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  1. Does anybody remember a best of five series in WCW around late 2000, between Mysterio/Juventud Guerrera???



    I was one of the five people who regularly watched WCW at that point and I have no recollection of a Best of Five series between those two whatsoever. I'd bet it never happened and you're just getting mixed up.


    Besides, Juvy got released in October 2000 after running through a hotel lobby naked high on something (PCP IIRC) and shouting during WCW's sold out Australian tour. I'm sure somebody here knows more specifics about the incident. It was a pretty amusing story.


    In retrospect, it would have been a lot funnier if he was yelling, "I'm a Jedi! I'm a Jedi!"


    Second match of the Rey Misterio Jr. vs. Juventud Guerrera best-of-five series.

    I'm recording this again.

    Tygress joins K-Dawg, Tony Schiavone, and Mike Tenay at the announcers.

    The bell rings and they shake hands.

    They feel out again.

    A little less than last week, though.

    Speaking of last week, the move I asked about was a modified Gory Special.

    They wrestle a bit, then Rey hits a drop toehold into a move that looks like a cross between a surfboard and STF.

    Then Misterio goes for a La Majistral pin.

    I learned that one from playing WWF Attitude.

    Rey hits a monkey flip and Juvi hits the ropes with his legs really hard.

    He rolls out of the ring.

    The ref checks on Juvi, Konnan checks on Juvi, and they stop the match.

    Your Winner: Either a no contest, or Rey via referee's decision depending on what they want to do with it.

    Post-match, the fans boo the decision to stop the match.


    DDTDigest.com Thunder 9.27.00

    I wasn't mixed up, the series did exist.



  2. Shawn Michaels:


    I'd love to get out there with Jeff Hardy, if we had time. I'd like to get out there with Brian or Lance too, again, if we had time. There are a number of guys I'd like to work with, but the biggest issue with me is getting time with them. The time constraints from a production standpoint don't always work with me, but hey, it's not my company, so I have no say in that. I think those time constraints keep us from seeing the talent in some guys who I know have more ability.


    who is Brian???

  3. NWA Get National TV Deal, Jericho Video Leaked

    11/06/2007 by Keelan Balderson


    - In some exciting news the relatively dead NWA (now a small group of affiliated Indy promotions) has gained a National TV deal. Here's what the email said:


    "NWA will have its own National TV Showcase premiering December 26, on the Dish Network "Colours" reaching 13 million homes. It is scheduled Wednesdays at 9 p.m. PST."


    The NWA World's Title hasn't been seen on TV since TNA had the rights.


    Sean "X-Pac" Waltman is being groomed as the number one contender