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  1. Dandy

    All the Admins are gone?

    Top shelf.
  2. Inspired, yet lazy. "are your parents" should have been sumperimposed with "is Test," as well.
  3. I don't think everyone got what was going on in that post.
  4. Dandy

    BRUTHA YAMZ at Indyplanet.com

  5. My greatest fear is that the last time the board was backed up was when we switched over to email logins, meaning that a reset will erase some of goldengreek's quality posts.
  6. To honor the memory of Andrew "Test" Martin, here is a picture of him with an erection.
  7. I blame Progressive Direct for getting rid of our SAMPOs.
  8. Dandy

    A challenge for BruiserBrody.

    Am I to assume that my request will never be met? I could send you a Gripmaster in the mail if you don't have one readily available.
  9. Dandy

    Spaceman Ross vs. The Internet

    Are you sure that top quote was me? I don't remember sending you two responses, but I do remember sending the second quoted message. This might be difficult for you to understand, but I have never had a problem with you, so I was being polite with my answer. The fact is, you have been a terrible poster lately, and I cited the fact that you messaged someone who was not a moderator to fix something for you as an example of how bad you are at messageboarding. Thanks for the reply from the heart, though. It shows a passion and desire not seen here since the days of fishyswa or Pong Kong.
  10. Test was also in The Union, and was originally marketed as Motley Crue's bodyguard before "debuting" as an enforcer foor the Corporation. IMO, the highlight of his career was The Rock doing an impersonation of him, buck teeth and all.
  11. Dandy

    Spaceman Ross vs. The Internet

    The fact that Jingus and I were both typing "retort" at virtually the same time shocks me.
  12. Dandy

    Spaceman Ross vs. The Internet

    I would like to retort by bringing up specific examples of why you are bad at messageboarding. The first thing that comes to mind is when you messaged me with back on December 16th of last year. You know, like seven months after I stopped being a moderator of the wrestling folder, and an infinite amount of time since I had the power to make any kind of changes, due to my never having the ability to do so in the first place. The second thing that comes to mind is this thread. There will be more examples to follow.
  13. Marvin isn't gone forever. He is taking time off from TSM due to it being time for the annual Worst Poster Tourney. He'll be back.
  14. Again, no one notified me of any of this. If I'm not made aware of the next big decision, I'm going to tell what I know.
  15. He posted on the 5th, and I didn't see him listed as banned.
  16. KOAB begged me not to vote for him, so I didn't.
  17. goldengreek Enigma DarKnight Big Green Roho Taiga Star Jingus AmDrag Fan The Truthiness Chazz
  18. Dandy

    This Time Let's Not Eat the Bones

    My condolences.
  19. I think a spong tournament would be unique.
  20. Dandy

    This Time Let's Not Eat the Bones

    How long had you had your cat?
  21. Dandy

    This Time Let's Not Eat the Bones

    I would like a refund of my money, then.
  22. Dandy

    This Time Let's Not Eat the Bones

    Do you have anything to offer the board at this point? Besides, Cheech, you know I love you is not, nor has it ever been funny. If you want to talk shit to me, come up with something creative. Yes. Friday and Saturday nights, when I pick up my daughter, or drop my brother off at school. Infact, the only time I'm on her is when I watch my daughter at my house which is during the week for the most part. Ain't much else to do then surf the web when I'm online. And I'll keep calling you Cheech, you know I love you, because your name is dumb. How did everyone else miss this gem?
  23. Dandy

    Signs You Are a Wrestling Fan

    Don't worry, I'm sure they're trying to pass legislation to keep you out of the public.
  24. Dandy

    Tommy John Surgery Contest

    Edwin Encarnacion
  25. I'm on 12th Ave, just a couple of blocks from Ritter Park, too.When I move out, the landlord is immediately going to raise the rent to at least $900, I would say. That would be $300 per person for the three bedrooms.