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  1. I'm a bit biased with my next pick as he was the first wrestler I met as a kid, and one of the few that I've met that seemed like a genuine nice guy. He was a recognizable figure from the WWF 80s boom and had success as both a face and a heel, but unfortunately his two biggest pushes seemed to just vanish into thin air as he was starting to get over. I, to this day, think he got screwed out of a tag title run in 1991.




    Hercules Hernandez

  2. I don't see a problem with efforts to prevent player injuries in the NFL (and I wish MLB did something about home plate collisions, but I'm usually alone on that). Toning down celebrations though is really unnecessary. You scored points. Celebrate. It's a football field, not a church.


    While I agree, that's nothing new with Goodell. They've been trying to stamp that out since Rozelle was the commish.

  3. Financially, probably. But as a fan, I always viewed the end being another big dome show, that being Wrestlemania VIII. At Wrestlemania VIII you had Piper passing the torch to Bret Hart, Warrior's last Wrestlemania until XII, Hogan's retirement, Robert's last Wrestlemania until XII, Duggan's last Wrestlemania, Santana's last Wrestlemania (dark matches don't count), Flair's only Wrestlemania for ten years, Savage's last real big moment, and you have the next generation going over up and down the card (Bret Hart, Shawn Michaels, Tatanka, Owen Hart, Undertaker). It very much felt like an end of an era.

  4. Team Dog Abuse...that was classic. And just remember, WMIV was "Hall of Famer" Koko B. Ware's only significant match in his WWF career.

    Mania III vs. Reed or Mania VI vs. Martel weren't significant?


    I'm not arguing, I'm asking because I hadn't started to watch at the time.


    Koko's most memorable moment to me was getting pummelled by Martel in a blindfold match (without Martel having his blindfold on) in the leadup to Wrestlemania VII. That pretty much says it all about his career.

  5. Now that part I do agree with. I never liked that 6 man with the Islanders/Heenan beating Bulldogs/Koko. What was with them using the Bulldogs as jobber 6 man fodder at WM anyway? They did that at III and IV.


    It was their own fault for teaming with Koko & Chico, two of the biggest Wrestlemania jobbers ever.

  6. The thing is the company managed to survive the damage of botching the love triangle storyline and the Austin heel turn. We know that from the huge buy they got for the Invasion PPV. The interest was definitely still there at that point, and that is where the blew it. It was when they blew the one storyline that fans were waiting for for over a decade that things fell apart. The hot period was over by the time the angle ended at Survivor Series. If I was to point to one single thing about it that led to the decline, it would be Austin's heel turn to join the Alliance. That one was far more damaging in the long run than the one at Wrestlemania.

  7. The opening week games couldn't be better. Steelers/Titans will be real smash-mouthed football, Packers/Bears is the greatest rivalry in the history of the league, Brady's return/TO's Buffalo debut is too big to pass up, and I work the next morning so I can go to bed early with Chargers/Raiders being the late game.


    Thanksgiving is terrible. We are always stuck with the Lions, so they might as well play the Packers as anybody, but the Raiders & Broncos? Ugh.

  8. One of my favourite big men of the 80s, I've always thought that there was something more devastating about him than the other big guys of the time, including Andre the Giant. He could go in his prime. He had memorable moments at each of the first three Wrestlemanias, and the event below never fails to put a smile on my face.




    King Kong Bundy