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    Chris Jericho, I just don't know what to make of him

    I can see where you're coming from in the Jericho matches are 'boring' angle. Some of his matches are a little weak due to the blown spots, but I don't think it happens as much as you claim. His mic work is some of the best in the WWE weather he's Heel or Face Jericho.
  2. Obi Chris Kenobi

    Xbox 360

    Peggle is insanely addictive. Don't buy it if you've been addicted to drugs.
  3. Obi Chris Kenobi

    National Security & Defense

    Maybe. Too early to respond at all. I think it is somewhat of a big deal, as modernizing the Russian military and exerting it's strength seems to priority number one over there. The Ruskies are putting everything into it. Why? Who knows. We simply cannot compete at the moment. We do not have the manpower nor the resources. I am, however, a big believer in the Monroe Doctrine, and believe that it is policy that should be used today. If Russia begins to exert too much influence, we need to put our foot down in some way. This presents quite the problem. When it comes to the missile defense installations, Russia knows they can provide nothing more than defense, and I don't believe we should consider ditching them given this recent run of aggression. In fact we should be more steadfast in maintaining them. Maintaining them would be the proverbial "foot down." I wouldn't be surprised if Russia was trying to regain some of the countries that broke away after the dissolve of the Soviet Union. They've been playing hard ball with all the ex-soviet union countries for the last few years. Georgia got it big time with the Russian Army invading and a part of Georgia defecting back to Russia by proxy. The Ukraine have had their gas supply from Russia cut off, and I wouldn't be surprised if they (Russia) said come back to us and you can have it. Its all the ex-soviet that want/lean towards joining the EU.
  4. Obi Chris Kenobi

    Resident Evil 5

    Versus Mode Delayed http://www.eurogamer.net/articles/resi-5-versus-mode-delayed
  5. Obi Chris Kenobi

    X-Men Origins: Wolverine

    Yeah but its always dodgy (at least for me) when a movie has people from an established TV show in it. It degrades the movie. Movie actors into a TV show is fine, but for some reason TV actors into a movie... feels odd. Most of the time that's the natural progression for an actor, though. I guess and it happens over time, but in my mind they've been typecast as one character as its the only established role they've had.
  6. Obi Chris Kenobi

    X-Men Origins: Wolverine

    Yeah but its always dodgy (at least for me) when a movie has people from an established TV show in it. It degrades the movie. Movie actors into a TV show is fine, but for some reason TV actors into a movie... feels odd.
  7. Obi Chris Kenobi

    Jade Goody's Cancer

    Not sure if you guys have been hammered with the media coverage we get in the UK about this, but its starting to annoy me. Jade Goody, 'famous' for being a thick common as muck housemate in a Big Brother a few years ago. Then invited back into Big Brother for 'Celebrity' Big Brother where she said some questionable boarder line racist comments and bullied an Indian housemate. THEN when in the INDIAN Big Brother House found out she had Cervical Cancer. Ever since then she's been in the papers and the news channels every other hour with an update. I don't overly blame Jade Goody for this, I blame Media Mincer Max Clifford, who's a scandalous twatbags. However, her constant media whoring - or should I say Max Clifford appearing releasing updates - is starting to get on my tits. You'd think she was the only person in the world with cancer. Fair play she wants to increase awareness about Cervical Cancer, and has done so to some degree, but the constant attention around her is distracting from the message.
  8. Obi Chris Kenobi

    Global Warming: the Thread

    I think I'm in the boat that believes its a natural occurance that has been accelerated by mankind's growth and unknowing raping of natural resources and the like. I don't think its anything we can stop, but we owe to it ourselves to a lot cleaner.
  9. Obi Chris Kenobi

    Jade Goody's Cancer

    He that green talking duck right?
  10. Obi Chris Kenobi

    Oh noes volcano I'm gonna die!

    Disappointing Did you get to see anything cool though? UK is so boring for fucking up natural events.
  11. Obi Chris Kenobi

    English Football

  12. Obi Chris Kenobi

    X-Men Origins: Wolverine

    Tim Riggins is Gambit?! Looking back there's some many TV actors in this movie I'm finding it hard to swallow. I mean great news for those guys, but... ergh, too many characters from TV shows I've already seen.
  13. Obi Chris Kenobi

    Oh noes volcano I'm gonna die!

    You started to mutate yet?
  14. Obi Chris Kenobi

    Xbox 360

    All I've heard about lately is Peggle and Zuma - are they really that good?
  15. Obi Chris Kenobi

    English Football

    There's been times this season where Liverpool have been handed games with all that 'extra' time added on until they've scored, dubious free kicks and penalties awarded from Gerrard dives, etc. However, despite all that, I wouldn't care - fuck Man U. The more clips of Ronaldo crying like a bitch the better.
  16. Obi Chris Kenobi

    Comments that don't warrant a thread

    Anyone pick up Trivial Pursuit? Its £29.99 atm and I can't see it being value for money at the current price tag (RRP is £39.99!). I'm keeping an eye out for Scene It/Buzz on the cheap too - they worth it?
  17. Obi Chris Kenobi

    Oh noes volcano I'm gonna die!

    If you start to mutate take pictures.
  18. Obi Chris Kenobi

    2009 TSM Worst Poster Tournament: Final Four

    goldengreek - I am jealous of his amazing physique and insecure around him. When I see the the poster that is goldengreek it is like God or Jésus has put a beacon of light or my own personal Sun on earth just for me. At times I feel like I am developing a man crush on his goldengreek face. So for my own safety and the rest of the boards I need to sacrifice the walking, talking living God that mingles amongst us mere mortals. I must vote and sacrifice goldengreek. Only then may my hatred of John Cena return and once again I will be cleansed. Enigma - Dross.
  19. Obi Chris Kenobi

    Legends of WrestleMania

    Its pretty disappointing to be honest. Easy gamer points for achivement whores, but its pretty boring. Every wrestler is pretty much the same.
  20. Obi Chris Kenobi

    Jade Goody's Cancer

    She's wasn't popular or culture to be honest, she only became popular once she started to die.
  21. Obi Chris Kenobi

    Jade Goody's Cancer

    That's what I mean, its only happened due to her constant media whoring. I can't believe how dumb all this media shit has been.
  22. Obi Chris Kenobi

    Jade Goody's Cancer

    EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEERGH! This is fucking beyond a joke. She's not the only person in the world to have had cancer. Ok, so she might have raised awareness slightly for younger people to get cervical smears or whatever, but even then that was only because it was harped on about in the papers.
  23. Obi Chris Kenobi

    English Football

    Funny you mention him, I bought him from Villareal for 3.8m on Football Manager several seasons ago, and he's a total beast up front for me now. But as for MLS, when the likes of Daniel Dichio and Darren Huckerby are some of the leading stars of the league, then its pretty hard to say its 'up there' with some of the other leagues in the world. Of course you'll have one or two who can make it in European leagues - mainly Belgium and German leagues - as any country is going to have one or two players who turn out to be world beaters.
  24. Obi Chris Kenobi

    Jade Goody's Cancer

    Aye. There was an article in the metro newspaper calling her the 'New People's Princess' a week ago. I thought that was going a bit too far.
  25. Obi Chris Kenobi

    Changes made by Barack Obama

    Aye I know it wasn't a 'Bushism' as such, and you're right that if someone other then a President had said no one would care. Here in the UK we've got a guy called Prince Philip who says all the strangest shit all the time.