaxxson Mayhem

    NCAA Tournament

    Fucking Louisville. Don't fuck me over now.
  24. Jaxxson Mayhem

    NCAA Tournament

    MSU doesn't look like they want to win this game.
  25. Jaxxson Mayhem

    NCAA Tournament

    OK State is certainly keeping it interesting.