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    Casual fans of WWE

    Any casual fans that I talk to tend to agree with the following. 1. Like Smackdown better than RAW. Partly due to Kurt Angle, Eddy Guerrero & Rey Misterio. However, the main reason they like it better is because according to them, it is less predictable. 2. They watch RAW for two reasons...Kane & Trish Stratus. As seen in the ratings, Kane should be pushed to the top immediately and is a big draw at the moment. 3. HHH always wins. There is little interest in his matches because they are too predictable. There has been one HHH in the last year that has gotten the marks talking, HHH/Kane where he lost his mask, and it had nothing to do with HHH. 4. Goldberg is the biggest waste of space to ever enter the ring. Keep in mind that I'm Canadian. And it has nothing to do with Bret Hart (we hated him before he ever got near Bret). Most of us have forgiven Vince by now, we just like to continue to yell at him. It has almost become a parody of itself. 5. Vince (And the other non-wrestlers.) doesn't drive them away, but he doesn't exactly make them interested either. He's just sort of there. 6. They are drawn in by a few select wrestlers, matches and feuds. Most of the undercard has no influence on whether they buy a show or not. 7. However, a lousy undercard does piss them off when watching it and they will either turn it off (if on TV) or ignore it (PPV). A good match will keep them tuned in, even if it wasn't what they are watching the show for. 8. RVD used to be cool, but they now lost pretty much all interest in him because he never wins and his matches are too repetitive. He's basically the Invasion version of Rikishi 2000. 9. Women wrestlers (Trish, Jazz, etc.) are among the best thing going, but women non-wrestlers (Steph, Torrie, etc) are a waste of time. 10. Racist angles go over a line that shouldn't be crossed. I personally don't have much of a problem if they are done correctly (ie. the face MUST win in the long run). 11. Undertaker needs to go back to being the Dead Man, ASAP. These are pretty much the main things that come up.
  2. No kidding. To be fair, Savage's opponents since dropping the belt weren't really the best guys to get a good match out of (Hogan and Beefcake, tagging with Zeus, Duggan, Big Dust). But this remains one of my three favourite WWF matches ever to this day. It was inexplicable. How they did it I'll never know. Even more shocking, after the 9 month layoff, Savage was AWESOME when he returned despite both his life and body falling apart at pretty much the same time.
  3. Savage/Warrior. Savage hadn't been very good since Wrestlemania V, and was coming of a wrist/hand injury that kept him out since the Royal Rumble. He certainly wasn't the man he used to be. Warrior is Warrior, no explanations needed. Yet, this approaches ***** and is the second best WWF match of the Hogan-era to Savage/Steamboat. Shocked the hell out of me.
  4. Kahran Ramsus

    Two McMahons Go Over

    I don't believe this. I think it is a far bigger problem than that. In his deluded mind he probably thinks we do want to see McMahon's all over the TV.
  5. Kahran Ramsus

    EWR 4.0 Has Officially Been Set Free!

    Jericho married HHH?
  6. Kahran Ramsus

    Disc Read Error

    The same thing happened to me, but fortunately it was still under warranty. I have had no problem with my newer version PS2 that Sony replaced it with (they said it was too expensive to fix).
  7. Kahran Ramsus

    The ONE and ONLY fantasy football thread

    QB: Peyton Manning, Kerry Collins WR: Eric Moulds, Donte Stallworth, Derrick Mason, Ashley Lelie, Robert Ferguson RB: LT, Jamal Lewis, Stacey Mack, Corell Buckhalter TE: Alge Crumpler K: Jason Elam, Matt Stover DEF: Atlanta
  8. Kahran Ramsus

    The one and only SummerSham 2003 Thread

    Absolutely not. He is also my pick to win.
  9. Kahran Ramsus

    New Titles and Credibility

    I apologize. I misunderstood you. I was under the impression that you were putting them at the same level of the IC Title, because they weren't booked to be at Summerslam.
  10. Kahran Ramsus

    SummerSlam Predictions + Discussion

    Elimination Chamber ** A complete clusterfuck. The last one was terrible, and this one has Nash & Goldberg. They will disguise it well enough to be around two stars, but like with the Royal Rumble, that is pretty much a DUD in comparison to normal matches. WINNER: Randy Orton. WWE looks for reasons NOT to give someone a win, as opposed to why they should give somebody a win. Orton has the fewest strikes against him, but don't count out HHH. Kurt Angle vs. Brock Lesnar ****1/2 Should be better than the Wrestlemania match since both are healthy this time. MOTN unless something goes horribly wrong, or the guys in the US match perform a miracle. Benoit's one away from sainthood as it is. Vince will do something, but it shouldn't detract from the match too much. WINNER: Kurt Angle. He won't win outright, but he will retain. WWE seems to plan on Angle/Brock for Mania (although don't count out Guerrero) so they won't give away a clear outcome here. US Title Four-Way **** The only other match on the card with some promise. Three of the guys are golden, and Rhyno shouldn't be in the match enough to drag it down. WINNER: Eddy Guerrero. There is no doubt that Eddy retains. Dudleys vs. Frenchies *1/2 The Dudleys have enough experience that it shouldn't be worse than this, but they aren't good enough to get much more. WINNER: Dudleys. It is time to pull the plug on the Frenchies. Bring on Goldust/Storm. Kane vs. RVD *1/2 When Kane is the best worker in the match, you've got a problem. Also, since the result is a foregone conclusion I have little interest in this match. WINNER: Kane. If Kane jobs for any reason, I've officially given up on RAW and it is back to MNF for the next 4 months. A-Train vs. Undertaker **1/2 Yes, this match will be better than the Kane match. A-Train is decent, and Taker has been putting in a lot of effort recently. Kane/Albert was good, and although this won't be booked as well, Taker is an upgrade over Kane and there is no reason to think that they can't approach **1/2-***. WINNER: Undertaker. When in doubt, pick Taker. A similar situation to last month with Cena. Eric Bischoff vs. Shane McMahon DUD Two non-wrestlers, and will probably be about 4-5 minutes. We might even get a run-in from Kane. Worst match of the show. WINNER: Shane McMahon. Shane's getting killed next month, so he likely wins here. Unless Kane runs in, which is certainly a possibility. Matt Hardy vs. Zach Gowan No Rating Matt will do something here to get on the PPV. Either Zach comes out and gets clobbered in 5 seconds because of the injury, or Matt wins by forfeit. Either way, there is no real match. WINNER: Matt Hardy
  11. Kahran Ramsus

    New Titles and Credibility

    I think you underrate the SD Tag Titles. Everytime the division is proclaimed as dead and buried there pops up a new challenger and the great matches continue. I have no idea who it will be, but people were dumping on the division after the Smackdown 6 era, and the Guerreros/Team Angle feud. I'll give them the benefit of the doubt for now. Mattitude seems like a likely next opponent. Also, the teams are there, it is just that TWGTT are so much better than them that aren't seen as a threat.
  12. Kahran Ramsus

    Title changes at house shows

    Occasionally, but most title changes should be on PPV or TV. I certainly wouldn't change the titles enough that you would get 3 or 4 house show changes per year. Where I would change it at a house show is in a case similar to Eddy Guerrero situation. Eddy is over enough to be a main eventer, but he needs credibility (which his US title run is giving him). When it comes time for him to move up, simply unload the belt to Benoit or somebody on a house show and continue on. Title changes that occur as the result of feuds or angles should never happen on house shows.
  13. Kahran Ramsus

    Booking Report

  14. Kahran Ramsus

    Titans: 03-04 Super Bowl Champs

    I have the Colts making the Super Bowl, so obviously I don't even have Tennessee winning their division (or making the playoffs since my wildcards are Buffalo & Oakland).
  15. Kahran Ramsus

    Booking Report

    I don't remember your article were RAW finally won a week. Do you remember the date?
  16. Kahran Ramsus

    Invasion vs Goldberg

    I liked the Invasion at first, but really soured on it after Summerslam when it became apparent that the only Alliance members that ever won were Austin & Test, despite several of them (RVD, Hurricane, DDP, Booker, etc.) being more over than the guys who they were jobbing to.
  17. Kahran Ramsus

    Put it in the book.

    I agree. They would struggle against any other NFC playoff team with the possible exception of the Packers.
  18. Kahran Ramsus

    Disappointing matches

    It was worse, but not as dissapointing since we all knew it would suck.
  19. Kahran Ramsus

    Who is MORE overrated?

    Angle is generally considered to be one of the top four wrestlers in the WWF today. Some people claim he is better than Eddy or Benoit, and that's why he's slightly overrated. However, many people claim Shawn Michaels to be one of, if not the greatest wrestler in history when he isn't even in the top 20. He is the most overrated wrestler of all time.
  20. Kahran Ramsus

    Disappointing matches

    Anything Shawn Michaels has been in since the HIAC against Taker. He clearly doesn't have it anymore. HBK/HHH at Summerslam 2002 was just brutal and not in a good way.
  21. Kahran Ramsus

    Invasion vs Goldberg

    All the WCW 'stars' (except Sting) were brought in later anyways and all flopped because they suck. You make new stars, it is not that hard. The value was with the WCW name, not with Hogan, Nash, etc. Hogan was pushed to the moon in WWE, and he was a failure. Everybody else is even worse. Steiner, Nash, Goldberg, etc are all hated by WWE fans.
  22. Kahran Ramsus

    Once and for all (well, for now)

    These should be the top guys on each show. RAW Kane (World Champion): He is pretty much single-handedly carrying this show ratings-wise and is the most talked about thing in WWE since Hogan fought Rock for the first time. Just make him a 97 Austin-style tweener, put the belt on him, and wait for the money to roll in. HHH: He still has name value, and isn't any worse than most of RAW wrestling-wise. He just needs to be seen as being more vulnerable. Nothing needs to change about HHH other than him needing to lose some. Chris Jericho: Should be the guy who eventually takes the title from Kane. Best wrestler on RAW by a wide margin. Lance Storm: Ditch this boring crap, have him pummel Goldust and start pushing the hell out of him. He shouldn't be a tippy top guy right yet, but he could easily be the first person to do something with the IC Title. After that RAW is pretty slim pickings, although Hurricane should probably get a bigger push. Things are okay when Rock's around, but RAW really suffers when he's not there. Smackdown: Pretty much who they are pushing now. The lesser guys don't really need big pushes, they just need more time as opposed to the McMahons.
  23. Kahran Ramsus

    Who's going to be WWE Champion first: Benoit or Gu

    I also think Eddy Guerrero will be champion at year's end and may even be defending it at Wrestlemania XX (probably against Angle). Even Vince notices Eddy's popularity, which is why he gets 30 minutes on Smackdown every week and a 20 minute PPV match against Benoit.
  24. Kahran Ramsus

    It's not always a damn carry

    I like Austin/Bret better than Guerrero/Mysterio actually, although I recognize that the latter is the better pure match. Michaels has had one WWF MOTY as far as I'm concerned, his match against Jeff Jarrett at the July 1995 In Your House.
  25. Kahran Ramsus

    Fucking Announcers

    Of course the athletes should get what they can. I have no problem with free agency in general. I can't stand players that hold out while still under contract though. You should go out and do your job. Players that demand trades are the same way. You signed the contract, you should now live with it. Leave when its up. Baseball needs a cap badly, and I blame the players for that, but not individually. If the Rangers want to spend all their money on one player instead of a pitching staff, then that's their problem when they spend the next 5 years in the basement.