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  1. Kahran Ramsus

    It's not always a damn carry

    Angle's not as good as Eddy Guerrero either, before that arguement starts.
  2. Kahran Ramsus

    Val Venis

    Val was doing great as Chief Morely, but as soon as they gave him back the porn star gimmick that failed miserably the first two times he used it, I knew it was over.
  3. Kahran Ramsus

    Anti gay marriage groups: Hey lawmakers

    We did in Canada and even more people are bitching now that they do have the right to marry. This is like the issue of abortion where you will never get either side to see any sort of common ground at all.
  4. Kahran Ramsus

    Power outages reported in Northeast

    I was without power for 26 hours and I was just able to get the internet working 10 minutes ago.
  5. Kahran Ramsus

    WrestleMania DVD Box Set

    My guess would be to not have to pay royalties to the family of Morton Downey Jr. But just a guess. It is on my version, and Downey was still alive when the set was released. I have the same Legacy set that Bob has.
  6. Kahran Ramsus

    What's so bad about Randy Orton?

    Vince McMahon
  7. Kahran Ramsus

    What's so bad about Randy Orton?

    Exactly. Haas & Benjamin have been around for about half as long as Orton has, and nobody complains about them being in the main event of Smackdown week after week because they have been in some of the best matches of the year. It all comes down to what you produce. WGTT > Cena > Orton
  8. Kahran Ramsus

    Some WWE Notes From The New Torch

    I agree with your point, but let's face it. Rey IS better than Dragon.
  9. Kahran Ramsus

    The ONE and ONLY fantasy football thread

    It depends on the scoring system. If passing TDs are equal to rushing/receiving TDs in your league, then Manning is the top QB on the board because of better health and better talent around him then McNabb. Otherwise, he is down at #4 (behind McNabb, Culpepper & Vick) but still more consistant than those guys. I wouldn't get rid of him. I assume you are playing with less than 20 teams since you got 4 guys that should have been drafted in the top 20 (Williams, Henry, Moss & Manning). Tim Brown is finished and Adrian Peterson is going to steal A-Train's job. Everybody else is fine, assuming Boston stays healthy this year.
  10. Kahran Ramsus

    What was Flair's last great match?

    The most recent match that I would consider is Bret/Flair from Souled Out 98. It wasn't fantastic, but it was very good. Since then, Flair has really been showing his age.
  11. Kahran Ramsus

    Futurama ends

    FOX also gave Futurama a horrible 7PM timeslot on Sundays and then complained that the show didn't have suitable content for that timeslot. The second X-Mas episode got delayed over a year because FOX refused to allow it to air.
  12. Kahran Ramsus

    Angle vs Lesnar, 6man elimination

    My guess is that Angle retains somehow. He won't win the match, but he will keep the title. He just got it back and Vince is going to milk Angle for all he's worth in the short time he's got left. As for the elimination chamber, it all depends on the degree of HHH's injury. I mentioned before that I think that Orton will win, and I do, but this is dependent on whether HHH needs to take significant time off. If HHH can continue to go, there is no question he will retain. HBK is a dark horse (only to drop it to Kane), while the other three have no chance at all.
  13. Kahran Ramsus

    Who Got Over on Vince?

    As already mentioned, Jesse Ventura is the only wrestler to truly have bested Vince. He got out at the top of his game, won a million dollar lawsuit, became the most famous wrestler in the United States as Minnesota governor, has his physical and mental health, and remains on good enough terms with Vince that he can come back when he wants.
  14. Kahran Ramsus

    Most overrated films of all time

    1. The Big Lebowski 2. Titanic 3. Fight Club 4. Chasing Amy 5. Traffic
  15. Kahran Ramsus

    The One and Only TSM NFL preview thread!

    Bryan Staeball > Rob Johnson Everything you need to know about the NFC East is this. The backup QBs for Philly & New York are better than the starters for Dallas & Washington. Give me Jesse Palmer anyday over the likes of Hutch.