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    What are you reading?

    You know, I've always meant to get around to reading Fight Club the book since I like the movie so much. Would you recommend it? I'm currently waiting for World War Z to arrive then I'll be reading that. World War Z by Max Brooks (Mel Brooks' son) is going to be made into a movie. Could be good!
  2. Obi Chris Kenobi

    Comments that which don't warrant a thread

    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Carl_Reiner Just thought I'd say thank you to this man for some of the funniest movies out there.
  3. I feel bad that I feel this way, but I thought Will Ferrell 'Jumped the Shark' a year or two go with his never ending stream of movies that were basically the same. Is this different to his typical 'Will Ferrell' act?
  4. Obi Chris Kenobi

    2009 Worst Poster Tournament: Round 1

    i've never even been in the video games folder Hmm then I have no idea who are you! Which isn't a bad thing, so don't feel bad I voted for you.
  5. Obi Chris Kenobi

    Resident Evil 5

  6. Obi Chris Kenobi

    '90s Song Tournament Nominations

    Is 20 really the maximum number of nominations I could probably come up with another 10. I loved the 90s, it was my youth and I really enjoyed the 'BritPop' era >.<
  7. Obi Chris Kenobi

    The One...The Only...The Destination X thread

    Hmm shame. Think I'll stay away until things change.
  8. Obi Chris Kenobi

    Resident Evil 5

  9. Obi Chris Kenobi

    The One...The Only...The Destination X thread

    Hmm I have this set to tape on Wednesday (we get the PPVs for free here in the UK) but I'm not sure I'll bother. I haven't really watched TNA for almost a year or so now and I'm not sure I'm going to bother to get back into it. The X-Division match sounds like the highlight, has it returned back to what it was?
  10. Obi Chris Kenobi

    Retrospective Moments Thread

    Looking back at some of the moments on youtube, I started to wonder. If they exact moment was recreated in today's wrestle climate, without looking back at when the original event happened, would you still think the event was cool or not? Example - The Rock throwing Stone Cold off the bridge. If The Rock was a current wrestler on the roster throwing another wrestler off the bridge, but the storyline was similar, would you still think it was a great moment? Or would you be crapping all over it if say it was John Cena throwing Randy Orton off a bridge? Share your moments and twist the tale, just interested to see what people come up with.
  11. Obi Chris Kenobi

    Resident Evil 5

    Finished it on normal this morning.
  12. Obi Chris Kenobi

    WWE General Discussion - March 2009

    haha oh dear.
  13. Obi Chris Kenobi

    '90s Song Tournament Nominations

    It amazes me looking back at the 90s how many of the songs that got to #1 were movie soundtrack tie ins. Don't Speak - No Doubt More Than Words - Extreme (for all your hair metal lovers out there) Enter Sandman - Metallica (SELL OUTS!!!) To Be With You - Mr. Big (Showing Paul Gilbert love wherever I can) Blaze Of Glory - Bon Jovi (Loved the movie and the song from it) Buddy Holly - Weezer (OOOOOOeeeOOoo I look just like...) Space Cowboy - jamiroquai Deeper Underground - jamiroquai (the only good thing about that shitty Godzilla movie) Do You Remember The First Time? - Pulp Charmless Man - Blur Song 2 - Blur Coffee & TV - Blur The Life of Riley - The Lightning Seeds (Songs they did before '3 Lions...') Muscle Museum - Muse Supersonic - Oasis Don't Look Back in Anger - Oasis Hush - Kula Shaker (Yeah, sure its a cover, but shh) Piano Lessons - Porcupine Tree (outside nomination that won't make it) Just - Radiohead Date Rape - Sublime
  14. Obi Chris Kenobi

    "Macho Man" Randy Savage DVD talk

    haha that'd be pretty cool. You think the DVD will have any special features?
  15. Obi Chris Kenobi

    2009 Worst Poster Tournament: Round 1

    Definitely Not Hot Young Wang Region 1. Goldengreek 8. Xavier Cromartie No idea what I did to upset 'Ortansault' maybe it wasn't voting for him in the Poster of the Year award, maybe it was the fact I don't get all this Leena love/hate business. Despite that I can't vote against Goldengreek - the guy is 100% total dross. Not the cripple wrestler Droz, just total dross. However, he's 45 years old, types like a 12 year old and isn't ashamed of trying to get it on with 18 year olds. Its a hard choice. Goldengreek says some stupid things, while Ortansault seems to get angry if you don't like Leena. Yet, it'd be wrong to vote Ortansault based on that, as Goldengreek is the worst poster. 4. KOAB 5. theone There's no posts that stick out to me that make this suck. I guess KOAB has the fact he wanted to bring that banned MMA guy back (which I voted yes for and half regret). As for theone nothing really stands out at all. KOAB occassionally posts in the WWE folder, where as theone regularly does. It'd be a shame to see someone who actually tries to contribute to the WWE/TNA folders get banned, as those places need MORE active posters. 3. YKRG 6. Jerichoholic82 YKRG is ok, and has made an effort in creating a lot of new threads this year (not all of them shit) which has helped form some good discussion. His post in the Video Games thread about 'The Future of DLC' was pretty interesting to see people's opinions. Though I do feel a TMC vibe of trend in his topic titles with most of them beginning 'The Future of...' 'The worst of...' so perhaps he has doubts over the future of humanity... or just DLC. Jerichoholic hasn't made any new topics since 2008 so is hardly driving the board along, and his posts are usually 2 lines. Sure 'Quality over Quantity', but there's not even that. 2. TaigaStar 7. NoCal Mike Nothing from either poster stands out as bad in my mind. NoCal often ventures over to the Video Games folder where he has some pretty decent input on PS3 matters, which I actually care about now I have a PS3 (though I have noticed he likes to start most posts with 'So'). Now I think about it Taiga sometimes drifts into the Video Games folder too with news on JRPGs and the like. Coin flip for me and the fact I can't actually find the username Taigastar to double check what they've posted. Most Likely Homosexual Region 1. Cabbageboy 8. JN News JN News inactive - though does seem to bring a lot of in jokes to the board... none of which I get. Cabbageboy is a total spazz, but at least he's active and can cause some conversation in the WWE folder; even if it is with his total stupidity. 4. pbone 5. EricMM EricMM is a decent poster. None of his posts have annoyed me. pbone, if its the guy I think it is, annoys me. I voted yes to bring him back and he's still trying start fights on a messageboard... fights on a messageboard! Gimmick or not its getting annoying. 3. AmDragFan 6. Twisted Intestine Nothing against AmDragFan but he wasn't the one who posted the badly photoshopped picture of Macho Man badly imposed onto the 'Randy Orton party picture' I requested. I don't get the Twisted Intestine hate, maybe I haven't been paying too much attention to his posts, but nothings really made me slap my forehead and go 'What a fucking idiot'. 2. bob_barron 7. Milky At times when I see bob_barron it makes me dislike William Regal instead. This is a crime onto itself. Milky wasn't really active much and I don't really know the poster (outside of his sexual orientated posts). BUTT Fuck Stupid Region 1. RoHo 8. HarleyQuinn HarleyQuinn adds decent information and conversation to the sports and tv folders (and told me the code to inbed videos to the board). I don't hang around the sports folder enough so I haven't experienced any problems there might have been there. As for RoHo... ah wait its Spaceman Ross! Are people changing their board names to cover their tracks for being a bit... shit? Spaceman Ross doesn't bug me as much as it seems to bug other people. Some of his posts are even ok! However, he's not as good as HarleyQuinn. 4. Chazz 5. Matt Young Matt Young worst poster? No way! 3. Jingus 6. Czech Tough call. 2. Marvin 7. DarKnight In line with Goldengreek and CabbageBoy - these three guys should form a stable. Marvin doesn't come across as bad as people think, at times he's a bit linear with his posting and seems to rely on a lot of outside sources for his own opinion, but at least he offers it to drive discussions along. The "I Tried to Save Good Matchups Until the End and Now I Have a Fuck Load of Them" Region 1. EHME 8. Cartman Oh wait, he's the MMA fighting Nugget gimmick! So who's pbone? 4. Gary Floyd 5. Porter Random choice don't know either guy, 3. Y2Jerk 6. Lord of the Curry 2. Enigma 7. CWM If Melzter's PC broke for a month, Enigma would probably explode not knowing what to do. Not a terrible poster, just an annoying one. If he didn't 'break da newz' then it doesn't matter type of guy.
  16. Obi Chris Kenobi

    Xbox 360

    Yeah I picked it up, but like YG said, everyones playing Res5! Halo Wars is decent, if a little too easy (as most RTS are) to just mass build and zerg.
  17. Obi Chris Kenobi

    "Macho Man" Randy Savage DVD talk

    To be fair, thinking about it, I'm not sure a documentary is needed that much. Maybe those small 3 minute openings from Mean Gene ala 24/7 before each match just giving a quick filler behind the history of the match.
  18. Obi Chris Kenobi

    The One...The Only...The Destination X thread

    That's a shame, as their feud a few years ago was really good. It was just out and out hatred with everything centered on kicking the shit out of each other in the ring. Hmm, such a shame they've gimmicked it up.
  19. Obi Chris Kenobi

    Any interest in doing another big song tournament?

    This happening?
  20. Obi Chris Kenobi


    Awesome. I'd buy your podcasts.
  21. Obi Chris Kenobi

    The One...The Only...The Destination X thread

    Actually, remembering the feud Steiner and Joe had 3 years ago or so, I might watch it just for that match.
  22. Obi Chris Kenobi

    Legends of WrestleMania

    They said they wanted a 'retro arcade' feel to go with the game. I wouldn't be surprised if its not patched with SDvRaw controls soon after release.
  23. Obi Chris Kenobi

    "Macho Man" Randy Savage DVD talk

    Macho Man v Rodman (Clip)
  24. Obi Chris Kenobi

    "Macho Man" Randy Savage DVD talk

    The fact that they reckon there's no Documentary makes me feel Macho Man hasn't had much say in this.
  25. Obi Chris Kenobi

    The One...The Only...The Destination X thread

    Jarrett and Foley to get in each others way and cost Sting the title.