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  1. The server and archives aren't going anywhere... Servers got 18 months in contract.


    If you guys had the files on your desktop you wouldn't know what to do with them anyways. Go read up on MySQL, thats what the forums are stored in...


    The same MySQL where you can export and then import databases with a click of a button? Shit I wouldn't know what to do there! Damn you Day of the Tentacle not teaching me correct point and click methods!


    As for being in contract with the server, yup fair enough, you personally are in contract with them, not the content that's stored on the servers. You're free to store what you want on them, and to ask for a 75% contract termination fee? Bullshit. You could store pictures of your mother on there, or leave them blank, servers don't care they've got your money. Never have I had a server bitch at me because I'm not using my full space allowance, or reaching my full bandwidth allocation for the month.

  2. It wasn't racist at all or anything to do with the amount of 'brownish' people. London isn't an English City, its hustle and bustle, noise and dirt. Yes, its a great tourist attraction, lovely, history, monuments, great - but its no longer an English City. Its a Metropolitan disaster and is basically a poor man's New York. They'll see you for the tourist you are and try to take your money. You'll find no hospitality and will find alot of people are rude... or just other tourists.


    You want to find a city with some good pubs that know how to server beer, beer that is cold and with a bit of a head.


    Manchester is OK and Birmingham is fine and has some great shops, just avoid the Pizza hut on the High Street next to Halifax - fucking awful service.

  3. The fact you'd promote a section to be the 'Ass end of the Internet' speaks a lot about your projected direction.

    Sir, may I suggest not posting when you have no clue how a board works. It would help a lot for you here.


    Encouraging members not to post now? Nice way to increase board traffic and drive discussions. Have fun with that, see you later everyone else.

  4. I would fuck you up bitch. Come to Calgary, and you will get got nigga.


    You called me a racial slur back in 2005, therefore we got beef.

    Never used a racial slur on this board.


    Fuck off junior. I dont have time for this nonsense. You wanna throw hooks ? I already told you .. PM me for my address


    Until then STFU

    I thought you hated Cena? Goldenhypocrite.

  5. Your service provider knows if you use P2P sharing, it's not difficult to see at all.


    They know but do they know exactly what its for? There are several legit companies (Blizzard, Steam, Sega, Sports Interactive) that use P2P to distribute updates for their games, games themselves and other legit downloads as its an ease on their own bandwidth to distribute the information.

  6. So I checked out New Scientist. Its made from that horrible paper that's a step up from being grease proof/tracing paper, its no thicker then your standard magazine, and its £3.25 an issue. I can't work out why/how they want to charge £200+ for a 12 month subscription.

  7. So I bought Fallout 3 the other day. Not very far in it (just starting some side quests in Megaton). Hopefully its just me getting used to the game, but its taking some time getting used to talking to everyone rather than having a clear cut objective. Wasn't too keen on it first, but after a few hours I'm starting to warm up to the game.


    You'll get used to that. Its a pretty fun game, one that opens up a lot more once you've got a few quick travel points unlocked.

  8. Was just about to comment on the monetary side of it. As China came out this week and said that world currency should no longer be measured by US Dollar, but rather... Chinese Yen. Now that's a bold move.

    To be honest I think it should be measured by both.


    How would that work?

    I don't know how it would work exactly, I was just trying to throw an idea around. Since China's economy pretty much effects the world, shouldn't China's economy be (one of) the yardstick(s) which to measure by?

    Explain, please? Surely the fact that the world's economy was so tied up in the US Dollar is the reason most of the world has been affected by this fucking 'credit crunch' bullshit. Fucking greedy Americans.