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  1. Obi Chris Kenobi

    Fallout 3

    You'll get used to that. Its a pretty fun game, one that opens up a lot more once you've got a few quick travel points unlocked.
  2. Obi Chris Kenobi

    GDC 2009

    GDC 2009 is currently under way. Its kind of like E3 only... not. http://www.gdconf.com/ What's been discussed so far? (all links to Eurogamer.com as they've been kind enough to report it all. I don't feel like copying and pasting all their reports into this one thread though) World of Goo co-creator Ron Carmel reckons protecting PC games with DRM software is a waste of time and money. Games for Windows disagrees however and introduces new measures against pirates Where as Valve claim to have made DRM pointless with their Pirate Proof Steam New Console for 'Emerging Markets' (that's polite way to say poor countries) OnLive gets publisher backing Team Ninja saw Ninja Gaiden 2 - but don't miss Itagaki Oops no death idea in Prince of Persia was a mistake... Ubisoft finally agree. Wii all love the Wii - 50m units shipped since launch. Game Releases Agency and DC Universe Online confirmed for 2010 Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 Shown (with multiplayer details) Ubisoft unveils Eugen's RTS R.U.S.E. - Ubisoft do WWII game
  3. Obi Chris Kenobi

    National Security & Defense

    To be honest I think it should be measured by both. How would that work? I don't know how it would work exactly, I was just trying to throw an idea around. Since China's economy pretty much effects the world, shouldn't China's economy be (one of) the yardstick(s) which to measure by? Explain, please? Surely the fact that the world's economy was so tied up in the US Dollar is the reason most of the world has been affected by this fucking 'credit crunch' bullshit. Fucking greedy Americans.
  4. Obi Chris Kenobi

    Magazine Subscriptions

    £15 for a years subscription - I had to double check it as it seemed so cheap, but its true.
  5. Obi Chris Kenobi

    PlayStation 3

    Holy shit! That's pretty awesome.
  6. Obi Chris Kenobi

    National Security & Defense

    To be honest I think it should be measured by both. How would that work?
  7. Obi Chris Kenobi

    COD: Modern Warfare 2

    Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Website: http://modernwarfare2.infinityward.com/ Developer: Infinity Ward Release: 11.10.09 Formats: PC, PS3, 360 Game Info: Coming Soon "Facts": - Wikipedia entry
  8. Obi Chris Kenobi

    Oh noes volcano I'm gonna die!

    Yeah but that's a SUPER VOLCANO!!!!!!!!!death!!!!!
  9. Obi Chris Kenobi

    COD: Modern Warfare 2

    Infinity Ward are the masters of COD, you'll enjoy Modern Warfare2 as much as the 1st one. I enjoy the IF CODs to the Treyarch ones.
  10. Obi Chris Kenobi

    The TSM Fantasy Game - Season Two

    Aww I thought you were going to call your team: "The Beast Dan Sevren was robbed of being WWE Champion due to prejudice towards Freddie Mercury lookalikes" but Team Beast Team is just as good.
  11. Obi Chris Kenobi

    CTDWAT: Indies/Overseas/General

    Now you mention it, it does make sense.
  12. Obi Chris Kenobi

    Comments that don't warrant a thread

    I've got Mafia 2 and Godfather 2 pre-ordered. They seem interest games and I'm half looking forward to them, despite the fact I haven't read anything about them outside of what their basic premise is.
  13. Obi Chris Kenobi

    CTDWAT: Indies/Overseas/General

    Bad Blood 97 - the night that Brian Pillman was announced as dead. What was the deal behind them putting a midget match on as a quick fill for the scraped Pillman segment? Seems so surreal and they all look like fucking power rangers.
  14. Obi Chris Kenobi

    Awesome Wrestling Pictures

    Are they related? They get dressed by the same person in the morning, that's as far as any relationship goes.
  15. Obi Chris Kenobi

    14 year old arrested for Child Porn

    Hope you don't mean to her Myspace page... http://uk.news.yahoo.com/5/20090327/twl-gi...rn-3fd0ae9.html
  16. Obi Chris Kenobi

    Batman: Akham Asylum

    New screenshots inbound! http://www.eurogamer.net/gallery.php?game_...ticle_id=494533 --- Eurogamer have also had an hands on preview with the game too. http://www.eurogamer.net/articles/batman-a...asylum-hands-on
  17. Obi Chris Kenobi

    National Security & Defense

    Was just about to comment on the monetary side of it. As China came out this week and said that world currency should no longer be measured by US Dollar, but rather... Chinese Yen. Now that's a bold move.
  18. Obi Chris Kenobi

    National Security & Defense

    Doesn't seem any different to other far right racist/radical created newszines to be fair. With it only being released within China too, how does that impose on other countries? If they were to litter those across the globe then maybe then they'd be a slight case for invoking underground unrest and uprising of the Asian Communities or whatever (and even that is far far fetched) but it won't. As its only targetted internally within China, so its not even propaganda that would affect other countries - or at least ones that can't read Chinese.
  19. Obi Chris Kenobi

    National Security & Defense

    I wouldn't say exporting goods was imposing yourself onto another country, since those goods have been contracted and then imported in knowingly by the companies within the country. China hasn't threatened to cut off oil/gas supplies to countries within the EU, it hasn't flown mock bombing raids on any major Super Power country.
  20. Obi Chris Kenobi

    National Security & Defense

    Well, I wasn't talking about it that way, but fair enough. Russia was a Superpower for most of the modern era, then in the 90s the 'disappeared' and the country went backwards. What better way to regain their 'control' and 'status' then to triumph over smaller countries with their new and revamped military. In terms of China wanting to be noticed, I'm not sure. The impression I get from China is a distancing from the rest of the world. They just want to do their own thing, and if people try and intervene then they'll show their teeth. They don't seemingly impose themselves like Russia has towards the other world's powers. Of course, China has imposed itself on those countries around it as well.
  21. Obi Chris Kenobi

    The Republican "Budget"

    Where's the compulsory ethnic family having fun? Don't the Republic care about the Ethnic families?
  22. Obi Chris Kenobi

    The Republican "Budget"

    Oh so the credit crunch was the Democrat's fault - should have known.
  23. Obi Chris Kenobi

    GDC 2009

    Another MGS in the works No indication if its PS3 only or on the 360 too. But given how established the 360 is, and studios facing a the 'credit crunch' I can't see them holding back a multiformat release. The GDC has been pretty decent so far, I'd almost go to say its topped last year's E3 in terms of information.
  24. Obi Chris Kenobi

    Xbox 360

    Call of Duty coming to XBLA/PSN - http://www.eurogamer.net/articles/call-of-...ing-to-psn-xbla Activision Blizzard are really milking the COD franchise now. This'll keep people ticked over for the time being before Modern Warfare 2 is out. Then there'll be a 6 months cycle between COD game and Modern Warfare game being released.
  25. Obi Chris Kenobi

    COD: Modern Warfare 2

    Aye, but its Call of Duty. They can try and rebrand it and deny it isn't, but it is. - www.eurogamer.com Makes sense though, so we're not left with Call of Duty 7: Modern Warfare 3 and shit like that. Modern Warfare will survive as its own franchise as the first one was hugely popular, probably one of the most popular games released on Next Gen format so far (across both the PS3 and Xbox formats).