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    Traveling to England

    Oh come off it Central London is a shit hole. I'm half tempted to open a bakery just so I can set fire to the whole fucking place. Its full of illegal immigrants, homeless people and... well... people from London. Its highly polluted, unfriendly and just a horrible horrible place. Everything in London is £10 more then everywhere else for no reason other then its London. Its like a like it has a London tax that it doesn't tell you about until you suddenly realise that it costs £12 for a meal from McDonalds. Though it could just be the Northerner in me coming out. Out of interest I googled 'London is a shithole' http://whyihatelondon.wordpress.com/
  2. Obi Chris Kenobi

    Traveling to England

    Who's that in your av now Curry?
  3. Obi Chris Kenobi

    English Football

    Yeah its cool to talk MLS here, if anything I should probably learn more about it. MLS would probably range from English Championship (the top two teams LA and Columbus Crew) to English 1st Division (rest of the league). There are few stars in MLS but there wouldn't live up to English Premier League standards, if anything a lot of EPL cast offs end up in MLS. What I find odd is that every team has a development club under their franchise to develop players, then those players go into a draft pool. Its like a forced college system just so they can recreate the buzz of the draft from other American sports. In the rest of the world, mostly, teams will develop players from a young age at their academy and keep them.
  4. See this is better then the silent bob character that only seems to post news from wrestling Observer. I honestly think those days of mega threads are gone, so why not try and create discussions again? Don't take it so personally if someone says nah we don't need this and moves it to mega thread #323423 - fuck em. The only thing that bugs me is that there is nothing to you on this board other then copy and pasting from newsletters. Which while it is nice to have, is often pretty linear and often duplicated. From what I can gather you're good mates with Venkman (maybe even his gimmick account - huh? HUH!?) so why not help him rejuvanate the Wrestling Folder with a little more then just a few notes. If you share notes, give your take and thoughts on them as well. Its not that I hate you Enigma, its just annoying that you can only seem to muster a few copy and paste notes from Melzter, or a catchphrase you've saved in word document. This wouldn't bug me if you didn't come across as someone who had a lot of knowledge in wrestling, with opinions you should be sharing to help drive conversation and topics on a forum. You've added your PSN name to the PSN thread, and I'm still waiting to see you ask what people think of game 'x' or what you thought of it. The computer game folder is easy going and no one jumps on anyone there if that's what you're afraid of.
  5. Obi Chris Kenobi

    Changes made by Barack Obama

    I like the changes he's made the advancement of the Special Olypmics with that comment on Leno... actually, I couldn't care less. Fuck the 'Special' Olympics. More Bushims from Obama!
  6. Obi Chris Kenobi

    WWE General Discussion - March 2009

    Yeah simply crest polos would almost work for me, but the best shirts are the ones were its not blatantly obvious its a wrestling t-shirt. Some of the Orton ones, Edge and HHH ones are decent.
  7. Obi Chris Kenobi

    Killzone 2

    Ooh the patch is out? Might give it another go. Played the first level but it felt so slow - like a tank turning - to face people. Was still a fun game though.
  8. I guess all the WON WWE stories/notes I hand-transcribed in 2004 and 2005 for 40 weeks in a row were not a good enough contribution? Seriously, I don't care if you dislike me, but don't say I've never contributed anything worthwhile to this place. So you've done fuck all for the last 4-5 years? Good job copy+paste bot.
  9. Obi Chris Kenobi

    Traveling to England

    Food is shit. We're not as friendly as stereotypes make out to be - we hate Americans. Economy is shite. The weather is backwards. We drive on the left hand side of the road. There are some decent places to stay in London if don't expect world class quality pampering. Basically a bed and breakfast. London fucking sucks by the way. Its the most unenglish place in England, followed by Birmingham and Manchester. London is basically a shit hole and should have the black plague put upon it again. You might have more fun checking out some of the towns on the outskirt of London, it all depends what you want to do while you're here. Are you landmark sight seeing? Looking for some good clubs? Live bands? Theme parks?
  10. Definitely Not Hot Young Wang Region 1. Goldengreek He's been quiet since this has started. Too late to play a low profile now Goldengreek - or maybe he's kicking it up, and partying hard in various youth clubs across Greece or wherever he's from. 2. TaigaStar Most Likely Homosexual Region 1. cabbageboy To be fair I don't find them that bad, and I find it hard to vote against anyone from the WWE folder. If they're mad enough to post there, then that should give them a bye in things like this... unless you're Goldrengreek. 3. AmDragFan BUTT Fuck Stupid Region 1. RoHo 7. DarKnight - The Trifactor that is DarKnight, cabbageboy and Goldrengreek. They'd make an awesome stable if they came together. I think the issue here is that they all need to grow up a little bit - or maybe its their lack of English ability. The "I Tried to Save Good Matchups Until the End and Now I Have a Fuck Load of Them" Region 8. Cartman 2. Enigma NO EXCUSES. EDIT: I'm actually starting to think he's just one big mullet riding gimmick account. I'm not sure what to do now.
  11. Obi Chris Kenobi

    WWE General Discussion - March 2009

    -WON But Christian is in the Money in the bank match. I read that as 'after Wrestlemania'.
  12. Obi Chris Kenobi

    WWE General Discussion - March 2009

    Maybe not but I think I'm at the age where Wrestling T-Shirts just make me feel tacky if I see someone wearing one. Saying that I've got a HHH one from a few years ago - The Kings of Kings one that I'll sometimes wear underneath something else.
  13. Obi Chris Kenobi

    Fifa 2009

    Fifa 09 Release Date: September (Demo out 11th September) Formats: PS3, xbox360, PS2, PSP, DS, PC, Wii Website: www.fifa09.com Features: Improved Referees - Referees and Assistant Referee's now appear during the game on the field and not just during cut scenes. They can get in the way of the ball and players. 10v10 Online - This would be totally epic! Personally I hope they just add a bit more pace to the game and make dribbling more fun.
  14. Obi Chris Kenobi

    Fifa 2009

    Ultimate Teams added today to Fifa. Its basically a card game. Its a free download with a trial, with the full version costing 800ms. More Info: http://www.eurogamer.net/articles/fifa-ult...ademy-interview
  15. Obi Chris Kenobi

    Fallout 3

    Fallout MMO set back http://www.eurogamer.net/articles/fallout-...-mmo-for-inxile -- The way things are at the moment, I wouldn't be surprised if several MMO's in production stop. Most of the MMOs out there now (WoW aside) have seen a huge fall in subscriptions. Fallout MMO would have been interesting, at the least just to see how it would have worked.
  16. Obi Chris Kenobi

    Legends of WrestleMania

    It arrived this morning from gameplay.com, and I was surprised to find a free copy of the 'Andre the Giant' dvd with it. So anyone in the UK after this get it from gameplay.com!
  17. Obi Chris Kenobi

    Puppy Fight I.

    Enigma sucks, he's totally back out of this. Scroby was ready for blood.
  18. Obi Chris Kenobi

    Fire Pro Wrestling

    Be the perfect game to do digital distribution for over PSN or XBL
  19. Obi Chris Kenobi

    WWE General Discussion - March 2009

    I'm not sure he'll have badly burned any bridges with the WWE. There's no such thing if money is involved with the WWE.
  20. Obi Chris Kenobi

    WWE General Discussion - March 2009

    Meh, you'd also think Tomko would be straight with you. I mean there is nothing to gain by lying when you're not signing a guaranteed contract. I guess he got 90 days out of the wwe, but I also suspect he's burn a bridge pretty severly. With TNA? If so I don't think that's a huge lost, he'll probably get more work in Japan which is what he wanted to do anyway.
  21. Obi Chris Kenobi

    The 25th Anniversary of WrestleMania Thread

    Hmm still not enough to make me love how the Jericho v Legends thing has turned.
  22. Obi Chris Kenobi

    The Agent of Oblivion question of the day

    There's a Lion waiting to fuck me outside my front door?
  23. Obi Chris Kenobi

    English Football

    I've accepted that we'll (Newcastle) will probably get relegated. Franchise, if Derby stay up, want to meet up for the game?
  24. Obi Chris Kenobi

    One and Only Star Wars Geekiness Thread

    What happened with that live action series they were planning?
  25. Obi Chris Kenobi

    The US Economy and Current Financial Crisis

    So how much have the media contributed to the Economic downturn? You know the constant coverage and updates causing paranoia and unrest and starting events that wouldn't even have happened with some companies by just 'suggesting' that they might be in trouble. You know the whole feedback loop paradoxical bullshit.