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Found 10 results

  1. Guest

    CHP Shoots On Someone Else

    I haven't made a new entry here for a while, so here this is. Instead of asking me to shoot on you, pick someone else you want me to shoot on.
  2. Guest

    HTQ shoots on YOU

    With little else to talk about right now, I've decided to amuse myself, and maybe others, by saying what I really think about certain people. If you'd like to be one of these people then post here, and I'll tell you what I really think of you.
  3. Guest

    Things I Hate

    I hate idiots. I despise them with a purple passion. If someone is so badly not up to speed on something that they’re going backwards, then they need to get the fuck out of my way and pollute somewhere else with their idiotic, asinine and downright retarded opinions, because I don’t want them anywhere near me. If someone is open that they’re don’t know about something but are willing to learn, then fine, I have no problem with people like that. In fact, I like people like that, because they’re open to learning. But I hate people who clearly don’t now what the fuck they’re talking about wandering around and stinking up the place with every brain fart that they feel the need to inflict on people. I hate people whose blind, sycophantic, bordering on pathologically obsessive devotion to a certain person leaves them unable and unwilling to be objective. Instead of verbally fellating these people at every turn and making people think you’re hopelessly in love them, which is undoubtedly true in certain cases, why don’t you sad inadequate people try opening up your mind a little ? Why don’t you try, just try a little, to open your tiny little minds to the possibility that the love of your life does not does have the sun shining out of their ass. Try opening up your mind to the possibility that maybe, just maybe, your hero isn’t much of a fucking hero. They’re human, not a god, and they’re not this perfect being that you imagine them to be. Oh sure, they might seem to acquiesce on a point or two and seem to acknowledge the failings of their loved one, but you know full well that they’re just paying lip service, and that in the back of their minds they’re constantly convincing themselves that they are right and everyone else is wrong. People like this need to either get a goddamn life, or find the nearest bridge and taking a fucking swan dive off of it. I hate religion. I think that any belief system that tells you that you can go to a so-called heaven but only if you believe in this or that particular deity, or give all of your money to a person or other conglomerate, is an absolute joke, and I really think that if people find the need to believe in a mystical being to give their lives meaning or order really need to examine themselves. Let me clue you in on something folks. The only faith you need is a faith in yourself. Not in some mystical being high in the sky. Not in some ‘prophet’ from 2000 years ago or whenever. Just yourself. If you want to believe that some mystical force is guiding your actions and leading on a path of ‘righteousness’, then go right ahead. But if you wake up and realize it’s all one big con game don’t come crying to me, expecting me to give a shit. I tried telling you what the score was, but you were too interested in believing in someone that isn’t there rather than someone who is, that being you.
  4. Guest

    Total Extreme Wrestling 2005

    TEW Demo TEW 2005 Update #3 Download and install the demo. Download the update, and use the .exe it gives you to replace the .exe that came with the demo. The demo version allows you to play for one month of in-game time per save slot. Has anyone else downloaded this yet? What do you think of it? There will be real life data coming out in a week or so, in time for when you can purchase the game, though you can still use the real life data with the demo version. If you buy the game and are going to use the real life data, what will you be trying to do? Improve WWE? Make TNA a true player?
  5. Guest

    Back In Black

    Back In Black You go away for a week or so, and things really did get worse. I didn’t think it was possible, but TSM actually got worse while I was gone. This place was only drenched in idiocy before, but now it’s a full out flood, and the women and children are manning the lifeboats. If anyone has any real gems to point out that should get posted in my blog PM me a link or something, because just a cursory glance over the past week or so of TSM postings has made me reach for the sick bag and I’m not trawling through that crap anymore.
  6. Guest

    TSM Observation #3

    I don’t know much about gourmet cooking or the finer nuances of baseball, so I don’t go to the folders that cover those subjects and act like I know what I’m talking about or like my opinion on the various machinations in those areas carries any kind of weight. So what is it about the wrestling folders that sees them almost infested with people who do just that? What is it about wrestling that causes people to ignore the fact that their knowledge and understanding of the subject at hand is highly limited and act like they know what they are talking about? Lord Of The Curry recently made a post, though he may have been not entirely serious, that there are 15 people in the WWE Folder who “bring the content”. Whether he was joking or not, he has a point, though he probably overestimated the number of people who “bring the content”. There are exceedingly few people who post in the WWE Folder, and the wrestling folders as a whole, who come across like they really know what they are talking about. I know there will be people who will scoff at that one, and accuse me of being arrogant and ‘elitist’ or whatever, but I’m right, and so is everyone else who has denigrated the quality of poster in the wrestling folders as of late. The majority of posters in the wrestling folders, to be honest, do not know what they are talking about. People can bring up “everyone is entitled to their opinion”, and while people are entitled to an opinion, that doesn’t mean that the people who do know what they are talking about have to suffer the opinions of people who don’t. I’m all for different opinions and divergent points of view, but people, put some intelligent and rational thought into those opinions. Actually think about what you have to say, or people will just ignore whatever it is you are saying, and any point you were trying to make will get lost in the shuffle.
  7. Guest

    What Would You Like To See Here

    As the most viewed diary here, which is akin to being the most watched program on FSN, I'm wondering if there is anything specific you people want to see here? I'm open to any reasonable, and most unreasonable, suggestions, if only to keep the content going, and to stir some sort, any sort, of talk. People, the floor is yours.
  8. Guest

    TSM Observation

    Given the intelligence, or lack thereof, displayed in a lot of the posts made here, I’m often wondering how the people behind them have the capability to breathe, let alone operate a computer.
  9. Guest

    TSM Observation #2

  10. Guest

    First Post

    After being told to play with my blog and see if it works, I've gone blind. Help.