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  1. I get all the WWE ppv's and pay for them. I can afford it, I get some enjoyment out of the shows no matter what.
  2. In the World Title match, a DQ means the title can change hands. So Orton or Flair, or Batista can not interfere on behalf of HHH. BUT, they could interfere against Triple H. Goldberg would lose, and would be gone forever. I know this won't happen, but just saying................ Also, I am predicting that Michaels/Orton will be a good match. *** - ***3/4.
  3. Dandy

    The Rocks New-ish Tattoo

    Jamal is Rikishi's brother. I was under the impression that Rosey was a cousin.
  4. Dandy

    Worst Angle of All Time?

    Someone please defend their explanation of how Chucky elevated an angle or furthered a feud.
  5. I think that Orton/HHH wil not be for the title. If it comes to that, HHH will be the one with the title in the feud. I think they will put the IC title on Orton before the World Title.
  6. Dandy

    Dr. Claw's face revealed!

    Since Claw had a bionic arm and Gadget was bionic, did anyone else theorize their connection? I was thinking Penny's father was Claw, Gadget's father was Claw, Gadget and Claw were created by the same person/organization. What do you guys think?
  7. Dandy

    Spoiler for Raw Tonight

    She said, "worse the rithk" like she put the wrong endings on her words. Got them backwards. I've seen this happen a lot.
  8. Dandy

    Possible Unforgiven Spoiler

    Well, Tazz and Cole grew on me and I think they do a pretty good job. Maybe Coach and Al will do the same. Al can be funny, but he knows what moves are which. Coach I can tolerate if he doesn't shill every five minutes. Maybe they just need some time.
  9. Dandy

    Sean O'Haire

    Well, the man was forced towrestle the WWE style, so yeah, he's no Flair on the mat. However, in WCW, he leapt to the top rope like Van Dam, had a much better Swanton (Seanton was his version) Bomb than Jeff Hardy, threw in a some martial arts moves, and brought a lot of intensity. Want to know one other way he is much different than La Resistance or some other OVW guys??? O'Haire is not being used and is not on TV.
  10. Killer DDT sell by Yang! That one was a better sell than RVD's straight up and down death sell.
  11. And, I haven't watched Heat that clocely over the past month, but I would swear that Coach's commentary is more exciting than his efforts on Raw while JR was out. Maybe it is the taped factor, or maybe it's just me.
  12. Conway looked pretty decent to me, except your inventive mid-match move should not be better than your generic finisher. Grab a finisher, Rob. Anyone know what he used in OVW?
  13. Dandy

    Free Agency idea

    We all know that the WWE does not explain why wrestlers all of a sudden end up on a different show, and I am not a person that thinks there should be a blockbuster trade of some sort. I would like to see the shows balance out a little more by the switching of some mid-card guys, though. An idea I thought would be cool would be for the announcers (or even a wrestler himself) mention that a wrestler's contract was going to be up in a month or two. This would be similar to players that will be free agents after a certain sports year, and commentators talk about how that player needs to step it up to impress other teams, as well as make himself invaluable to his current team. I think this could give someone who currently has little to no direction have something to do for a couple of months, and then have that to build off after the wrestler gets a new contract with either brand. Let's take, for example, Matt Hardy. He could mention his current contract is coming up soon. He sets out to prove his worth as a free agent by putting on some good performances, cutting some good promos about what he brings to the table, and maybe targeting a big name like Benoit or Eddy. You could have him say that Eric Bischoff or Stone Cold are offering him a bigger paycheck and a World Title shot within his first 6 months with Raw if he signs with them. Stephanie could respond by saying she would give Hardy a shot against Angle (or the current champ) at the next Smackdown ppv, and make him her personal pet project to be the next star of Smackdown. Also, the announcers could speculate if it would be better for Smackdown to trade Hardy before his contract is up so they can get someone in return if they think Hardy will sign with Raw anyway. The benefit of this is it gives something for Hardy to do, could make him seem very important and get him involved with some higher card wrestlers, and you could go many different ways with the outcome. What do you guys think, and sorry this was so long.
  14. Dandy

    Free Agency idea

    My ideas that I were thinking of for the Hardy (or anyone else you would want to plug in) angle are as follows: Staying With Current Brand Hardy would be seen as very important for Smackdown, and would be placed in the next feud with the current World Champ. Hardy would be able to be a thorn in the champ's side while the champ is still in his current feud. Hardy would of course lose his eventual match for the World Title, but it would help elevate him, and it is much better than what he is doing now. Moving to the Other Brand Hardy would of course have a shot at the title within 6 months. His arrival would of course be seen as a big deal since Raw and Smackdown wanted him so much. Hardy's character now and Jericho's character would be great in a feud together, or as friends. Hardy could be good for the IC Title, and add a good character to Raw. Have him get his title shot against Jericho (let's hope) and it would work out. This is still better than what he is doing now. Trade to the Other Brand This would allow the brands to make a trade which is not big name players, and even out the shows a little. You could send any midcarder of equal stature to Raw, or have Hardy be a part of a trade where multiple guys get sent to Raw for multiple guys. A side deal to this is that Hardy could have the tables turned on him by Bischoff and say that since he was traded to Raw instead of signing with them as a free agent, he no longer would get such a good contract. I'm sure people could take these scenarios in very different directions and make good out of nothing, which is basically what WWE is doing with a lot of potential stars. Who would you like to see in the free agent angle, and what would you do with them? Or would you simply rather not see this angle at all?
  15. Dandy

    Free Agency idea

    Oh I agree that the WWE's free agency angles in the past have sucked. Austin did one, HHH did one, and Steiner did one. I just think that doing it with a lower-card wrestler would actually work. This way you're not taking a main-eventer and giving him yet ANOTHER angle with his character, but giving some deserving time to an underused player. This angle would be done like it is in real sports. I think it could work, but that is only my opinion.
  16. Dandy

    Edge in 2001

    I only remember Edge stating in his column about a month and a half back that he had "chopped off the lion's mane" as he put it, and also said he just didn't see the need to have it right now. This could have simply meant that the maintenance at that point to have hair that long wasn't worth it after surgery of that magnitude. He could very well grow it out again for his return, which is still roughly 6 months away. Yeah, it might be shorter when he comes back, but I don't think it is completely gone, nor do I think it will be as short as CM Punk's when he returns. A good thing to do would be to e-mail him and ask what length his hair is right now, and what length is he planning on having when he comes back. If enough of us ask, he will answer it in his column.
  17. Dandy

    The Suckbag Superkick

    The RKO quite possibly gets the name due to the knock out reference, Orton's arrogance and his character wanting to name his finisher after himself, and the fact that Randy Keith Orton's initials are.....................R.K.O.
  18. Dandy

    The Suckbag Superkick

    Anglesault, I think it's pretty unfair to say that Orton hasn't improved anything. You might not like his push, but you should be able to see his improvement.
  19. Dandy

    The Suckbag Superkick

    I better point out that I am a fan of Orton before I type this to alert you to some possible favoritism. Orton really accentuates jumping with his RKO, which makes it look good to me. The fault I see is that Orton seldom hooks his left hand on the move. Is it an exact replica of DDP's? No. Should it be? No. Like someone else mentioned of some japanese wrestlers doing better versions of the uranage than Rock, but have been programmed to accept Rock's Rock Bottom as the standard due to repeatedly seeing the move. If you recall Austin's early versions of the Stunner, it was slow and wasn't as nice visually as it became later. I think Orton can and will improve on the quickness and crispness of the move as he continues to do it. DDP pulled his out of nowhere, and Orton has yet to do that. However, if Orton just doesn't do the move like DDP did does not constitute him doing the move badly. Austin had a pretty good Rock Bottom, and if we had been programmed to see his version of the move for years and then Rocky all of a sudden did a version of that in a match with him, we would think he didn't do as good a job as Austin did on the move.
  20. Dandy

    Mixed alcoholic drink

    Try this one out: Crown Royal, Jack Daniel's, Wild Turkey, Bacardi 151, Southern Comfort, and Jagermeister 6 parts equal liquors, no mixers, no chasers......... We call it the Navy Seal 2 of them usually do you pretty good My favorite drink with liquor is Crown and Coke, though.
  21. The thing Bossman used was an asp. It telescopes out and can inflict loads of damage. Most cops carry them instead of nightsticks.
  22. Dandy

    Batman 617

    I have thought for a long time that Hush was Hugo Strange. Feels like he should be Batman in his eyes, knows the secret identity, and never was revealed to be dead. The body couldn't be found. I think it all fits, and somehow Bruce Wayne was seeing Jason Todd at the end of 617. Either Scarecrow's fear serum, or something Hush himself used on Batman.
  23. Dandy

    Ok Shane-O-Mac lovers....

    Yeah, and in the line of thinking that Shane getting suplexed through the glass by Angle was only remembered as Shane went through the glass, I guess RVD flung himself through the wall backstage at Raw several weeks back. I can't quite remember if it was some deranged monster that is supposed to give no one offense or not. WHO was that guy? I think it rhymed with KANE.
  24. Dandy

    Ok Shane-O-Mac lovers....

    For the sake of argument, Shane always gets a pretty good reaction, is not on TV year round, and puts on a pretty good show when he does wrestle. He almost never goes over unless the Corporation cheated their ass off (which gave the face wrestler more cheers as the underdog against all those odds), and he does put the other wrestler over with his bumps. Angle was put over as someone that dealt out a lot of punishment on Shane-O-Mac. Suplexing a guy through glass and bouncing his head of the concrete several times does constitute making Angle look good, IMO. And another point is this....Shane is not your typical "non-wrestler" as you guys put it. He is simply not on the roster year-round, which in reality would make him fresh. Ever see people take a long time off for an injury? They (usually) come back injury-free and have been able to maintain a better physique because they don't have to put up with the daily rigors of matches and little sleep on the road. Shane should be able to get some offense in every now and then, and in the end, the established wrestler regroups and finishes him off. I see nothing wrong with this. Shane is by no means a "skinny little rich boy."