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    WWE Folder sucks dick

    Quit hacking me!
  2. My apartment is $650/month, and it is a hell of a deal. I have lived here for 6 years in May, and haven't renewed a lease for the past 4 1/2 years. My girlfriend pays half of the rent, but me and my old roommates used to split it three ways. It's a 2,500 square foot, 3 BR, 1 BA throwback of an aprtment with arched doorways in many of the common areas of the apartment. The apartment is very nice with tons of storage and lots of space in every room. I don't have a porch, but there are several balcony-like areas where the building used to have access to these areas. One in particular has easy enough access from a living room window, and I assembled a four burner gas grill out there. I step out the window and cook out often. I do miss having a porch and a yard, though. We are looking to buy a house soon, but things keep getting in our way. For the mean time, I am more than happy in this place.
  3. Dandy

    WWE Folder sucks dick

    Venkman or Enigma?
  4. Dandy

    WWE Folder sucks dick

  5. Dandy

    A challenge for BruiserBrody.

    I would like this read while you wear a headband, hopefully squeezing a Gripmaster, and choking back tears as you deliver an intense verbal discourse. You know...like Matt did when he originally posted it.
  6. Dandy

    WWE Folder sucks dick

    When did Dartmouth lower their standards?
  7. Dandy

    Jericho and Kelly Kelly

    Except for the fact that those pictures were taken on different nights. Well, either that, or he got his cut between the eyes on that night, because he doesn't have it in picture one. They're all wearing the exact same outfits from picture to picture so it looks like Jericho DID pick up that cut from a fight. I doubt Jericho and Kelly would wear the same outfit twice to the same place in what appears to be a short time frame. If Bill Watts was running things, Jericho would be unemployed right now. Those clearly aren't the same clothes. Kelly is wearing jeans in the first picture of the three picture series, and a short skirt in the next two. Jericho has on a similar colored shirt in all the pictures, but it's not the same shirt. Your theory was that they were at this party, smiling and taking pictures...Jericho has some sort of fight where he gets busted open, has to get stitches, but his hair, clothes, and the rest of his face are unharmed...then they spent the rest of the night smiling for pictures again like nothing happened. Please cancel my subscription to your newsletter.
  8. Dandy

    Knives, Pans, and Kitchen Gadgets

    It's Royal Prestige, which you will see on the Price is Right from time to time. They don't have a store or online store, as you they only do direct sales and they mainly work bridal expos and such looking for marks. I was impressed by the craftsmanship and warranties, and figured it was a good buy considering I was guaranteeing it for 50 years. I doubt when I am pushing 80 I will give a fuck if the knives and pans aren't holding up anymore. Royal Prestige has a website, and you should be aware of the fact that there are a bunch of messageboards complaining that the company is a scam. Myself, I think it is a little over-priced and some of the salesmen are of the snake-oil variety. However, the product is solid if you take proper care of it and know how to cook. http://www.royalprestige.com/ProductPages/...e_Cookware.aspx All-Clad is probably the best cookware on the market as far as customer satisfaction and a tremendous product goes. However, it is expensive as well. I do believe it has a lifetime guarantee, though. http://www.all-clad.com/
  9. Does your Mummy come unwrapped often?
  10. Dandy

    Knives, Pans, and Kitchen Gadgets

    I had an idea very similar to that for designing a custom kitchen, Agent. I wanted one section of the kitchen island to be the food prep area with a nice chopping block built in, with chutes for the cuts that don't get eaten. The only difference is (I think) you want the entire island to be of the cutting board material. I want granite with a decent sized area being the cutting board. I have a good set of surgical steel cookware, which I clean with Barkeeper's Friend after each cooking session. They heat very evenly and are a joy to use. They came with lids that have steam valves, and allow you to do waterless/greaseless cooking if you desire. I enjoy doing that on occasion, and you wouldn't believe how much flavor the food retains, especially the vegetables. You can cook your meats in vegetables in the same pan with that method, and the tastes don't get mixxed together. Now I don't cook like that very often, but it is nice for a change of pace. Pretty healthy, too. The pans are 9-ply and heavy as shit! They have the handles made where they will not get hot, which makes it easy as hell to transport. You can also invert the lids and hang the pots/pans by the handle, and the lids will not fall off. I have a high-quality knife set with a bamboo block for them to be stored in. I have 9 knives/cleavers/scissors, but still need to get the steak knives to complete the set. Every knife has a full tang, and has a very good weight distribution. I fucking love this knife set. The cookware set and knife set both have 50 year warranties, which made the steep price a steal in my book.
  11. I have had a rocky patch with each of them at one point or another. I have always maintained a good relationship with one of them at a time continuously, though. For the past several years, our relationship has been great. They turn to me for help on a lot of things, which makes me feel appreciated and respected. I handled their life insurance and investments, which was a major step as my dad always viewed me as a kid that was dependant upon him. After I landed a couple of huge deals and explained what I did for other people, he realized that I knew what I was doing in the world of finance and coverage. I took over their company's webpage and helped them run their business. I helped on key decisions for expansion by running numbers, helped with remodeling projects, and recently provided equipment from my newest job at no cost to help them get a week's worth of work done in a matter of hours. I also showed them the benefits of a bi-weekly mortgage, which is going to shave years off their business loans for their rental properties, and save them a ton of money at the same time. For all of this, they have a high opinion of me and how useful I can be. I was never a fuck-up, but my dad had it in my head that because I didn't finish college, I was a waste and was going to have low-paying jobs for the rest of my life. It's weird, because he didn't graduate either. I buy my dad a bottle of Johnnie Walker Gold each Christmas, and get my mom something nice as well. Then I get them something big for both of them. Last year I got had my big screen refurbished and gave them that and upgraded their DirecTV to HD for one year. They get me way too much for Christmas, but the gifts are always nice. I live two hours away from them, so I'm not down to see them often. When I do get to visit, we have a blast cooking out, drinking a little, and just catching up on everything that we deem necessary. My brother is married to a woman with security issues, and she needs medication for some psychological issues. She tries to separate my family from their own little family, and it has worked. I am the younger brother, but I am the one that is the more respected. I am listed as executor in their will, and they want me to make sure my older brother is taken care of. I like the relationship that I have with my parents.
  12. Dandy

    Eastbound and Down

    "I've been blessed with many things in this life - an arm like a damn rocket, a cock like a Burmese python and the mind of a [email protected]#%in' scientist. So people often ask me, "Kenny, what are your weaknesses - do you have any?" I would say that my biggest flaw, my Achilles heel, is my tireless work ethic." Damn, this show is hilarious and highly quotable! I love it. I think Kenny is going to hook up with Cassandra before it's over.
  13. A friend of mine can't whistle and she said it is because she doesn't eat pizza crusts. She said that if you eat the crust, you can whistle. If not, you can't. It's a good thing she's hot.
  14. So Bobby McFerrin knew it all along?
  15. Dandy

    CTDWAT: TNA Edition

    Use this thread to post your minor thought that pop in your head. If a topic gets enough discussion, it will be split out for its own thread.
  16. This is not a parody thread, and it does not belong in Graphics. This folder is terrible right now, and a lot of you regulars and old timers should be ashamed of yourselves. I can't really talk, as I'm not doing anything to make the folder any better, but hopefully this will change that. Agent, you got soft this year as you became more "mainstream." Your Chocolate Socket suffered because of this. It's time to regain your throne and rule your land with an iron fist. Might I remind you of your rules that you set forth: 1. Fuck you. That's it.
  17. Dandy

    WWE General Discussion - February 2009

    Along with The Series of Survival and The Rumble That is Royal?
  18. I like the usernames they have, like "Matt Young," and "Cheech Tremendous."
  19. They have really good ideas for home decor.
  20. Dandy

    The No Holds Barred Folder Sucks Dick

    Now you're catching on.
  21. Dandy

    The No Holds Barred Folder Sucks Dick

    Shut up, Scroby, you fucking sea lion! Why didn't you ask if this was real like when Venkman "outed" a bunch of secret identities? You know, like Cheech is a gimmick that I created, yet I am a gimmick that CHeech created. That's real? Well how real is this: Fuck you.
  22. Dandy

    Pictures I Like

    I would never have guessed that LOTC would like a slow-loading MMA video. What does one know!?!
  23. Dandy


    Parkman would be okay if all of this "I don't deserve to be hunted down" schtick turns him bad. Then, he could manipulate others by his mind and be a more interesting character. The dude just sucks as a good guy and is begging to be more like his father.