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    Did the NWO get

    Absolutely. Hogan in particular got the HHHater treatment and there were always dumb marks around to defend him.
  2. Kahran Ramsus

    The ONE and ONLY fantasy football thread

    And I thought I needed WR help.
  3. Kahran Ramsus

    Week One Prediction Thread

    Week 1 Schedule: New York Jets @ Washington Redskins New England Patriots @ Buffalo Bills Jacksonville Jaguars @ Carolina Panthers Denver Broncos @ Cincinnati Bengals Indianapolis Colts @ Cleveland Browns Arizona Cardinals @ Detroit Lions Minnesota Vikings @ Green Bay Packers San Diego Chargers @ Kansas City Chiefs Houston Texans @ Miami Dolphins St. Louis Rams @ New York Giants Baltimore Ravens @ Pittsburgh Steelers Atlanta Falcons @ Dallas Cowboys Chicago Bears @ San Francisco 49ers New Orleans Saints @ Seattle Seahawks Oakland Raiders @ Tennessee Titans - LOCK OF THE WEEK Tampa Bay Buccaneers @ Philadelphia Eagles
  4. Kahran Ramsus

    The Punisher...

    If you love the X-Men films or Spider-Man, you probably won't like Daredevil. It is a smaller, more intiment film. Whereas Spider-Man is a lot of empty space used to sell toys, you get the impression that the filmmakers and actors actually care about Daredevil despite a pretty shoddy budget for a superhero film. It has the best script of the Marvel films, and the best acting as well. Bullseye is the one terribly written character in the movie, and Colin Farrell's performance has him as many people's favourite. It is the editing and special effects that let Daredevil down. Many people also seemed to have a problem with the film being too dark for a comic book movie. Hulk & Daredevil are the two Marvel movies that actually go beyond fun comic book movie to good movie period. X2 is the best of the rest.
  5. Kahran Ramsus

    The Punisher...

    Daredevil > Hulk > X2 > Spider-Man > Blade > X-Men > Blade II
  6. Kahran Ramsus

    Favre vs Hovan

  7. Kahran Ramsus

    Favorite sports program theme?

    MNF or HNIC. These are the only two that should even be considered.
  8. Kahran Ramsus

    Favre vs Hovan

    This is Vikings/Packers at Lambeau. Of course Favre wins this battle and the pack crush one of the worst teams in the league. At this point the Lions are better than the Viqueens.
  9. Kahran Ramsus

    Amusing description of Jake Plummer

    No chance. Denver isn't very good, and they are getting worse. Portis is the only star in their offense, and they have a weak line on top of it. Lelie is the only other skill player that has any sort of upside at all, and he has to take McCaffrey's job to do anything. Denver is the worst team in the AFC West, but still should be good enough to finish ahead of the true dogs (Jaguars, Texans, Bengals) in the AFC. Playoffs are unlikely.
  10. Kahran Ramsus

    Bad Blood the crappiest PPV ever?

    KOTR 1995 is worse. I still don't know what the hell happened at the end of the Holly/Roadie match, and it was the best match on the card!
  11. Kahran Ramsus

    The Punisher...

    Bingo. It was the Bad Boys 2 crowd that hated it. X2 had a lot of great stuff (the opener, Pyro, etc.) but it didn't flow together very well. Hulk made more sense. Hulk had better acting too.
  12. Kahran Ramsus

    Better Austin/Michaels match

    KOTR. The Wrestlemania match wasn't very good at all.
  13. Kahran Ramsus

    The Punisher...

    Hulk was better than X2 or Spiderman so is this a good thing or a bad thing?
  14. Kahran Ramsus

    The ONE and ONLY fantasy football thread

    Not straight up, although I'd be quite surprised if I were to actually be able to get something like that. Ok. Just make sure that you don't involve Harrison in any of those deals. Other than the stud RBs, he's more valuable than any other player.
  15. Kahran Ramsus

    The ONE and ONLY fantasy football thread

    Straight up? If so, I would never agree to it if I had McAllister. He is healthier, doesn't have to worry as much about his backup stealing touches, and plays in an arguably better offense. McAllister is simply the safer pick. I personally would rank McAllister above Shaun Alexander as well. McAllister is 6th overall. Henry is 8th.
  16. Kahran Ramsus

    Favorite Flair-Sting match?

    I really have to go with the unification match. The last match of the real WCW, before it slid into Hogan Hell.
  17. Kahran Ramsus

    The ONE and ONLY fantasy football thread

    No. You are giving up two first rounders for only Williams. The upgrade to Williams from Henry does not come close to making up for the downgrade from Harrison to Smith. Plus you lose your backup RB for a guy who may not amount to anything in Wayne and would simply be riding your bench. Do NOT make this deal.
  18. Kahran Ramsus

    Two Towers DVD

    Certainly. In that case it only makes a bad movie worse. On the flip side, can you imagine a two hour Lawrence of Arabia?
  19. Kahran Ramsus

    I'm finally done with WWE for a while.

    I complain when I don't like something. The only problem I have with Smackdown was someone else getting the crap kicked out of him in his hometown again. That said, I'm glad he kept the title. Benoit has beaten A-Train clean enough times this year that it is clear that he is above him on the card. He made him tap out again here, whether Train had his feet under the ropes or not. The purpose was to put over Benoit/Rhyno moreso than to protect A-Train anyways. I assume WGTT is on Velocity, and there wasn't any room for them on Smackdown anyways with Eddy taking up half the show. One thing I liked about Smackdown was seeing Nunzio without him being treated like a joke. WWE does do good things. At least know what to complain about, there is more than enough to complain about on RAW.
  20. Kahran Ramsus

    Should Raw and Smackdown move ...

    No for RAW. Yes for Smackdown. RAW has become so associated with Monday Night that it would be hard to change it (much like changing MNF to Tuesday or something similar). Many people now only watch RAW out of habit. Thursday has never been a good night for wrestling and shows like Friends & Survivor take away more of the audience than MNF could ever dream of. Smackdown would do much better if put on Wednesday full-time.
  21. I agree, although the drama in the Mania match is also greater. As for MOTY 1996, this match bitchslaps Mind Games so badly that it must have been the reason for HBK's crippling smile injury.
  22. Kahran Ramsus

    Bret Hart vs. Mr. Perfect

    Their match from KOTR 1993 is better.
  23. Kahran Ramsus


    Spoiler (Highlight to Read): Not in the books. The Lord of the Nazgul is the one who leads his army at the Battle of the Pellenor Fields.
  24. The famed ***+ match was won by Kane and occurred on Smackdown before KOTR 2001. Many people thought that it was originally scheduled for the PPV itself. The actual title switch was another, inferior match that took place after the PPV.
  25. Kahran Ramsus

    The ONE and ONLY fantasy football thread

    I just traded Buckhalter for Zereoue (must be an Eagles fan). Anyways, I start 3 WRs in my league and am thinking about starting Ferguson over Mason in Week 1. Mason is playing the Raiders, while Ferguson is playing the Vikings whom usually gets torched by the Packers passing game. Should I do it?