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  1. Everyone that's not mentally retarded picked up on the sarcasm when I said I was givng "constructive criticism," right? That was obvious, I thought.
  2. It's Round 2, so I'm back to put in my two cents on the posters who have made it this far in the tournament. During this round, I will provide constructive criticism on how these posters can better themselves and turn around their fortunes here at our board. I'm not going to get carried away like the first round, and will provide nothing but constructive criticism. Definitely Not Hot Young Wang Region 1. Goldengreek 5. theone Like I mentioned before, theone is not bad at all. Could there be a shutout this round? There should be, as goldengreek the metrosexual wrestling mark is one of the worst on the board. I really wish I would have gone through with my idea of a parody post where he was talking about meeting all those wrestlers at that pizza joint. I was going to turn it into literotica and include the pictures he posted of his old ass hanging out with the youngin's on spring break. It would have been epic. Do you know what would be epic now? That's right, this retard getting sent packing from the board so he doesn't consistently make every thread he posts in the suckiest one on the board any longer. goldengreek 6. Jericholic82 2. TaigaStar Jericholic couldn't even spell his own fucking name right. I mean how big of a dipshit do you have to be to not be able to read a term and reprint it letter for letter. Fucking spell it out, you mongoloid. TaigaStar, on the other hand, had her children taken away because she was fat and scared them whenever they looked directly into her face. Believe it or not, her posting is uglier than her, which is a fucking miracle in and of itself. Her brand of attention-seeking through acting like she doesn't care hasn't worked since day one, and that gets her on the fast track to a showdown with goldengreek. TaigaStar Most Likely Homosexual Region 1. cabbageboy 5. EricMM EricMM might be a hippie to the highest magnitude, but at least he is consistent. I just feel like he makes everything into a "stand on my soapbox and tell everyone how the could save a leaf if they did away with cars. Hey, dumbass...I could save a little bit of money and the environment by only flushing my toilet once a month, but that isn't necessarily practical, is it? cabbageboy is consistent as well, as he brings the dumbassery in most folders he frequents. He really spreads it around. His sucking in the Sports folder trumps Eric's sucking in Current Events, because the Sports folder is fun to read. cabbageboy 3. AmDragFan 2. bob_barron barron didn't deserve to be in the tournament, really. His checks and balances of the moderators is not cute or funny, but then again neither is he. AmDragFan, on the other hand, is the epitome of what is wrong with the wrestling folders: He posts there. AmDragFan BUTT Fuck Stupid Region 1. RoHo 4. Chazz I have a question for Chazz. Why don't you just ask Jeeves and leave us alone? Roho is the more annoying as he wants everyone to like him and can't figure out why it doesn't work that way. Just post and be yourself, dipshit. Unless, you are already doing that. If that's the case, you should go find a hobby like jumping in front of trains. Roho 3. Jingus 7. DarKnight DarKnight might be one of the dumbest individuals on this board. Jingus The "I Tried to Save Good Matchups Until the End and Now I Have a Fuck Load of Them" Region 8. Cartman 4. Gary Floyd Gary Floyd shouldn't be in this. Cartman wins by default. Cartman 3. Y2Jerk 2. Enigma Y2Jerk is one of the few posters that I usually try and scroll over every post without reading. However, I usually have to go back and read his posts to see what dumb shit he must have posted to have everyone quoting him and making him look like a dumbass. Enigma has always annoyed me with his news-breaking act. If you are actually doing this to be funny and to get a rise out of people, you fail at that as well. Do you still wear your hair long so it is more fun to do the Dungeons and Dragons re-enactments at the park? Enigma Now that I've been helpful and given them some constructive criticism, I hope these lads can get on the right track. You can do it guys! I'm rooting for you, and will help in any way I can.
  3. Where's the Kinetic post that I have been waiting 10 minutes on?
  4. Dandy

    The clock issue

    Log in and then try it.
  5. Responding with his usual would be cliche at this point. Oh wait.
  6. Dandy

    The clock issue

    It seems I employed that strategy last year to great success. Maybe I should try that again?
  7. There's an Oversight Committee working on that. Expect to be suspended soon to make up for it.
  8. Dandy

    The clock issue

    Same here.
  9. Dandy

    Enemies List

    So, business as usual?
  10. Is someone fucking around with the spacing and colors? The TSM banner is centered for me, and links are on top of each other over to the right. Some people's avatars are tabbed over a tab or two while others are streamlined down the left like they should be. I am in the new Explorer and though it might be fixed via "compatibility view," but I have been using this for a month or so and it's never been a problem. It looks like a bag of what the fuck.
  11. I was half joking. I think what I am remembering is two-fold. One memory is that you all of a sudden became cynical about everything wrestling-related and started talking down about it while praising MMA to be your Lord and savior. The other memory was when you guys had the contest to name the MMA forum subtitle and someone suggested, "Sorry, wrestling fans, Joe vs. Angle doesn't count." I think there were more comments about how MMA is awesome and wrestling is for four year olds, but I could be wrong. I just remember you as being like a big fan of NKOTB, and then when other people were talking about how lame it was to be a fan of NKOTB, you started bashing them and high-fiving your new friends. Don't take it personally, I just think your outlook makes no sense. Don't let it derail the thread, though. We can discuss it ad nauseum in another thread.
  12. Ah, The Worst Poster Tournament! This is the one time of the year when I can let my hair down and stop being a nice guy to everyone on the board. The comments I am about to make will be mild, and should not hurt anyone's feelings. This is simply how I feel about everyone. We'll all go back to being friends after this and act like nothing happened, okay? Definitely Not Hot Young Wang Region 1. Goldengreek 8. Xavier Cromartie X-Man is a pretty good poster except for being Leena's buddy. goldengreek is one of the saddest stories you'll ever hear. Nancy Grace did a piece on him one time during her "They Should Have Been Drowned at Birth" series. goldengreek 4. KOAB 5. theone Neither of these gents are bad, but theone is the worst of the two. KOAB is a fave of mine, and theone is generally an above average poster in the wrestling folders. Don't worry, guy...you won't get a single vote in the next round. theone 3. YKRG 6. Jerichoholic82 I can't believe YKRG pulled so many nominations. Jericholic82, however, couldn't win a dissertation contest at the Special Olympics - Lowest-Functioning Division. I hope he gets a job that is more respectable than Fire Dog guy at Circuit City...you know, like Jizz Mopper at the sperm bank. Jericholic82 2. TaigaStar 7. NoCal Mike Ooooooooh no! They say she's got to go! Go, go, Godzilla! TaigaStar Most Likely Homosexual Region 1. Cabbageboy 8. JN News Shit, this could have been a Final Four match-up here. I used to take up for JN News, and then he started showing signs that he was aware of what he was doing. Cabbageboy is terrible in every sense of the word, but News is just...too...strong. JN News 4. pbone 5. EricMM I don't particularly care for either of these guys, but pbone has been bringing the content in Current Events. EricMM has been bringing a different kind of content in Current Events. He cares about recycling so much that his posts are more like COMposts. Get it? THEY'RE SHITTY! Oh, man. EricMM 3. AmDragFan 6. Twisted Intestine Twisted swings for the fences too often without hitting the homers that the law of averages says he should. AmDragFan drag bunts every time, and is eventually called out on fouls. AmDragFan 2. bob_barron 7. Milky Neither of these guys should be in this tournament, but bob has worse views on how messageboarding should be handled. Milky just doesn't give a fuck. bob_barron BUTT Fuck Stupid Region 1. RoHo 8. HarleyQuinn I can't recall a brutally dumb Harley Quinn post. RoHo has been banned 6 times and just keeps trying to be the most popular kid on the board. Fuck you, you piece of shit. I'll smack the shit out of you if you ever try to disrespect me again. I'm just kidding. I don't hate the guy at all, he is just a bad poster. Roho 4. Chazz 5. Matt Young Matt Young doesn't flip his shit nearly as often as he used to, and I enjoy bantering back and forth with him. Chazz can't wipe his ass without asking the board if they've ever done it before. Call him out on it, and he's going to come to your house and fuck you up! Well how's this, Chazz? You don't know where I LIVE! So, pbpbpbpbpb! Chazz 3. Jingus 6. Czech One of these guys is a leader of a messageboard and isn't as funny as he thinks he is due to being a cunt to people over something he perceives is wrong. And Jingus is even worse. Jingus 2. Marvin 7. DarKnight Marvin is gone for now, but even when he comes back, he's on life support. DarKnight is dumber than a bag of hair. It's bad when Cabbageboy has the brains in the family. DarKnight The "I Tried to Save Good Matchups Until the End and Now I Have a Fuck Load of Them" Region 1. EHME 8. Cartman EHME is a chore at times, and I don't interact with Cartman at all. However, I don't mind EHME in general, as I feel he has come along way in the past year and a half. Cartman 4. Gary Floyd 5. Porter Porter was difficult to discuss things with as he couldn't comprehend sarcasm OR reason. Gary Floyd often tells me what's new in his world, so he's much cooler and a frequent "caller-outer-of-dumbassery." Porter 3. Y2Jerk 6. Lord of the Curry Curry thinks that it is impossible to be a fan of professional wrestling and MMA at the same time. Hey dumbass, both entertain me. I can separate the two in my mind and don't automatically think Stone Cold Steve Austin would give everyone in UFC a Stunner and drink beer on top of the fence just because I still watch a TV show. Y2Jerk is a dumbass, too. Y2Jerk 2. Enigma 7. CWM CWM lulled me into a false sense of security then held me still while others hit me from behind. Enigma is not that bad as he always brings the conte...HAHAHA, I can't do it. Enigma should be placed in a straightjacket and beaten with soap in socks. Here's a scoop for you, Enigma: Fuck you. Enigma There you have it, some mild opinions on a few members of the board. Now we can all get back to our chummy ways (until Round 2).
  13. Horrible Poster Group A Horrible Poster Group B Horrible Poster Group C Horrible Poster Group D
  14. Hey 10 posts, you said they would be up this weekend. Don't drag this out, we got an angry mob ready to drop the ban hammer on some guy!
  15. Yes, that is what we are basing the nominations on.
  16. I don't think my parents would be as upset over my death as this kid was about Test.
  17. Dandy

    The Agent of Oblivion question of the day

    I lived next to a river growing up, and we had a lake in our area as well. I fished my dad and brother, and rarely caught a thing. I was more into canoeing and kayaking on the river, but fishing was fun. I'd like to get back in the swing of it, as I think I would have the patience to be a better fisherman than I was as a kid. A good spin off would be what types of fish you caught and what kinds of bait you've used.
  18. Dandy

    A challenge for BruiserBrody.

    I pronounce it "emmy" or "eh, me!"
  19. I inspired Agent to create this daily thread, so I will sub for him (without his blessing) while he and the other SAMPOs are lost in whatever vortex they are in. What do you hate about sex?
  20. Dandy

    Spaceman Ross vs. The Internet

    Roho, get the nurse or attendant that's assigned to you to help you understand this: There are many, many, many ways to tell whether or not a person is a moderator here. Your failure to do so made you bad at messageboarding. That was my whole fucking point. I am not trying to have a feud with you, but it pains me when people can't grasp what I am talking about. I made a comment in an attempt to be funny Either stop taking shit so seriously and try to be a better messageboarder or get really mad and stop posting here. Either way makes it a win-win situation.
  21. Dandy

    Spaceman Ross vs. The Internet

    Sure. Go nuts.
  22. You killed Test to spoil the Admin black.
  23. Dandy

    What Happened last night

    Sue him, Mike. With a minority stake in TSM, would I qualify for profit sharing?
  24. That was due to WWE's desire to have him be the new Diesel, without naming him as such. At least, I think I remember that news making its rounds back then.