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    21 States Claiming Sovereignty

    http://www.mrstep.com/politics/az-wa-mo-nh...ng-sovereignty/ I knew things were a bit bad in America, as it is in most of the world at the moment, but this seems a bit crazy. States within America wanting more power to directly control their own affairs? Sounds INSANE. Obviously it loses some credibility that I can only find anything about this on various conspiracy websites. Anyone else heard anything about this?
  2. Obi Chris Kenobi

    TSM Death Pool -- 2009

    Anyone have TSM?
  3. Obi Chris Kenobi

    My Conversation With Mike

    The same MySQL where you can export and then import databases with a click of a button? Shit I wouldn't know what to do there! Damn you Day of the Tentacle not teaching me correct point and click methods! As for being in contract with the server, yup fair enough, you personally are in contract with them, not the content that's stored on the servers. You're free to store what you want on them, and to ask for a 75% contract termination fee? Bullshit. You could store pictures of your mother on there, or leave them blank, servers don't care they've got your money. Never have I had a server bitch at me because I'm not using my full space allowance, or reaching my full bandwidth allocation for the month.
  4. Obi Chris Kenobi

    What will be the worst movie of 2009?

    2012 http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1190080/ Release Date: 10 July 2009 Another end of the world film, awesome. Just what we need to cheer us up during this global economic recession. This one is based around the crackpot theory that the universe is going to self implode during a solar aligment of the planets, that is actually due to happen in 2012. Strangely, the Mayan calender also ends in 2012. Looks a bit shite to be honest.
  5. Obi Chris Kenobi

    Not Deleting Peoples PMs

    A lot of the MMA guys went over to the other board, some cross post between the two.
  6. Obi Chris Kenobi

    Not Deleting Peoples PMs

    My Precious.... (traffic)
  7. Obi Chris Kenobi

    Traveling to England

    Derby has pubs, pies, fish and chips and a butchers. That's pretty English.
  8. Obi Chris Kenobi

    Traveling to England

    It wasn't racist at all or anything to do with the amount of 'brownish' people. London isn't an English City, its hustle and bustle, noise and dirt. Yes, its a great tourist attraction, lovely, history, monuments, great - but its no longer an English City. Its a Metropolitan disaster and is basically a poor man's New York. They'll see you for the tourist you are and try to take your money. You'll find no hospitality and will find alot of people are rude... or just other tourists. You want to find a city with some good pubs that know how to server beer, beer that is cold and with a bit of a head. Manchester is OK and Birmingham is fine and has some great shops, just avoid the Pizza hut on the High Street next to Halifax - fucking awful service.
  9. Obi Chris Kenobi

    14 year old arrested for Child Porn

    - Sky News Reported This is all kinds of lolmaroflcopters as the kids on Myspace would say.
  10. Obi Chris Kenobi

    I thought I'd write a book

    updates on this won't be happening on this forum for the time being, sorry folks. Thanks for the interest, if you do want to follow the progress and read the finished book I'm sure you'll know where to find it.
  11. Obi Chris Kenobi

    I thought I'd write a book

    I thought I'd write a book, been years since I actually wrote any stories, but nows a good a time as any. Recently been reading a few horror/zombie books and feel I can add my own story into the fold - I don't think there's much room for originality in the genre, so I'm not concerned with that. What I will try and do is just make it a good story about survival. I thought I'd make a thread about it and my efforts for those involved - constructive feedback is welcomed. I haven't written anything yet, as I'm still in the planning stage. This is what I have so far: Haven't really started on the characters yet, so they're pretty linear/cliché at the moment. I've mainly been researching and plotting chapter points.
  12. Obi Chris Kenobi

    2009 TSM Worst Poster Tournament: FINAL ROUND

    Sir, may I suggest not posting when you have no clue how a board works. It would help a lot for you here. Encouraging members not to post now? Nice way to increase board traffic and drive discussions. Have fun with that, see you later everyone else.
  13. Obi Chris Kenobi

    2009 TSM Worst Poster Tournament: FINAL ROUND

    The fact you'd promote a section to be the 'Ass end of the Internet' speaks a lot about your projected direction.
  14. Obi Chris Kenobi


    Never used a racial slur on this board. Fuck off junior. I dont have time for this nonsense. You wanna throw hooks ? I already told you .. PM me for my address Until then STFU I thought you hated Cena? Goldenhypocrite.
  15. Obi Chris Kenobi

    Book Club

    Obviously, we can't FORCE people to do this, however... Once a month, or so, someone recommends a book (or a book is selected another way) and we read it. Then post on here what we think about it, and where its going. Price limits could be set so we're not out of pocket too much. And if the book sucks, the user gets paper cuts in between his fingers. If he has webbed feet and fingers, the paper cut goes all the way down.
  16. Obi Chris Kenobi

    2009 TSM Worst Poster Tournament: FINAL ROUND

    I can see this place has improved alot already...
  17. Obi Chris Kenobi

    The End - Part Deux

  18. Obi Chris Kenobi

    The End - Part Deux

    As far as I was aware us 'normal' people have never been able to. VX might have been able to due to his moderating powers (though I think they were removed before it was deleted)
  19. Obi Chris Kenobi

    Fallout 3

    Oh yes, save often - if not due to shitty deaths, due to possible bugs breaking your game. I'd also recommend pumping the difficulty up as you go up in levels to keep the game challenging.
  20. Obi Chris Kenobi

    Obama Sides with RIAA

    They know but do they know exactly what its for? There are several legit companies (Blizzard, Steam, Sega, Sports Interactive) that use P2P to distribute updates for their games, games themselves and other legit downloads as its an ease on their own bandwidth to distribute the information.
  21. Obi Chris Kenobi

    Magazine Subscriptions

    So I checked out New Scientist. Its made from that horrible paper that's a step up from being grease proof/tracing paper, its no thicker then your standard magazine, and its £3.25 an issue. I can't work out why/how they want to charge £200+ for a 12 month subscription.
  22. Obi Chris Kenobi

    Sonic's Ultimate Genesis Collection

    Ordered this last night for £20 - can't believe the 'classic' game titles they've included. All 3 Streets of Rage?! AAAAARRRRGGHHHH how did I miss this.
  23. Obi Chris Kenobi

    Ask Leena thread.

    I'm still confused as to why someone, who has pretty much been the BUTT of jokes or shown a lot of hatred towards the messageboard (and its users), would go on to assume control of it with their own money.
  24. Obi Chris Kenobi

    Comments that don't warrant a thread

    The Computer Games Forum is self moderated, we don't need no outside interlopers coming here changing our ways. /yokel
  25. Obi Chris Kenobi

    Comments which don't warrant a thread.

    Anyone here every played/had a Parker Fly guitar? I'm seriously tempted to buy one for the sheer stupid amounts of customization you can do it.